Nervous Beyond Words To Have My TT & Some Lipo With It But Yet Have Wanted One For 5 Years - HELP - Edina, MN

I am going to be 46 years old this year and lost...

I am going to be 46 years old this year and lost weight, gained weight and lost weight over the past 5 years due to health issues and because of this my stomach area has excess skin, etc. and finally can't stand to look at it anymore and bit the bullet and went for a consult (2nd one) and booked my surgery date. Now I am very nervous and wondering all kinds of things - pain, how long to recover, can I do it on my own, will I need help, can I go back to work after a week and a half (no one knows). I have an 8 year old son and husband who works so much that he is pretty much never home - can I do this on my own - need reassurance. Oh and my family is all in Canada so no real help or support.

Thank you! This is going to be the longest. 7 days ever! Lol
I'm going for a tt in 7 days an I was freaking out but since I've been on here reading other ladies stories I have relaxed a lot.. I agree with 46ky keep reading it will help you a lot!
Good Luck soccermom! I love your profile pic!
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