Tummy Tuck Belly Button Scar - East Meadow, NY

I got a tummy tuck 3 and a half months ago after...

I got a tummy tuck 3 and a half months ago after having a c section. I love my tummy tuck result but i dont like the scar around my belly button, i am not sure if it is a keloid and would like to know how i can improve it with over the counter stuff or should i go and get a belly button revision? I am now using tea trea oil


Has it gotten better over time?
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Check out 100% silicon scar treatments. Kelo coit is the one I use. Amazon.com has the best price I could find on it. Walgreens and Meijer carry it but it costs much more. plastic surgeons will tell you to get silicon. I was using Mederma beforehand and think it works ok. But personally after trying both, l like the silicon better. Best of luck.
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Friend works there and got surgery done

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