Areola Color Change After Breast Lift Using Periareolar Incisions and Saline Implants Under Muscle

I had a breast lift using Periareolar Incisions...

I had a breast lift using Periareolar Incisions and Saline Implants placed under the muscle to fill in the lack of breast tissue... My right breast was lifted using the Periareolar Incision to a more youthful postion and lifted more using an Implant, while the left breast was only lifted with the Implant - the areola was not moved.

I'm 23, 120 pounds, and in great Health. My breasts were a 32D before Surgery, and after are a 32D - there was no change to my size - as the implants were just replacing the breast tissue that was lost after an illness where I lost alot of weight.

Overall, I am happy with the results of my treatment - just worried about the change in color of my areola. I fear that it was my fault.

I am almost 3 weeks post op & about 3 days ago I noticed that my right areola - the one that was moved up, is almost 3 shades darker than the right. I noticed this shortly after I was pulling on a bit on my nipple, because it has a bit of a flattened apperance and I wanted to see if it would become "hard or erect" when touched. I've read that you can have complications with tissue dying several weeks after surgery from improper care. Do you think that this discoloration could be the tissue dying? And if so, could it be because I was tugging on my nipple? I've read that the tissue can die because the skin is pulled too tightly from the stiches - and now I'm freaked out that I was pulling to hard and caused the tissue to die. Any help would be great. I do have an appointment with my plastic surgeon tomorrow morning - but I can't go another minute without some kind of help... I'm making myself sick with worry.
Hi there. I had a reduction with change out of implants. My right nipple darkened also and the doctor said it was a close call, but it would eventually turn back to noromal color. it did not die, but it's not of totally normal color. It's looks a little spotted, but overall better than that dark color it had gotten to be. It started turning dark like about a week after surgery. Ask your doctor when you go see him. He should know if it will recover from the shock of being removed from your body!Hope this helps
How long did it take for your nipple to return to a "normal" color? Also, how dark (and what color) was your nipple when your doctor said it was a close call? I feel like I may have similar problem, and have been concerned. Thanks for the help.
It took almost a full year to reach it's peak of what I'd call "normal". It was very, very dark brown almost black. When my doctor said it would eventually go back to it's natural color, I almost did not believe it, but it did. We'll, close :-)
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My doctor is fantastic, I am only on this message board to ease my worry over the Holiday Weekend.

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