Feel Very Firm 1 Year On - Dublin, IN

Hi there, I've always hated my non-existent chest,...

Hi there, I've always hated my non-existent chest, never felt feminine or comfortable naked. After 15 years of talking about it I finally went ahead last year. I chose to get the second smallest implant available and went to a modest B. While I am happy with the results visually they still feel very firm to the touch. I am really hoping they will become more natural to the touch. I massage them every day but doesn't seem to be helping much.


Hi Beestings! Has your doc looked at you and have you been checked for capsular contracture? Normally firmness is associated with it. I have just developed CC in my left breast, so I thought I should ask. I hope it's not. Let us know what your doc said.
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Sorry, I didnt see your response to Angie until I sent my last post. That was the other thing I was thinking about is very little breast tissue.
I went for silicone implants, overs 230cc. The doctor said as I had virtually no natural breast tissue that it would take time for the skin to stretch. I'm very happy with the size, I still look like 'me', only the padding is on the inside, not in the bra!
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