I Have Scheduled my Surgery Date

I am soon to be 40, I've disliked my body for...

I am soon to be 40, I've disliked my body for many years. I am 5'5 about 150lbs, I want to lose 10lbs b4 surgery date

I decided to change PS and so glad I did. I am...

I decided to change PS and so glad I did. I am now going 1 day earlier on 9/19 and super excited. My husband and I decided on the size of the implants.

4 more sleeps until the day of my surgery. I am...

4 more sleeps until the day of my surgery. I am so excited. I have to do extra house cleaning this weekend as my husband and boys will be doing the cleaning for the next few weeks. I have all my meds and supplies just wrapping up things at work then it is my turn!
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Well my time is getting closer only 5 more sleeps until my surgery day. Everything is paid, meds are filled and ready to go, I will do the housework and prep this weekend. Hubby & I will have a date night this Saturday because it may be a few weeks before we can do that. I am super excited
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Yep I'm in Ohio. Not far from Canton. Cleveland is about an hour away. Columbus is a out 2 1/2 hours from me. I looked at a Dr in Columbus and Cleveland but decided on the doctor near Cleveland. Dr Picha. He is board certified and has about 20 years experience. Hoping it works out, you just never know. I'm 5'1 1/2 and 130 lbs.
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Thanks for your reply it really helps when you have others to discuss this with and you are in Ohionow I don't feel as alone who is your ps? I look forward to going through this with you
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My surgery is scheduled for sept 16 th. I'm trying not to be nervous. I'm not thinking about it and focusing on what I need to complete before that time. I live in Ohio. I'll be 36 soon and have three boys 13, 10 and 18 months old. I'm more concerned with the tummy
my scar then anything besides the down time, but I've looked up tummy scars and five years later I can hardly tell. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo to cover it.
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I have been increasing my protein and regular exercise I will focus on my diet more as I have quit smoking and watch every calorie that I take in. I am finding myself looking and reading almost daily on this website and I am very excited to find others that are experiencing what I am in. I will post pictures in a little while and keep those as my motivation to stay quit and follow through with the surgery. I feel very guilty for wanting to spend so much money on myself and nervous. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who is looking very forward to making his selection from Victoria Secrets (his reward for taking care of me)
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You are on the right track so keep up the great work.  It's never easy but you can do it and will be very happy in the end. 

Definitely keep coming back to the website and this will carry you through with support.  The ladies on here are so wonderful.  You are definitely not alone in your feelings either.  We have all experienced the same feelings and issues so sticking together is really nice.

The darn guilt is no fun either but it's really ok to do this for yourself.   You are a good investment:) 

Think of all the money people spend on cars and toys; well you are worth more than that.  plus count up all of the money you are saving by not smoking.  that could be a small fortune these days. 

Your hubby is going to have so much fun shopping at VS!!   They are like little boys in a candy store.

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The time will pass quickly and you will be so happy you did this for yourself. That's great that you quit smoking some PS won't even touch you if you smoke. It keeps you from healing properly, and you definatly want to heal nicely. Don't feel guilty (we all did) but you will see that it's worth it. In some ways money can buy some happiness ;) and this is one of the good ones! I don't remember being nervous but I was anxious to get to my sugery date. I just wanted to get to the healing side and now I'm there almost five weeks and I am sooooo happy I did this!!
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First let me say I think it is wonderful you are doing this for yourself:)  Good for you!

Your nerves are all normal so don't let them get the best of you.  Soon you will have a body you will be happy with and loving it.

Since you have a little bit of time before surgery just focus on being healthy and fit .  You will need the strength for recovery.  Being in tip top shape will be a great help. 

You will find great support here on RealSelf.  All of the ladies will cheer you on and help you during this process. 

Keep posting:)


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