Tummy Tuck and Lipo on Back - Duluth, GA

I'm having my surgery on Febuary 28,2014 and I'm...

I'm having my surgery on Febuary 28,2014 and I'm scared and excited at the sametime. I have been looking forward to this for a long time now. I have not seen my waist or the lower part of my v j for a long time and I cant wait to put on a swim suit.. I don't know what to do how to prepare myself. I have not brought me a chair cant afford that right now so, I was thinking about getting me one of those big pillows so that I can prop me up. So, if someone can help me out with preparing for my new me day that would be great. I will add before and after pic later


Congratulations on coming over to the FLAT SIDE... This is a wonderful time in your life LOVING yourself..you are going to love your transformation.....stay ahead of the pain, now it's time to heal... Can't wait for an update ((hugs)) LiveLoveBelieve
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Good luck with your surgery on Friday and can't wait to see your results! So exciting...happy healing hun :)
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Good luck ! I rented a Recliner for 4 weeks but i only needed it for 2 weeks
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