10 Days Post Ok and Feeling Almost Normal - Dublin, CA

Hello, I am a mom of twins, and always thought of...

Hello, I am a mom of twins, and always thought of getting a mm. Decided to set the date when girls were 2. Feeling ok off pain meds after a week. Mother in law, husband and mom helping out at home...What a blessing!!!!!! Read alot of comments on this site about compression garment being scratchy and itchy... I tried a thing called... Trendy Top... Its one of those tv products that's used to lengthen shirts... to cover up hips and tummy when wearing low rise jeans.. it kind of looks like a cotton halter top...but for your waist.... solves the itchy problem if worn under compression garment.... can be found at Wallgreens for about 10.00 for a two pack.....try it out it's a life saver for your skin....


Hi GummyMummy - 10 days and okay to get off pain meds.. That's great! My MM is in 2 days I'm very excited and nervous. I'm heading out to get that trendy top..I forgot about those comment on the itching.

I wanted to know if at 10 days do you feel ok to drive? It's not necessary for me to drive, but I have to take my girl to DMV one week after surgery...and wondering if it's even possible.
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Wow, off pain meds after a week. That's awesome! Looks like it's been almost 2 months PO now. How are things going? Have you fully recovered? My pre-op is tomorrow and I'm STILL undecided whether I should have the surgeries!
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Thanks for sharing your experience so far and the tip for the Trendy Top. What a great idea! I hope you'll keep updating as you continue to heal.

Here's a link to the Trendy Top site.

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