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Dyport Effected my Smile and Speech (I Also Got Perlane at the Same Time) - Wichita Falls, TX

I got perlance filler put in my chin and dysport...

I got perlance filler put in my chin and dysport around my crows feet. they had a little dysport left over and put it in my chin also. I look fine until i get real ticked or laugh or smile real big, then my smile goes all retarded looking with my chin jutting back and my top teeth jutting forward like i am buck toothed and i can't talk! Also my bottom lip pulls back over my bottom teeth. I look like an old woman with no bottom teeth that they put in cartoons! My speeck just sounds like i really am retarded. I also can't spit toothpaste well or bite into anything big like a muffin. I noticed one other person had something similar happen. I am wondering if it went away. I just did this 2 weeks ago. I am so afraid it might be nerve damage and be permanent.


Your use of the word "retarded" is offensive. Have some respect for parents of autistic and downs syndrome children. Jeesh.
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I found your post very funny the way you described your difficulties but I'm sure it is not funny in real life. I have been getting Botox for about 3 yrs. and love it. Two months ago I was offered Dysport so I tried it. My crows feet did not go away as well and all lines came back within 2 weeks. I went back in and the doc suggested another dose in a slightly different area near my eyes. Again, within 2 weeks my lines are back but now I have puffiness like never before under and over my eyes. My eyelids are so heavy that I can't keep them open sometimes. I also feel like my eyeball is numb like I can't control it. Yeah, real attractive. I guess I will have to stay like this until it wears off and going back to my Botox in 3 months.
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i look good except when i smile big, well who wants to never smile?

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