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Considering Smart Lipo for Abs and Flanks -East Pittsburgh, PA

I have been reading many of the reviews on here...

I have been reading many of the reviews on here and finally decided to schedule an appointment to see if I am a good candidate for smart lipo. A little background on me is that I am 27 years old 6'3" and weigh 215lbs. I had major knee surgery two years ago and had some complications and because of that gained some extra weight and fat around my midsection.

I am hopeful that this procedure will help to get rid of the excess around my midsection and help kick start me to get back to my old physique.

I have a feel questions and hopeful that someone may have some insight. My first question is how many days of work did everyone take off for this type of procedure? I am hopeful that I can have my procedure on a Thursday and then have the whole weekend to recover. I have an office job and sit for the majority of the day. My other question and I'm sure my doctor will answer when I see him next week is smart lipo the correct procedure for someone with my body or maybe liposuction would be a better alternative.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

It looks like you have a pretty good physique to begin with, maybe just a small pooch on your mid-section.

From what I've read most people take anything upto one week off work to recover, it just depends on the person and how much/little pain you're in. An office job isn't too taxing, so hopefully you'd be able to go back sooner than later, but I'm sure your doctor will be able to better advise you.

Good luck with your consultations and please do keep us udpated with your progress!


Lipo and Smart Lipo on May 7th

I had smart lipo and lipo performed on May 7th. About 2L of fat was removed. I had my flanks and abs done.

I read many of the reviews on here and I didn't really experience the pain that most encountered. I took off one day of work and that was good enough for me.

So far I am happy with the procedure. I have bruising and swelling still but I expected that and I think I am going to like my results. I am able to start exercising next week and can't wait to get back to the gym.

My question I have is how long did everyone wear their compression garment for? My PS told me that I don't have to wear it anymore, but I feel comfortable wearing it a little longer. I will try and update my review more often because there aren't many men that have posted on here.
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