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Easy and Cheap Laser is Great.

I had laser hair removal done on my cheeks and my...

I had laser hair removal done on my cheeks and my chin and it has worked very very well. I took about 6 sessions altogether and now my hair removal success has been 100%. I have heard that the success rate is 80% on the average, but in my case it has been 100% removal. This for sure, has been great as i don't have to wax my chin and cheeks every 4 days. The important thing is to go to a professional, who takes the time to unerstand both your skin and your hair type. The staff at the clinic was excellent and has even given me coupons for a touch-up after 4 months. Although i see no hair now, if i do see some har coming back, i will be more than happy to go get that touch-up. Now i can apply make up without any inhibitions and don't have to use concealers to hide the stubbled cheeks. Laser has worked great for me , and the cost was mindblowingly low.
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