Botox for Excessive Sweating - Edina, MN

I have used botox for about a year now to deal...

I have used botox for about a year now to deal with excessive sweating in my underarms. It has been a life changer! I am able to wear fabrics I could never wear and I have a new level of comfort in my own skin that I cannot even explain. I have to say, it can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it is only for a matter of minutes and then its over! I am glad I decided not to let potential pain scare me off!

Is botox treatment is really can satisfy people? I am also thinking about this treatment because I also have lots of sweating in underarms. I am going to take treatment from MD Cosmedical Solutions Sydney, Australia. I heard about this a lot and one of my friend is also suggest me this doctor. That's why I am giving priority to that.

It is great to hear what a positive difference the Botox treatments are making for you! I would love it if you would continue to keep us updated on things like how long the treatments last before you need to go back for more, and whether you find you need more or less Botox with each treatment.

Again so glad it is working well for you! :)

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