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I am 4 days post-op and i have hurt since i woke...

I am 4 days post-op and i have hurt since i woke up from surgery. I have been reading other people's experience's, they do not sound like mine at all. If I keep taking pain med and muscle relax they will make me fall asleep for a hour or so then i wake up hurting again. my breast's are really red and bruised where the incisions are(at bottom of breast), I have had to sleep sitting up in the recliner since i cannot get up if i lay down in bed without using my arms, when i try that i get burning shooting pain in breasts. My implants are gel and under the muscle. When i looked at my breast i was so surprised they look like two humpback whales, no one warned me that they would have to drop, and that would take weeks or months, who knows, but i certainly hope that they drop. I have been through two spinal surgery's and knee surgery and yes they hurt but not this bad. The only thing that i can compare this to is child birth and i had mine natural.(at least that ended in 15 hrs). I am 44 yrs old 36B, 5'5 130lbs, and chose 275cc gel silcone implants. what is wrong?!

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how are you doing???
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I agree with the above, I could barely move for a week. My husband had to help me out of the recliner chair for a solid week if not 2 weeks. The burning is unbelievable, I thought I had something seriously wrong with me but rest assured it's just the healing process. I only took my sports bra off when showering for the first month. They hurt too much if I didn't wear the sports bra. Do NOT go buy any new bras for at least a month. I made the mistake and now have a $60 bra that is now too big. Sports bras with the zip up front worked the best from JC Penneys and they are very reasonably priced. Good luck and be sure to post any concerns or questions because I'm sure someone out here has had the same issues or problems.
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I've seen a friend's, she had the "kidney bean" shape, under the muscle but also had the loose skin / tissue... mine were like that for about a week then they were like 2 cones... I didn't have a whole lot of tissue pre-op, my surgeon used 500cc implants I did not want (I wanted 400) so they really were a problem as far as pain around day 9 when they seemed to start to "drop".... not sure what pain meds u are on, but I was told by a previous surgeon after lipo, thata if the vicodin wasn't helping as much to add advil with it, and it really made a difference... If you are taking percocet you could try the same... add tylenol or ibuprofen
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I think i went rhrough everything you describe.
My poor old dad had to pull me up over the first 3 or 4 mornings cos even if i tried hard, it just would not happen.
I also had dark purple bruisings , especially in the middle. If I look at the pics now (did take some at early stage) , they look like different breasts. I am now two months post op and the shape changed completely. I really would not worry at all about that now!
And i had to sleep with pillows under my back for over a month (even if i kept on reading that other girls were able to lie down completely and even sleep on the side after ten days, two weeks).
Mines are also silicones unders and I am in my 40s. To be totally honest with you, i do think that the older one gets surgery, the harder it is to recovery; but you will do it. It might just take a little longer than all the posts you read around :o)))). Be strong and do not worry, C
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I'm sorry about your pain! The "riding high" thing does sound pretty normal. Have you talked to your surgeon about how you're feeling?

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Dear, your experience sounds normal to me. Everyone's is a little different. I also have under the muscle gels. But I also got a lift too. Your just 4 days out. You will still be in pain. Lord knows I was! You will have to use stomach and leg muscles a lot. Using your arms will hurt. I'm 18 days out and still have to bd careful. Right now my nipples are killing me because they are sooooo sensitive. I always have the feeling to like my milk is coming in! Bruising is also normal I had a lot on the sides if my breast and I still have some. Just read a lot if reviews and talk with everyone here. You are not alone and we are here to answer questions and help you figure things out. Also talk with your DR. They should be helping you by answering all questions and giving you the information you need. Best of luck to you. Read my review when you get a chance!
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Oh, the shape is always scary at first! Most people have that rectangular loaf of bread look! As they drop they will look better. Just give it some time. I will say no matter how many pain meds I took I still felt pain. Icing my breast always made me feel better. I also slept in am upright position, I had a great pillow with arms I got from super target and could not have lived without that!! Make sure you are comfortable. Laying flat in your back right now is not an option. So use pillows, pillows and more pillows! Getting rest and taking it easy is what you need right now. Also the arm you use the most that implant will be higher for a while. So don't be surprised if one us higher than the other mine still is. If you have more questions feel free to ask me anything!
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