Done with Botox

I had some minor frown lines, along with...

I had some minor frown lines, along with glabella/forhead wrinkles and small crows feet that I was using Botox for-the cost was higher (almost $1000) and the results took about 2-3 weeks to be evident. Also, the effects never lasted for longer than 3 months. I tried Dysport which is just as easy to have injected, and cheaper. The effects also showed up in less than a week. The jury's still out on if it lasts longer or not, but either way, I'm done with Botox.


She took lots of time to go over options and made sure I understood all of the pros/cons associated with them.

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Guess what both Botox and Dysport work! It becomes what you and your doctor decide to use. I use BOTH! So in my office there is never an issue. Fees are within $50 of each other. I personally feel Dysport initiates faster BUT lasts shorter. But that is my personal observation. From MIAMI Dr. B
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