Post-DS Life Has Been Amazing - Beaumont, TX

Just to give you a bit of background information...

Just to give you a bit of background information on myself: My name is Scott and I live in Beaumont, TX and I am 30 years old. I was about 440lb with a BMI of 59, so I've got quite a bit of weight that I'd like to lose.

A lot of you may not have heard of the duodenal switch. it's not really as common as some of the more familiarized weight loss operations, such as the roux-en-y bypass or the lap band. But the duodenal switch is kind of geared for people who are more on the morbid obese side, because the weight loss results you get are phenomenal. With my current size, my doctor advised me it was the best option for me in terms of long-term weight loss results.

Since my DS surgery in April I have lost a total of 181 pounds so far!! I'm very proud to say the DS has changed my life for the better... and I am truly living and loving life right now!!

It HAS come with a lot of responsibility. With a duodenal switch you've got to take your vitamins and supplements. I take anywhere from 8-10 pills a day -- calcium, potassium, I take a multi-vitamin that has A, D, E and K in it -- so that has been a lot of work keeping up with that. I'm not used to doing it but I'm getting better at it. And of course your follow-ups have to be done regularly, especially with DS (it's not really as important with the other surgeries, but duodenal switch being the most invasive, you've got to follow up with your appointments).

It's so much easier at work. I work retail (I'm a makeup artist) so I'm on my feet 8 hours a day, most days, and that has been tremendously easier with the weight loss and I couldn't be happier with that.

I'm not quite to goal yet. I would like to get down to anywhere from 200-220lb, but if I can lose more than that it would be amazing. I'm averaging anywhere from 5-8lb a week.


Hey Scott...I just came across your you have any updates? I'd love to see/hear how you're doing from a year ago! Hope all is still going great.

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so happy and excited for you, scott. my family lives in beaumont and would like husband to find a way to have surgery local because financial hardship and physical hardship of countless trips to houston. can you send info on who did your ds? my husband is over 500 and we are receiving disability. enjoyed all your post op vids----so you better keep telling us how its going! and how much does your vitamins run monthly? what are portion sizes like now. and what foods do you avoid? we have aquaintance that used dr.davis in houston for ds. i greatly appreciate your time in answering these 4 questions. thea

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Glad to hear how it's going.

I'm a long-time DSer; just keep working at it and keep up w/the protein & vit/mineral requirements. Best in 2012.

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