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Braces at 41 Years Old - Duluth, GA

I had many consultations over the years, and...

I had many consultations over the years, and finally at 41 decided to bite the bullet and get braces. I wanted to turn on tooth at the top that was slightly misaligned, therefore I got them for the top only and a retainer at the botton. Procedure was fairly easy, no pain, just slight discomfort in chewing my food for about two weeks.


Good for you for going for it!! I can definitely see the differences in your alignment already. How exciting!! One thing to keep in mind is the big exciting changes happen in the first portion of treatment, then the orthodontist will still have some time left to tweak your bite, so even after things look great to you try to be patient as they finish things up. :)

Looking forward to hearing how you are doing as your teeth keep straightening!!

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Wanted to add, that the after pic was only one...

Wanted to add, that the after pic was only one month into my treatment so I am very impressed by the results.


What was your doctors name?
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Sorry, I know I am late but I had gone to Family Orthodontics formally Pickron in Duluth, Ga
Looks like they are working for you. You are never too old!
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Final results!!

I am very late and have had my braces off for over a year now. I am very pleased with the results and can't stop smiling.

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They listened to what I wanted, did not push me to get services that I did not need.

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