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Reason for choosing was it was a deal; 4 sessions...

reason for choosing was it was a deal; 4 sessions for 300 dollars. Also because my pigmentation and fine lines are really getting me down. Im 27 but look at least 5 years older than all my friends my age. The lady in the salon pointed out my aging skin when i was getting a wax and told me about the deal. I bought it but now having read reviews im terrified. It seems that there is a period where it is obvious youve had something done with your face. In ireland its not common to have stuff done so young. I dont want anyone to notice. Im also scared of getting hypopigmentation. I take easily to th sun and am afraid it will make skin worse in the long run. Please help!


Just tell everyone you did a peel! At 27 you should be taking care of your skin, don't worry about what other people think.
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I'm sorry to hear you are feeling scared. I would certainly encourage you to talk to the people at the clinic that you plan to have this done at. Express your concerns to them, and depending on how you feel about it maybe push the treatment off a while until you have had longer to think about if it is what you really want to do or not.

In the meantime here is a Q&A you might find helpful:

IPL Laser Recovery

Please keep us updated on how you are doing and what decision you have made.

Sending positive thoughts to you!!

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Please let me know how this went! I am 31 and just booked in for IPL photo rejuvination in a salon in Dublin also and am terrified!
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