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I recently had my breast done. Since, one of my...

I recently had my breast done. Since, one of my breast is bigger than the other my doctor recomended to implant two different sizes. I was a size A and I added 550cc in the smaller breast and 500 cc on the larger breast. Now the smaller breast looks bigger and I am very disapointed. What should I do?


It is too soon to judge the result of your procedure. You need to give it enough recovery time for the swelling to go down, also an immediate consultation with your doctor would help to get your concerns across. Best of luck.
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Give it some time (3 months). You may heave some swelling that is creating the lop sidedness and it will take time for things to fully heal.
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Welcome, thank you for taking the time to share. Sorry you are disappointed about your results, how long ago was your surgery?  Did you follow up with your doctor to discuss the issue with sizing? Did you have under the muscle implants? If you are comfortable sharing photos we encourage posting them.  

Feel free to Ask a Doctor on the site regarding the sizing. 

Keep us posted. 
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