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So disappointed. Little to no change after 5 mo. New Pics included

Turning 40 soon and want to not be as self...

Turning 40 soon and want to not be as self conscious about my stomach. I had 2 c sections and gained probably 70 lbs with each. I am small waisted and I have really poor elasticity to my skin. I had tons of stretch marks with my pregnancies and loose skin afterwards. I originally was 135 when I got perhaps with my first. Got back down to 145. After number 2 I only got down to 150. I exercise daily and have never been able to improve my belly. It is almost like it isn't connected and just goes with the motions!!
I've been asked many times when I am due which always makes me cry since it is so embarrassing. I'm not that big everywhere else so I get why they might think it. I lost 20lbs last year which made me feel terrific but the gut was still there! I think at that point my husband realized that there was nothing I could do to fix it. He's been very supportive and knows how terrible I feel when I change my shirt multiple times before I go out because I look pregnant in any fitted shirt I put on.

My pre surgery appointment is this Wed. I found out at my consultation I also have an umbilical hernia. I had no idea! Anyhow, it will be fixed at the same time. I have a 2.5 inch diastasis from my belly button to my sternum. Below the bellybutton down I have tons of stretch marks and hanging skin. My doc is going to tighten the muscles and lipo the flanks too.

I'm taking 2 weeks off from work. I've started building my arsenal of supplies that I've received from all of you!! It is so helpful.

T minus 5 days and I find myself eating everything...

T minus 5 days and I find myself eating everything in sight!!! I keep saying this will be lipoed out and Ill get back to the gym once I'm healed! So bad. It is probably nerves. I had a terrible upper respitory tract infection with tons of coughing. It has stopped but I'm still run down and have been trying to take naps to get stronger for Wed. I've been taking mucin ex. That won't thin your blood, right? Anyhow, I'm going to post new pics maybe tomorrow because the ones I have are terrible. I also want to take my measurements for comparison.

I haven't told my mom or any family for that matter. I'm hoping my surgery time won't interfere with getting the kids on the bus so my mom won't need to come over and find out the morning of!! Going to tell her after but don't want her to worry.

As for the compression garment - I think I'll b given one from the doctor but what do I need to buy??? Any advice would be great.

Wow when you take pictures it really makes you...

Wow when you take pictures it really makes you realize how fat and disgusting it is and why you wanted the tummy tuck in the first place. 48 hrs to go.

I can't believe it is happening! I'm excited but a...

I can't believe it is happening! I'm excited but a little anxious as well. In a few hours ill take my shower with my antibacterial scrub they gave me. I'm trying to have the dishes done and all the laundry since ill be out of commission for quite some time. I can't wait to show you my results!! Ill try and post when I get home.

Post op day Everything went well but I was so...

Post op day

Everything went well but I was so nauseous from the anesthesia that I puked at the hospital and then the next day

Post op day 2 is beginning and I took off the bandages and can see I am flat now but I feel like I could pop it cuz it's so tight. I guess this is what swell he'll is. I know I have to be patient but right now it looks like a flatter no stretch mak version of my old self. Did ant of you feel this way on pod 2? My scar is fantastic and way below any bathing suit I would wear. He stitched me up beautifully. No showering for a week until I get my drain out. I hate this damn binder. It is so itchy and I feel like a stuffed sausage.

Any suggestions for the swelling? I'm sure a vowel movement would help.

At the top of my Cover guard just below my sternum...

At the top of my Cover guard just below my sternum I can push with two fingers and push an air pocket that I hear liquid sloshing in. Could this be a seroma? Please help!

Well I took 2 dulcolax, 2tbsp Milk of magnesia,...

Well I took 2 dulcolax, 2tbsp Milk of magnesia, and about 8 stool softners to no avail!!! I'm hoping that is will help how tight my belly feels. It looks smooth and tight but still big. I pray it is swelling. My scar is perfect. Doc used tiny stitches and did a beautiful job. It is now 3dpo. Anyone else feel this way day 3.

Here is a tip for anyone whose darn CG is itching them to death - put a thin t shirt on first, then put it on. It feels way better. My sweet husband washed my hair and tried to wash me up as good as he could. I am so thankful for him- he's been waiting on me hand and foot. It is times like this when you see how much you love each other.

Hopefully the bloating will go down and ill take some pics!

I'm still so tight and swollen.Finally had a bowel...

I'm still so tight and swollen.Finally had a bowel movement today and that definitely helped! Tomorrow is my follow up appt. I hope I get my drain out. It is producing about 25cc a day. I'm posting my first pics so hopefully I can see a progression to flat. I got a new binder in the mail today but my husband doesn't think it will be tight enough. I got one from healingenhancements.com I got AG-41. If anyone takes a look at it can u give me your opinions. I bought a large and I am an 8/10 presurgery.

Well just put on the bra and underwear that I took...

Well just put on the bra and underwear that I took my preop pictures in. Then I looked in the mirror and I looked too swollen. My belly button is gross and my belly looks tight from swelling. There is a spot above and to the right of my belly button that is sore and tight. I wonder if that is where the hernia was. It is the most painful part of the surgery - the incision doesn't hurt at all, the lipo feels bruised but manageable, the drain every once in a while pulls and that hurts like hell, the muscle repair gets tight and feels swollen, and this spot near my belly button feels like the muscle repair x10 more painful.

I feel like such a slug just sitting around all day. Dr is making me keep the drain till 14dpo since at 6dpo it was the first day it was draining 25. Ever since then I'm only getting 25 but it is running clear. Dr. Said he removed 4/5 lbs of fat and skin and another 1lb with the lipo. Happy about that. I didn't realize how slow the recovery is. I feel like I bounced right back after my c sections- the muscle repair tightens up and makes you hunched over and gives you back pain. When did you all start to drive again, I feel like a quick jaunt out everyday would help me not feel so bored. I'll take a pic to show you all where I'm at.

I'm 10dpo and doc decided last Tues that because...

I'm 10dpo and doc decided last Tues that because at the time I was 6dpo and it was the first day I was down to draining 25ml that I should just keep it another week :( During the night I felt some pulling. It has a tiny bit of a scab where it inserts into my skin and is red. What do you guys think? Drs office is closed- can only page them.

I feel like a chronic complainer. Was feeling good...

I feel like a chronic complainer. Was feeling good yesterday and went out to eat. When getting up at end of dinner I had this stabbing pain - almost like a gas pain - stops you in your tracks. I thought it was from eating too much with a tight binder. Unfortunately it keeps happening. I am afraid to move because I can't pinpoint when it will happen. I called the surgeon on call who said it could either be a loosened stitch or the fascia that is near the plication that was untouched muscle near it?.. Anyhow I'm down today. I feel like I'm back to day 1 again.

Seriously - Dr. Called this morning and said you...

Seriously - Dr. Called this morning and said you ate too much! You need to eat small meals for the next 6 weeks. You may have popped a stitch! He never said you couldn't eat too much! I mean I didn't gorge myself but you know when you go out to eat you eat more than you normally eat for dinner. I still am getting the cramp on my side and the muscle is sore when I push it with my fingers. I'm walking hunched over again. Be careful ladies!!!

After the second week, which is when my drain was...

After the second week, which is when my drain was taken out, things got progressively better. At 3 weeks post op I can now go about my routine, but tire easily. By 6 pm I start to swell near my incision and everything gets tight. I have no problems with my scar, however I don't like my belly button. It looks too triangular. As for weight, I've lost 3 lbs since surgery, and I've been eating and not exercising. It is so nice to try on any shirt without saying uh nope too tight, my belly will stick out! I can't wait to exercise and improve my result. Also, my tummy needs a tan in the worst way!

Yes, I look way better than my preop, but I still...

Yes, I look way better than my preop, but I still look terrible. I guess I though it was going to fix me so I had a bikini body. I see everyone elses before and after and everyone does look great. I feel like a bloated Spongebob squarepants :( I was cleared to not wear the binder and once I stopped I blew up like a balloon! Needless to say I put it back on. My belly button looks like a triangle, but I had an umbilical hernia so I think maybe it was hard to fix. I keep hoping it is still bloating but I think this is pretty close to my result. Lots of other people look the same 4wks post op as they do 6 months post op. I sure hope it is swelling. Sometimes I feel as fat as I did before the surgery. Can swell hell start this early? :( Maybe tomorrow I won't feel this way. No pic today. Too bloated.

I'm feeling pretty much back to myself. I still...

I'm feeling pretty much back to myself. I still swell at the end of the day but less and less each day. I've been exercising which increases swelling but the next day I think you have less swelling (it could be all in my head) My stomach is less numb and less sensitive. My scar is a bit uneven now - when this whole time it was pretty straight. I guess it must be swelling still even though I don't feel it. I hope there is more improvement to come!!

100% back to normal at 3 months.

My tummy gets tight and is still somewhat numb from the belly button down but I can do anything I did pre-surgery. In fact I took a kickboxing class today. Talk about ab work!! I still don't have strong abs but then again I didn't have strong abs beforehand. I don't notice any improvement since the last picture I took. I'm not a swimsuit model by any means but I can wear any shirt I want without looking pregnant, and that was my goal. I will update more pictures soon.

Not happy...waste of money.

I can barely tell the before picture from the after. All the pain and suffering was not worth it. I am 20lbs overweight so perhaps it is my fault. Maybe my fascia is too stretched because it is gradually protruding again. After putting the same bra and underwear and taking pics I just want to cry. It is fat and ugly just like before and now I have a huge scar to. Maybe I'll see what docs on this site have to say.

Before or after - betcha can't tell

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I'm 9 months out. My tummy looks better as long as not having a flap, however, I still have a big looking tummy! I think I looked my best 2 months after surgery than I do now! In fact, now I am getting hips and butt! I have been watching what I eat and just started working out again. I'm hoping to see a difference soon, as I approach 1 year, so I can post a pic. Right now, I'm sad when I look at my body!
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Hello I was wondering how you are feeling about your results now or did you have a revision. I'd really like an update on your experience. I too am very concerned about my result lil you are and deviated!
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I didn't have a revision - in fact I didn't even go to my follow up at the doctor because I'm embarrassed to show him how terrible I looked. My tummy is not as flat as it was after surgery but the outward appearance of it (loose skin and stretchmarks) look better. Otherwise a complete waste of money because my fat is internal not external though I know I could look better with some lipo. I'm not going under the knife again. I'm trying to work on my diet to see if I can lose weight and bring out my results on my own. Good luck to you. I hope you don't suffer the same fate :/
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I feel for you, am in the same boat you are . But I def will go for a revision. I think just the opposite, I didn't go thru all this pain to look like this. I want it fixed.
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What does your doctor say about your results?
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Hey WBG, I won't see my surgeon until October. However, I don't want to go through surgery again. If he offers lipo without anesthesia I may.
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Aww gud luck in wat ever u decide, so fustrating I feel ur pain xx
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Awwe sorri to hear ur not happy, however ur not alone am in the same boat as u, I can understand u want to cry I have done that for the last 3 months. Saw my ps last nite and he agrees with my concern and has offered revision, now am thinking do i trust him again ? What does ur ps say?
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He makes you pay for the OR time, not his charges.
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Have to keep in mind, we went through a major surgery.. Everyone will heal differently. I think your tummy just looks like its swollen. I am almost 9 weeks and am experiencing the most swelling right now due to trying to do too much too soon! Patience will be our best friend! I'm trying not to focus on what I look like right now, because I think I will drive myself ( and hubby) crazy! Try not to be too hard on yourself and give yourself time! I think you have amazing results already and when all healed up you are going to be even more beautiful!! :)
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Oh Lacey3 thanks for putting it in perspective for me. I keep saying if it is getting tight at the end of the day, then I must still be swelling and it is sore and puffy all the way down my muscle repair so I'm hoping that has some swelling too.
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I was thinking the same. My husband was stressing saying I'll never be happy. Reality for me is that I'd need a total body makeover to look like a real bikini body. I'm 5 weeks and have recently gave up my binder but now suffering with the swelling as well. As soon as I come home I put my feet up. I do notice that every week it does look better. I'm not worrying about too much until I'm 6 months. I know I need to have a touch up due to my wound but I'll re-evaluate and see if there is anything else that could even me up. It's my huge legs....
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You are looking terrific from what I can see (you need to post some more pics!). So glad to hear that your necrosis area is clearing up. I think we start to forget what we originally were dealing with and we just start nit picking. I think my surgeon did a great job and the rest is up to me (as in lose some weight!!)
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i feel the same way. yes my stomach looks better but its still fat. i have the feeling that i will not be flat at all.
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I hear ya sistah... I'm feeling bloated and I'm 3 weeks post op. i also compared my results to other 3week post ops and I felt like I wasn't progressing. You look great. Time and patience is our best medicine at this point. We all heal differently. Cheers to awesome results.
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Gatita217, you were one of the people I looked at to say - I wanna look like that! You look terrific and have a wonderful hourglass figure. I might as well be a boy with my shape. Happy healing!
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Oh yeah... I ate too fast about 2-3 weeks after my surgery nd let me tell you... I felt like I had an intestinal blockage.... Since I worked in a hospital at the time... They almost wheeled me down to the ER since the staff knew I had just had surgery... The worst feeling in the world!!!!! Nd at the beginning small frequent meals work best... You'll notice real quick that you can't eat like before... Wen they do the muscle repair... It takes away that "extra room" you once had to stretch. Hope you feel better... Remember... Small meals!
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I never knew that (my surgery is this coming Friday) thanks for the info and sorry you had to find out the hard way!!!
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Oh dang! Thanks for the heads up. My PS never said anything about that either! I'm sorry that happened to you.
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we're here to support so sorry to hear about the pain that sounds pretty awful and painful ... i'll be praying for you ... that's it just gas and passes very quickly .. please keep us posted ...
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Poor thing!!! Hope you feel much better soon!!!
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btw ... i know your hurting :-( but you look fab ..... your going to be beach body ready by the summer ...chin up i pray you feel well soon hun...
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i agree with ellie look like it might be ... i would see/ talk to PS about it Asap ..i'm assuming you must think so to because you asked, go with your gut and have it checked out...
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OUCH!!! hope things turn out fine!
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Ouch! Looks like it could be. Did your ps put you on any antibiotics post surgery? I would have that looked at soon. Maybe he would even perscribe the ab over the phone or just by looking at the picture?
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