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I'm nervous but excited about Wednesday. I'm...

I'm nervous but excited about Wednesday. I'm having a breast reduction, tummy tuck and lipo on my legs. I've needed a reduction since my 20's but wanted to wait to have kids. I'm now 38 and can't wait to be able to go buy a "normal" size bra instead of my 38H now. I was lucky enought to get my insurance co. to pay for my reduction. I'm counting down the hours and I'm ready but unsure of the pain level. I have had a c-section but that didn't bother me so I'm hoping this won't be too bad.


6 days PO and had 3 of my 4 drains removed. That has been the most uncomfortable part so far. I feel and look so much better already. Totally worth every penny :-)
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Welcome to RealSelf! This is going to be a journey for sure. It's not an easy recovery, but almost everyone thinks it's worth it in the end. Make sure you stay on top of your pain meds. You might want to check out Kimmers' tummy tuck survival guide (she's also had breast reduction, but not in the same surgery). Hope this helps. Please keep us posted!

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17 days po and I feel great. The swelling is going...

17 days po and I feel great. The swelling is going down and I have ab muscles for the first time. My reduction is still amazing for me. I was a H and now a DD, I look down and can see my body instead of! It's worth the first few days of being uncomfortable. Once all my drains came out I healed fast. I can start walking next week, now that I have abs I would like to keep them. I'm still a little bruised from the lipo. I love not having saggy boobs and belly. I like looking in the mirror again.

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