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Just Had Active + Deep Fx Today - Ireland, IE

Hi Everyone, this is the first review i have...

Hi Everyone, this is the first review i have written on realself. I have just had active fx combined with deep fx for acne scarring and pigmentation today.
When i entered the clinic, i had numbing cream applied all over my face an hour before treatment began. I expected the procedure to be extremely painfull, but it wasnt at all. it was very bareable. My face was slightly hot for a few hours afterwards, but has calmed down now. I have vaseline all over my face, which i have to use for the next 5days. The parts of my face where the active fx was done is slightly red and the parts where the deep fx was used is bloody and oozing still. Im also quite swollen, but in no pain, I havent felt the need to take painkillers at all. I will update each day as ri heal :)

Thank you for posting your review.  I will be anxious to hear how everything turns out for you.  I am also very happy to hear that you had minimal pain during the procedure.


It been a week since my active fx and my face has...

It been a week since my active fx and my face has peeled and healed. At the moment i am not happy,my skin is horrible, its red and blotchy. I also what looks like a rash on my nose, around my nose and forehead and side of my face. I think its getting better but i am concerned as i cant find information on getting a rash after active fx, I hope that it is just from the vaseline and not an outbreak of herpes. i am going to contact my doctor tomorrow about this. Im trying to stay positive and i know that it has only been a week but at the minute i am worried about the rash and blotchiness and i am thinking that doing this was a mistake and a waste of money :(((
Hi Helen just read your review - Was thinking of having the same procedure - wondered how your results are now - would be very helpful to know. thanks
Hi Eileen, my results are nice and my skin is good although the difference is nothing major for the price, what is it that you would like to improve?
As you were unhappy with results initially I just wondered how your skin was now. I have quite deep wrinkles around my mouth and eyes - the rest is not too bad - A doctor, who has a clinic in Dublin, and comes over to London has advised me to have a full face lazer, but from what I have read so far not sure if they will actually deal with my issues. From your comment just now I take it the difference is not what you expected? Am I right is thinking that the total fx just gives an overall better texture to the skin but would not deal with deep wrinkles? Interested in what you think as you have personal experience. thanks
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