Areola Reduction and Implants or Just Implants? Confused - Ecuador

Hi guys, not sure what to do. I've been...

hi guys, not sure what to do. I've been considering implants for about a year now. one doctor suggested a benelli lift and an implant, other said the implant alone would be good. dont know what procedure to go with. i dont want to look fake or have terrible scars. Im feeling overwhelmed with my options. also dont want to have my areola stretched out further..

I got mine reduced with an implant then I end up having a baby and now mine are stretched back out and I went to go get them reduced again and was told I can't unless I want to make my implant smaller cuz it just stretched back out again. I have pics of it
just, areola reduction! if you just get implants your nipples will get even bigger. plus you have plenty of your own breast tissue

I understand your confusion! You might want to post a question to doctors in the Q&A community (with your photos--especially the front shot) and see what they come up with.

I hope you'll keep us posted and let us know what route you decide to take!

Dr. Jorge Patino

Friends had work done with him. loved the results.

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