Hello beautiful people, I am here today because...

Hello beautiful people,

I am here today because boobies, that's why. But in all seriousness, my interest and curiosity in getting a Breast Augmentation has led me to this lovely and informative web community.

I am 24 now, but I have been curious about BA's for several years. I have spent the last six years in the military on active duty, and for a while, I had gained a great deal of weight; weighing in at around 155 lbs at my heaviest point. That is a little heavy for my 5'5" frame. Once I cleaned up my lifestyle some I was able to slowly bring my weight down to 123-127 range over about a year. I feel great! Actually, I have never felt BETTER!

As I have seen many of you ladies mention, what happens when we lose weight? We lose the pretty little twins! Now, my breasts had been about a 34B for most of my younger years. After my weight loss, I am a full A cup to just about a B cup. My lack of breasticles makes me feel somewhat boyish, and deprives me of feeling "sexy" when I wear a bathing suit, or a tank-top for example. When I wear a tank top my breasts are just perky little babies. Sure, I can get away with not wearing a bra, and I can be athletic and do any sport or activity without anything getting in the way. While these are awesome perks, I feel ready to enhance my chest which will have all sorts of lovely benefits.

I really get into my research streak about a year ago. I have spent a lot of time reflecting, soul searching, thinking, researching, and weighing my personal pro's and cons for the surgery. I made lists of questions, I mapped out the financial commitment (not only for first surgery, but all surgeries and MRI's and doctor check-up's, etc.) and scheduled three consultations in the San Francisco East Bay.

I went to the first two consultations and felt dissatisfied and not completely informed after each of them. I felt rushed, and as though I was wasting THEIR time by asking questions. You should never feel rushed or neglected during a consultation for anything, let alone for something that will impact your life so tremendously.

My last consultation was for Dr. Steven Williams at TriValley Plastic Surgery in Dublin, California. He just blew the other doctors out of the water! Everything about his office, the consultation, and the information he gave me was not only insightful, but I felt in my heart almost instantly that he was the one to perform my surgery!
(Information for Dr. Williams can be found here: www.trivalleyplasticsurgery.com)

I left his office with a great feeling. I decided I would take the information home to think about it even more. And I did! I spent more hours reading online, scanning through RealSelf experiences, talking it over with my mom (who also had a BA operation), and really just thinking it over with myself. I knew everything was up to me and what I wanted. That is the most important thing.

I eventually made up my mind to move forward with my BA with Dr. Williams! So, I called them up and booked my surgery date for November 22, 2013. I paid a $2,500 deposit to hold my date. I owe $7,200 for my silicone, moderate profile implants. As far as cc's go, I will be updating you guys after my pre-op where we will discuss actual cc's and make a final decision.

Tomorrow I will post my before photos, and some of my "goal end result" photos as well.

My "Goal Look"

Here is my collection so far of looks that interest me. I love a more natural look with a nice full shape. I am not a big fan of very rounded breasts that project a lot.... Like Victoria Beckham's old BA results, for example.

My Current Body Stats

- Age: 23
- Height: 5'5"
- Weight (lbs.): 123-127
- Bra Size: Full A-32/34B (depending on who makes the bra).

BA Plans:
- D Cup Bra
- (Unsure about exact c.c's right now).
- Silicone Gel Implant
- Moderate Profile
- Sub-pectoral Placement (under the muscle).
- Infra-mammary Incision (2" incision underneath each breast).
You will love your results and him! I highly recommend this Dr!!!!
I sure do hope so! :)
I hope to have the boobies done soon. The tt n lipo was with great results.

Pre-Operation Photos

Here are a few shots of what I'm dealing with! Fabulous little boobies... Soon to become a new and improved version.
I love the amount of research you did, even the financial analysis including the follow ups, mri's, and future surgeries. I did just the same. We're having our surgeries around the same time, which makes us breasticle buddies! (Also think it's awesome that someone else in the work uses that term!) Good luck with this process

The "Nesting" Checklist

Hi beauties!

I prepared a list of things that I have found will be helpful to those of us who are awaiting our BA Operation. It's alp about the nesting before we go in for surgery so that we come home to a nice clean, comfortable area to relax and heal.

- Pillows!
- Heating Pad
- Ice Packs ("Peas Cooling Pack"- CVS)
- Drinks/Warm Teas
- Bendy Straws for Painless Sipping
- Constipation Medication (Anesthesia causes a back-up and so do some prescription medications).
- Gas Medication (Bloat and gas are common side effects as well and can be uncomfortable).
- Snacks: Crackers, Goldfish, Jello, Fruits, Veggies, Popsicles.... Chocolate...)
- Entertainment: Movies, TV Shows, Books, Magazines, etc.
- Shower Caddy (Everything should be around hip-height to avoid reaching for anything).
- Face Wipes/Diaper Wipes
- Pill Case (Child-proof pill cases are painful to open, so I hear).
- Bucket (Face it, we may get sick from medications and post-operation aftermath)... Keep one in car and at home in case.
- Glasses (If you wear contacts).
- Clothing: Button down shirts, Zip Up Bras, Sweatpants, Leggings, Sweatshirts.
- Blankets: You'll be cold coming out of anesthesia.
- Cocoa Butter Lotion.
- Yeast Infection treatment (I personally am extremely prone to getting these when I take antibiotics. The medication swipes out all of the "good" bacteria in the vagina which can sometimes create such an off-balance PH that a yeast infection forms. There are creams and pills we can take to prevent and clear them up. Many doctors prescribe these pills alongside an antibiotic prescription. Just something to think about).

I also read about some bras that have been noted to be VERY helpful during the first week, let alone first few months. They are:
- Coobie Bra: ($22) Order Online
- Genie Bra: (3 for $29.97) Online.

Please message me or comment if you have other recommendations, ideas or questions! I am sure those f you who have gone through surgery can add some things!

Thanks, ladies! Xo
Aww thank you hun I believe they will lol I think if your super freaked out about the way they are going to look then you must'nt have total trust in your surgeon which (for now) isn't me lol thankfully! I know I'm so excited now - not really nervous (yet lol) aww thanks hun and same to you if you ever need a rant or a chat lol just read your post on preparing for surgery eg what to bring etc and it is spot on! Love it! Really is super helpfull for so many people and its like when you have a baby no matter how prepared you are you have always forgot something or not thought of something lol this site has been amazing for me! Tbh I was expecting lots of things to put me off but actually been the opposite its put me at ease hearing so many stories and yes there will be pain but let's face it its obvious to expect some pain lol I see people go a bit crazy about pain after surgery but I'm sorry it has to at least be expected lol sorry just had an unexpected rant lol but you did say feel free lol ;-) xoxox
Hi dear! It's crazy how much of a true commitment this is. I am going to blog about how to track future fees... Would love your input! :) I'm so glad we can be support for one another.
Ahh it's comin up :) post pics of the ricers !

Looking into the Future: The Cost of Having & Maintaining Breast Implants

Ok, girls! I drew up an example of the financial mapping I mentioned earlier in my blog. It's a great way, when considering the cost of having breast implants, to foresee what you may end up spending in your future for as long as you have implants.

So, you have your initial set. Say this costs you $7000. Just remember this isn't the end of it.

As per the FDA, we are required to have an MRI three years after the first operation. The national average for the U.S. is $2,000 for one MRI screening. An MRI is recommended every two years from then on.

To give you a ballpark number, that can average around $45,000 in a lifetime just for MRI screenings.

Also to consider is the fact that implants are not lifetime devices. At one point or another we have to have them replaced, removed, etc. Most implants last around 10-15 years on average, but don't count on anything. Just expect that you may have 4-5 re-operations in your lifetime. These operations are typically MORE expensive than your initial surgery. Your fees depend on if you're having the implant replaced, removed, saline/silicone, or if you're having other operations done at the same time. Just know that money will always be required for your babies- it's just like having a car or a house payment.

An annual doctor visit should be taken into consideration if you want to optimize your maximum health. This averages at around $100 per visit.
You're doing GREAT with maintaining those nerves, Hun! Keep your mind calm and know that Sunday is going to go perfectly. I'll be waiting to see your pics and turnout! There will be some pain, but nothing you can't handle! You'll get those medications down in no time and then you'll be feeling juuuuuuuuuust fine ;-)

Love Yourself in All of Your Forms

My sweet girls,

I just want to remind you the importance of self love throughout our journeys; whichever step we are in today.

I know we are all here to enhance and improve the cards we were dealt... Whether it's our first operation, our second, etc. We want a certain look because those are our own personal preferences for what we find sexy, attractive, appealing, desirable, etc. But undergoing an operation shouldn't be to "fix" anything other than your physical body... It won't mend your relationship with your partner, it won't settle the conflict you had with your girlfriends, it won't make anybody love you, etc. While it may enhance our sex life, sexuality, self-esteem, or whatever have you- please don't make any decisions in the wrong frame of mind.

I personally feel that you should love who you are, flaws and all, no matter what changes occur throughout your life. You should love your breasts even when you feel they are imperfect because they are a part of YOU! Beautiful you! They will always be a part of you and are a part of the great package and gift that you are.

So, sure, get those boobies enhanced, or reduced, or whatever you want! But know in your heart that you are beautiful no matter what changes occur in your physical (& mental, spiritual, etc.) being!

Your body is a temple that deserves your compassion, respect, and endless love.
When is yours? I can't wait to hear about it!

Don't Forget to Love Yourself!

Thank you for your helpful and thoughtful updates! Clearly the community is enjoying all your detailed research and words of wisdom. Sometimes women are so excited about the idea of getting their surgery, that they don't think of future consequences and/or costs. By the way, how did the rice sizers go this weekend? 

Thank you for your note! :) I'm glad my research can help others... I know there are things that all of us miss somehow, so it's great having this community to chime into! I am doing the sizers tonight. I had to go buy the materials.
Your pre-op checklist is great-I need to copy it! I love that you did all the budgeting and math with the cost and maintenance of the girls-one reason I chose saline to avoid the MRIs. Good luck with your BA journey!

Supplements to Avoid before BA Sugery

Hi ladies,

I wanted to read into medicines that we should avoid before our surgeries. I take vitamins, fish oil and green tea and wanted to see if these could be harmful leading up to the operation.

I went ahead and did some research (on www.breastimplants4you.com) and came up with the following:

- First and foremost, ask your PS about any and all drug related questions before you start or stop taking anything.

- Just because something is "herbal" or "natural" doesn't make it safe.

- NO ASPIRIN or non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs at least 1-2 weeks prior to surgery. These inhibit blood clotting and can cause excessive bleeding during and after surgery.

- Drugs that also increase bleeding risk: Ginko Biloba, Green Tea, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E.

- Please! If you're a smoker, stop smoking within 2-3 weeks of your surgery! This is very important. There are several websites with specific information if you need help quitting.

- Drugs that are safe: Tylenol & prescription drugs ONLY. But ask your Doctor! :)

Can you ladies think of anything else?

Consultation Checklist

Here is a list that I started for things to research and prepare for your consultation(s):

- Compile a list of surgeons that interest you. It is important that they are Board Certified. Try and see at least three PS's.

- Learn about your procedure: insertion, placement, implant type, etc. Understand fully what the surgeon will be doing.

- Write down your questions and thoughts about the operation, your surgeon, risks, complications, future surgeries, etc. Keep a journal or write in your smartphone.

- Learn about your surgeon! Check for malpractice cases or disciplinary actions. Also look up reviews from others! :)

- Credentials to look for in a surgeon: (each holds a Dr to a different standard).

1. American Board of Plastic Surgeons (means your PS has at least 6 years of surgical training with 3 years specializing in plastic surgery).

2. American Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

3. American Medical Association

4. American Board of Plastic Surgery (means they have had extensive training and is up-to-date on technologies).

- Some things you can bring to your consultation: fee (if required), list of questions, desired look photos, list of medications that you take, written medical history, notepad and pen to take notes. And your ID! :-)

I did the rice test! Will you give me your advice?


Photos from rise test:

Please let me know what you think! :) This experience made me SO much more excited. I was running and jumping around with the sizers in. Most of my clothes still fit! And my bikini will definitely look better post op ;) xo

More Fun with Rice Sizers

Sports bras and bikinis, oh my!

I can't stop thinking about surgery!

I wish my surgery were sooner! I am so excited for my operation. I see all you ladies posting your success stories and it makes me all the more sure of moving forward! I can't wait to have my boobies and feel like a woman! Meowwwww ow ow! ;)
I see we started a review around the same time! How in the world have you gotten so popular? Lol . My review is sooooooo dead! btw, I will be trying the rice test asap! lol. I look forward to folloowing you thru your journey
Aww, no.. I just post a lot of pictures! I'm excited to hear about your rice test, girl! Take some pics so you can compare before and after. You'll find it to be really helpful to compare different cc's in photos.
I definately will. i Guess i should start posting pics, so far i have my befores, but no wish pics yet. I plan on getting my surgery towards the end of the year, i have no set date yet.

31 Total Pounds Lost

Today I weighed 123.8, so about 124. Down from 155 lbs at my heaviest in 2012.

I can't believe it! I feel really great, but my figure is definitely a different shape now. My boobies are smaller than they've ever been. I still feel confident and I love & appreciate my body, but it will feel so empowering to have something to hold onto and play with and to fill out my clothes! It's great being a woman!

I'm getting more excited about my surgery date by the minute. I have a hard time focusing at work because I'm constantly randomly thinking about breasticles. Hey, it's not all bad. ;)

I've talked with my mama and loved ones about my decision and I am fully supported in my decision. My extensive research and choice to take my time has made me feel all the more confident in my decision.

I'm more ready than ever!

Have a great day, lady friends! You're all beautiful! Xxoo
My consult is next week!! Hoping for first if Nov or week after Thanksgiving (that's when hubs has vacation time already scheduled). I just posted a review so I will definitely be more active on updates, pics, etc. :)
YAY! I'll go in just a little before you, so our heal times will be similar. :D

Sports Bra (Before)

Heading to the gym! Here's some "before" photos for comparison later! :]

This IPhone app can be hard to navigate!

Sheesh! Well, here are my pics.


Amazing! I love the fact that you included the little note to be happy with our itty bitty tatas haha! I honestly love my small boobs at times (stressing the "at times"!!) Just wanted to say thanks :)
Thanks, beautiful! You have to love yourself first & foremost. We are all amazing.
What kind of pills do they give to avoid a Y infection???????

Going out to dinner with my 425 cc sizers and my smiling boyfriend.

I'm getting the feel for boobies! Going out on town with these babies in.
Looks like our surgeries will be on the same day! :) it's funny because I didn't notice that until AFTER I stole one of your "dream boob" pics! Yay I hope you're as excited as I am!

Oh I'm so happy to see you did the rice test including photos and a date night out. How did it go? :)

Hi Beth! I loved the rice test! It was so easy to do and really accurate, too! I tried 350 cc's, and while still quite an upgrade, it still felt a bit small for what I was looking for. The 425 cc's were much larger on my frame and I don't think I would want breasts too much larger than that. I tried on sports bras, button-up's, dresses, bathing suits and everything I could find to see how much of a change I would feel post operation. I really loved the look! I have to admit, though, going too big can definitely create the illusion that you are "fat." I just think for my own body that going too much larger will make me look fairly heavy. I can't wait to get to my PS to show him photos of my goal looks, and tell him I felt comfortable with 425 cc's. :)


These are my dream boobies!
Your river pictures look AMAZING ! I'm really loving the 435cc. Especially since you're going under the muscle they'll get a little smaller. I have talked to a lot of girls who experience "boob greed" and second thoughts AFTER surgery wishing they would have went bigger. I am in the same boat as you tho. I definitely don't want them too big but I'm more scared of having them too small ! Boobs are very easily hidden with clothes so keep that in mind. I love that you went out to dinner with them !!! Haha. It's crazy how real they look, huh ?! Also, a huge congrats on losing weight. You must feel absolutely amazing :) keep up the good work. You'll look stunning with your new boobies. We almost have the same size now (mine are a little bigger, 36 B) but we're aiming for the same size. I can't wait til you get yours done !! Yayyyy ! Keep me updated :)
Ricer* and 425* sorry haha ;)
Your river pictures look AMAZING ! I'm really loving the 435cc. Especially since you're going under the muscle they'll get a little smaller. I have talked to a lot of girls who experience "boob greed" and second thoughts AFTER surgery wishing they would have went bigger. I am in the same boat as you tho. I definitely don't want them too big but I'm more scared of having them too small ! Boobs are very easily hidden with clothes so keep that in mind. I love that you went out to dinner with them !!! Haha. It's crazy how real they look, huh ?! Also, a huge congrats on losing weight. You must feel absolutely amazing :) keep up the good work. You'll look stunning with your new boobies. We almost have the same size now (mine are a little bigger, 36 B) but we're aiming for the same size. I can't wait til you get yours done !! Yayyyy ! Keep me updated :)

I think I have collected enough photos for my PS!

I couldn't stop, ladies! I became immersed in my search for the perfect dream photos to take to my PS for my operation in November. I think I can seize my hunt, though, as I have found all the photos I could need... I am getting super excited about this operation! And I am so thankful to have met Kimberly_! She and I are going in on the same day.

So thankful for this network of amazing women. You all are the best. Hope you are all happy and well! xo
Great wish photos!!! I have so many, Im having a tough time narrowing down the ones I want to show my PS. How many do you think you're going to bring into your PS? My preop is Oct 25, when's yours? ~Silly hugs!~
Not too much longer for you lotus. I think the 425cc look great. Judging from your before I believe you will have great results. I love your positive "love yourself" posts :)
Thank you, babe! I am hoping so... have to see what my PS says. This whole journey is so exciting. Have you had your surgery yet? I am going to read your blog when I get home.

Checking In

Hi beautifuls!
I haven't written in a little while because I have become so busy! There are many things going on in my world and part of that is the preparation for my surgery in November. I feel like time is just flying by and I will be driving to the hospital before I know it! I am hoping to do some research on the tear-drop shaped implants as Beth brought up to me. I'll post what I find about that as soon as I read up.

I did find out today that it is safe to donate whole blood (Red Cross is coming to my office, and I planned to donate) with about a month before my BA. I was happy to hear that I can still do that and help out in that way.

I went for a run today and I had to ask my boyfriend if he had noticed if my breasts had gotten any smaller? They surely looked and felt smaller in my opinion. He gently agreed that they may have shank even more. It's all good! I feel great and running really lifts my spirits. I was smiling throughout my whole run this afternoon thinking to myself, "Soon I'll have to secure you babies so you're not bouncing out of control!" I laugh now... :) I sure do hope I will enjoy having big boobies and that they don't interfere with my active lifestyle. I am told by countless athletes and sporty women that all it takes is a great sports bra and they are good to go. I'm going to go ahead and maintain a positive attitude about it. I know I am going to love the results! Just as all of you do/have/will!

Sending all the positive energy I can summon for all of you beautiful and incredible women going through your own personal journey. You are all amazing and thanks again for all of your support. This community is such a blessing.

You're awesome!!
Oh stop that ;)
I love your outlook! Those wish pics are gorgeous. Congrats on dropping the weight. So excited for you and enjoying your story!

Tear Drop Shaped (Anatomical) Implants

Hi ladies,

I checked into the tear drop shaped implants (vs. Round implants) because it was brought up to me as so.ethibg I may be interested in given the shape of breast I prefer.

Here's what I found!

-These have the actual shape of a natural breast and can appear much more natural than a round implant.

-A skilled surgeon is required to ensure the pocket is created exactly right which allows the shapes of the implant to align properly and evenly. Inexperienced surgeons may not recommend this method due to its more complex placement.

-Teardrop shapes may look a little unnatural when laying down as opposed to a round implant that would lay more flat and naturally.

-They are textured to prevent them from moving around a lot. This can increase the risk of rippling.

-Looks like these are used with more petite patients with breast in the A-Cup zone, and for breast reconstructions.

From what I am gathering, yes, these would probably give me the natural and full shape that I want. They would look most natural when standing upright. However, they could flip/turn/rotate throughout their life and create asymmetry.

Does anybody here have anatomical implants?

Implant Profile Types

Moderate: The "normal" profile. Full, rounded look with lots of volume. May have a wider chest appearance.

Moderate Plus: In between moderate and high profile.

High: These have the most projection, and due to the implant having more height it may increase the likelihood of rippling.

Low: These have the least amount of projection.
As of today we're officially surgery sisters! I'm 100% scheduled. Yay for us!
Hi! I just read your review on your soon BA. I was also thinking of going to Dr. Williams too! Just wanted to ask if they accept CareCredit or any payment plan? Just out of curiosity since I am just 20 and have no way of paying in full.
Hi, I just had anatomicals done on Sept 26. I don't have a ton of pictures but so far I love them. They are just starting to drop and I feel like they give me a more natural look as they aren't so full on top. I had planned to take more pics this past weekend but I just didn't get around to it. My doc says in his practice he does about 50/50 between round and anatomicals. He used to charge more for anatomicals but wanted to take the price issue out for his patients, so he made them the same price. Good luck with your decision. I would be happy to answer any questions as I did a ton of research as well. I know they aren't used as much in the USA yet so you may want to search European or Australian sites to see more pics of the anatomicals.

Bra Delivery!

Hey beautiful ladies of all shapes & sizes,

Soooooo I am back again after a short break from blogging. I have been busy at work and enjoyi g tgis Halloween season!

Yesterday was my bra delivery day. I now have five post operation Bras. I ordered two Bras (one lace in white, one plain black) from Coobie. I am in love! They are soft, comfortable and I know they will be very supportive and gentle while I am healing. For the two of them I spent around $45 (shipping and handling included). Perfect purchase!

I also ordered from Genie bra online. They come in sets of 3 for $29.97! Total steal! I am actually wearing one now. It's so soft and supportive. Like something you could wear to yoga. I got the set of black, white & nude.

I am so happy with my purchases! So far I highly recommend them. I'll need one zip up bra though. I'm going to check out Ducks sporting Goods for that one.

I'm feeling so excited ladies! I have little bouts of nervousness sometimes, but I think that's normal and expected.

My main worries and concerns right now are:

1. Pain directly after surgery when I'm all groggy and cold and confused. My mom said her pain was unbearable straight out of surgery. I just hope I am not in agony for long.

2. Hoping I go big enough for my taste in the long run and don't settle for a size too small.

3. The risk of "Bottoming out" during healing and the lifetime of the implant.

4. Losing nipple sensation! I had my nipples pierced and it took over a year to regain feeling. I pray my BA doesn't take that sensual feeling away. I would be so sad.

5. Potential complications during breastfeeding in years to come.

6. Just hoping I like them in general and don't regret my decision to start down this road.

I would love support and advice on this - any of it! :) I hope everybody is having a happy hump day and are healthy & well. Lots of love to you all.
Good to see your latest post. Have missed ya.
Thinking about you and your big day! ♡ hugs and positive energy coming your way.
The bottoming out was HUGE on my mind until I discussed it with my PS. He routinely does a row of permanent internal stitches to avoid this. He has done that for 2 years and has encounter ZERO cases of bottoming out. So, now I have switched my fear to Capsular Contacture. Ugh. I'm sure we are going to make it through this BA thing just fine and then look back a year from now and laugh at our anxiety. At least I hope that is the end result. Haha

Anatomy of the Breast

I am a visual learner and found this diagram to be so helpful in really seeing the anatomy of the breast.


I love following ur story your awesome!!!!!
Good luck with your surgery! Also congrats on the weight loss you have an amazing body!! Also your breasts are a great shape to begin with. Are you gonna go with the 425cc?
Hey Michelle! Thank you for your kind words! I just feel really good at this point in my life and I'm thankful for that. I still have to talk to my PS at the pre-op about size but I'm thinking 425 cc. It may or may not be something he agreed with so we shall see. :)

What am I doing?

The phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" has intensely resonated with me after reading a story about implant removal.

I love my body and I love how I feel. I'm light, free, natural and just small in general. I'm feeling silly for looking into this so much. I worry that I am going to ruin a perfectly cute body. Something could go wrong. I may not like them. They might never feel a part of me. And I fear there is so much that may not go how I am imagining! Am I make a bad feeling decision?

My surgery is so soon and I'm nervous. Really nervous. This is a huge choice to make and I've thought about it so much and for so long. I just don't want to look back on this later on and think "What on earth was my 24 year old self even thinking?"

Can anybody relate?
Hope you're feeling better today!
It's normal to have fears, you will do what is best for you. It's also healthy to have some fears because you will take care of yourself so well though the healing process. You've made the emotional, time, and financial investment so far so I would think about that too. I'm not saying it's too late now, but that's what I kind of told myself... I said, "Cherie, your doing this, you researched and found one of the best surgeons in the world, you have the support from people who love you, and you will feel so amazing when you are all healed up and feeling sexy." I will never let any single element of my physical self completely define who I am. I just know that the additions will make me feel so complete, it is empowering in a way, and it will feel so good to have something that you've ( well I, in my case ) been so self conscious about not be there anymore, it will actually be the opposite!! You will do what is best for you I am sure :)
Wow thank you!! You've reminded me Of why I wanted this in the 1st place...spending years of my Life so self Consius and fighting a eatting disorder I blame 95% on having small breast thank you for your time and love thank you for helping me push through and do what my Heart truly wants !!! It means so much to me thank you thank you thank you!!!!

It's a New Day!

I knew I would have a few moments of confusion and fear along the way, and yesterday I did. I realize this is normal and probably a really good thing because it indicates that I'm really putting time into research, thinking it over, and taking my time. Surgery is a big commitment! Just like I've said before, it is a lifelong investment.

I had to realize that I am not what I appear to be on the outside. I am not my clothes, my hair, my skin, my breats! Who I am comes from what's in my heart. Surgery doesn't mean that girl goes away or that I lose my ambitions! It doesn't mean I am any less of a woman in any way. At the end of the day, it's something that will just make that "inner me" shine a little brighter and stand a little taller. I'll get to enjoy my womanly body and the fun of being a woman. But nothing else changes, and everything in my life is still going to carry on with me.

Thank you to you all for being here for me and for the other men and women on this forum. I realize this journey is different for all of us and we are all in different walks of life. I'm glad for the ups and downs because I can value those moments where I realize just how much I do want my BA and how much time I've allowed myself to process that.

You are all amazing and beautiful inside and out. Let's keep sticking together because we all know that not all days are easy!

And a shout out to our Community Manager, Ms. Beth! She's been more than supportive and eager to help all of us through this process. Beth- Thank you for your outstanding support and advice! We are all lucky to have you in this community.
Three cheers to your latest sentiments, PinkLotus!  I think it is only natural to have doubts and to think this is all silly and to wonder why we can't just love our natural-given bodies.  I know I did! If you read my early posts, you'd see I was on such a roller coaster ride of emotions, you'd swear I was bipolar. This isn't something to be taken lightly.  Changing ones body is a journey that requires the mental health to handle it and enough knowledge of the risks to take it seriously and with respect.  I applaud you for sharing your honest thoughts here.  It can be tough sometimes when you may feel you want to remain positive for the sake of others (at least I felt that way at times.)  But in the end you learn that so many of us feel the same way and we can support each other through these times of doubt and lift one another up in times of elation.  Big hugs!
Hi Kim! Everything is much better today. I woke up to the sun peeking into my bedroom. How are you doing? We are on our way to BA day, girl!
This is really sweet of you to have said, Csta! I really appreciate the reminder, as do all the other ladies on here. You are right! These additions do not define who we are; they are just like a puzzle piece we were missing! Now that we have found our pieces, can you imagine how lovely the final picture will be? Exciting! Stay positive & keep sharin' the love! We all need that! :)

Seeking photos of "not-for-me-boobies" to show my PS...

Hi dolls!

As I am getting my "portfolio" together for my PS that contains my "wish-boobies" photos, I realized that I do not have any "not-for-me boobie" photos. I would like to have a few photos that portray:

- Breasts "too far apart"
- Breasts that are "too round"
- Breasts that are hanging "too wide"

I am having a hard time finding such photos. I know this is a matter of opinion, anyway, but does anybody know of some good blogs or websites in which I may find some photos for my surgeon? Would appreciate this so much.

I hope everybody has a lovely Friday. It is sunny and beautiful in Cali today. Thankful! :)
You remind me so much of myself!!! My surgery date is one week after yours, I am so excited for you and happy that we have shoulders to lean on through this whole experience! When I was 13-15 I dealt with a weight obsession issue and I feel it was because I thought I had to be skinny to match my small boobs! Sports saved me and now I love my body, just the boobies are a bit too small! I also don't want to look back on life and regret not making this decision. I contemplated a BA last Fall but didn't go through with any consultations because I was too scared because I though that complications were extremely common, after proper research I understand the actual statistics and realize that there is a lot of care post-op that is our responsibility! Also, I did more research and found a surgeon with a great record and am feeling confident! We just have to love ourselves and take care of ourselves too! I am so excited for you and I love reading your posts!!
And, this past summer I wished that I had gotten my BA the past fall, so that was when I realized that I was for sure doing this this fall. I bought mini push up pads to put in my bathing suit so i looked a little more evened out! When I would take my bathing suit off it made me so sad that my boobies weren't anything close to being boobs!!
Love it! See, you very clearly took your time to research everything. So many people are just simply misinformed or don't understand correctly. I'm glad you did your reading and I cannot wait to see your results! I'm also feeling very optimistic as well. I really am do thankful that we can even go through with such a thing! It's a lot of responsibility. :)

The Dreams Are Starting!

I had my first dream about boobies the other night. Thankfully it wasn't a bad dream where so.ething goes wrong. More like a, "Hot damn, those look AMAZING!" sort of thing. Clearly my surgery is approaching quickly and it's taking up more and more of my mind. I'm not complaining! ;)

I've been reading as much as I can and realizing that I'll have an array of experiences with healing. I know to expect anything.

Soon I'll have to make my CVS run to get all of my post op necessities. Crikey!

Pre-Op: What to Bring

My pre operation is next week and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm a little nervous, but in a good way.

I've started a list to get organized & help others out with their upcoming appointments. Let me know if I'm missing things! I'm sure I am :

1. Bras for post operation. I'm bring the Coobie and Genie Bras that I ordered online to show my PS.

2. List of all medication or vitamins that I take. Right now I'm on probiotics and green tea pills and fish oil.

3. Medical record. Since I am in the military I have a log of all of my medical history. I'm going to bring it in to help with helping my PS understand my background.

4. WISH PICS! Obviously. :) But also the looks I am not going for.

5. List of questions and concerns that I have. Right now I have a few inquiries about medications and stitches. I'll also want to talk about Bottoming Out and other complications that I fear. I'm sure that will be covered when we discuss my CC choice anyway.

6. Some tops to try on with sizers.

7. Something to take notes with. I like to jot everything down so I'll probably take my own notes for things to pick up and do before surgery time!

What else shall I add?
How exciting! What cc did you decide on? Are you going for anatomical or round implants? Best of luck!
This is your week that is so exciting. As long as you prepare for a hard first three days you will do great. I am so excited for you. Good luck and congratulations!
I had the what am I doing moments too.. Both before and after. It's good to stay informed and aware of all the risks and benefits :)

Before Photos: Exercise Gear

In a sports bra: A cup.

Before BA

Before BA

Why does this site have such a hard time posting?!?! ?:-{

It's been acting really squirrelly today. I was pleasantly shocked when all my photos actually posted. I was nervous for a minute. lol
I loved reading your review. Thank you. Can't wait to hear about what size you chose. I have some of the same wish Booby photos as you. Good luck..

Let's try this again....

Unsuccessful Mobile Uploads

Hi beauties!

I apologize for the spotty posts on here recently! I tried to upload some of my pre-operation photos on here, and had no luck (from my phone at least). It drives me crazy that I can't go back and delete those posts! Oh well. I am now sending photos to my computer to then upload on the site. Am I the only one encountering these issues?

Anyway, in other news.... I have been slowly gathering everything I will be needing for the operation. With my pre-op appointment coming up on Wednesday I am starting to get my questions ready for Dr. Williams. I also need to print my wish pics for him as well so that we can decide on cc's! YAY! Something I found really cool about how Dr. Williams works is that he will have all different sizes and types of implants ON SITE during the surgery. So, if he inserts a 400 cc implant, but decides that the 425 may be better suited for me, he will be able to make that exchange on the spot. There isn't going to be any sort of "you only get one size option" going on. I feel very comfortable that he will give me the results I dream about.

I picked up my peppermint Smooth Move tea yesterday. Lord knows I'll need it! ;) I just have a thing or two to pick up at CVS and my RX that he will fill on Wednesday. Basically, just continuing to read these fab reviews and keep the house tidy! I am really excited and feeling really... calm. Perfect word choice. I am a generally calm person anyway, but I feel even better knowing that I have so many lovely people here to count on and talk to throughout this journey. I feel supported (and organized)! Thank you again to everybody who has helped me out as I prepare for this big change. My heart is full and I feel so thankful.

Happy Veterans Day!
Love you wish pictures! I have read lots of Dr comments on this site that say pictures are much more helpful a guide than a desired cup size letter. Good job!


How'd it go today?
so excited for you :D Good luck
Aw thank you love.

One Last Wish-Pic [Bathing Suit]

Photos from my Pre-Op appointment today

Hi beauties!
Here are photos from my appointment today when I tried on the sizers. I tried on 450 cc's and 550 cc's. They didn't have any sizes in between those two, but this helped give me a great idea of what I would look like with each. More about my appointment to follow.


Deep Breath

First of all, THANK YOU babes for being so sweet and checking in on me today. I have been waiting for this day for a long time now, and it truly was a rush of both nerves, excitement and everything in between. I am really glad that I am home now, and on my countdown for the big day.

So, I brought my dream pictures, post-op bras [http://www.coobiebra.com] [http://www.geniebra.com], list of questions/meds./etc., a few tank tops (one black, one white), and a D-cup bra with me to the appointment. Also my darling boyfriend who has been nothing but a huge support since the beginning. Bless his face.

I was warmly greeted by the staff and was handed a packet of consent forms to sign. As you imagine, they were all filled with things that could go wrong, complication risks, etc. That is just a standard precaution for any surgery. There is and always will be risk. I also consented to the release of my photos on their website only. I didn't mind that as long as they aren't on Facebook or anything and don't show my face.

After signing and initialing papers for what seemed like an hour, we headed back with his assistant Tracy. She briefed us on the medications I would be taking. I have an RX for Diflucan [for yeast infection caused by anti-biotic], Vicodin [for pain], Valium [for spasms], and Keflex [anti-biotic]. Has anybody taken these drugs that can share their experiences (good and bad) with me? I am assuming this anti-biotic will give me a yeast infection- which I will take as it comes, but know it is going to suck. As for the Valium... I am told I shouldn't take it unless I am absolutely in need. I will try to avoid taking this one.

I also paid the rest of my BA Surgery cost balance in FULL. I no longer owe them any funding. Thank God.

I was given a lot of information to take home and read about pre-op (drugs not to take), how to prepare my home for post surgery, things to have readily available (I made a list for this earlier on my blog for anybody who needs it), side effects of drugs and Anesthesia, who to call in case of an emergency, a 15-step post-operation care guide (I will share these more specifically later on for you guys), driving directions to the hospital, and a copy of all of the consent forms that I filled out upon arrival.

I then tried on the sizers underneath my Coobie bra. I attached photos above- let me know what you guys think! I loved the 450 cc's, and felt that the 550 cc's may be a bit too big for my body, so I imagined that 475 cc's would be juuuuuuuuust right. My boyfriend liked them both, but he also loves how I look now. I think if it were up to him he would go with 475 cc's, too, which was awesome.

I then gave her a stack of wish-pics that I prepared. There were 12 photos I believe, and I put my most favorite ones on top. Photos that had beautiful shape and that indicated the size I want. I realize my breasts won't ever be picture perfect, but I think for him to have a visual of what I find beautiful will be really helpful for both of us.

Dr. Williams said that he can certainly meet my desire in terms of the size I was going for. He said that he will have me sitting upright at first, and will insert a saline implant at the onset. He is going to have my wish-pic photos hanging in the OR and will fill the saline implant until they reach the side and shape of the wish pics I gave him. He can add or subtract solution to the implant in order to meet those expectations the best way. He will then make note of the cc's required in the saline implant, and will empty the implant and remove it. Then, he will insert whatever size silicone implant he decides on that meets the look I want to achieve. He said it will be between 450 and 550 cc's. I trust his judgment fully and have talked with him enough to know that he clearly understands what I am hoping for out of this surgery.

Our chat with him was brief since he had previously answered so many of my questions at the onset. I double checked about stitches, and he uses dissolvable ones. I also asked about a band which I may or may not need. It will depend on the anatomy of my breast. That's cool! I did forget to talk about bottoming out and my risk with 450 as opposed to a larger implant. I know it is just something that we all hope doesn't happen, but understand the risk for that and really anything.

We left there feeling very satisfied and excited! I couldn't feel better about choosing my plastic surgeon. His office staff are so kind and I feel respected and cared about in his office. I am really happy, you guys. Nervous, but happy. I am praying to my God that my operation goes well and that I end up with results that I like. Not too big, not too small, but most of all- an operation that leaves me healthy and strong just as I was before surgery... but with bigger boobies. ;)

I came home and showered, and am now ready to play some video games and hang out. Off to work I go tomorrow! But this weekend I will be running to CVS for a few last items, the grocery store, and to Target to fill my RX.

I CANNOT BELIEVE I ONLY HAVE ONE WEEK LEFT WITH MY LITTLE BOOBIES. It is a strange feeling, ladies. It is a very bittersweet feeling. I love it and it also makes me a little sad. You will understand and feel this same feeling, I'll bet. Everybody is different. But for me, I think it is a bit odd to think I will be going through such a change soon. I am mentally stable and prepared for this, and I know I can handle anything that comes my way. We all can. GIRL POWER.

Off to bed with my boys.... my bf and dog! My loves!
Yay for a great pre-op!!! Can hardly believe you are SEVEN DAYS PRE!!!! WOOHOO!!!! So excited for you girl. Can't wait to have you on this side!!! Sizers! Fabulous! I love the pics. I think you will be super happy with 475cc, yet if he goes over that it won't be a huge difference and YOU WILL LOVE THEM. I think that is AWESOME how your PS does the saline fill, then inserts the silicone. Very cool. You should have complete trust in your PS and I know you do!!! I understand the bittersweet-ness of the countdown. That's what all the before pics are for. :) When I look at my before pics now, I don't hate them (I never hated them) but I think WOW I am SO GLAD I did this!!! You are so very prepared and will totally ROCK this! xoxo
I totally had above comment in like 4 paragraphs. Not sure why RS is smushing all together. :/
Hi girl =) It seems like I have a similar body type and want the same full look! I am going for 475 cc on December 19th. Please, please, please update us with lots of pictures and your thoughts on the final size of the implants. Thanks!

Notes from Pre-Op

•Stop eating and drinking midnight before surgery- not even gum, water and breath mints.

•Stop taking aspirin and any other blood thinners now.

•No smoking! (I'm not a a smoker anyway).

•About Anesthesia: expect to feel groggy for 24 hours. If course, at reaction is possible.

•Have prepared foods and snacks at home, and somebody to help you with everything for the first day or two; including getting to the toilet.

•Make sure you have enough pillows!

•Make sure you have a caretaker for any pets.

•No driving for 24 hours at least.

•No lifting anything heavier than 20 pounds.

•Have emergency medical numbers readily available.

Extensive list of medications to avoid:

•Ripped Fuel
•Herbal and Natural Supplements
•Blood Thinners
•Weight Loss Pills
•Anti - inflammatory Drugs
•Vitamin E

?Tylenol is OK!

My 15 Step Post Op Guide

1. Rest for 24 hours. Sleep on back with 3-4 pillows behind neck. Avoid ice. Leave dressings on.

2. Cold compresses are allowed AFTER first 24 hours.

3. If I have pain: Take Meds as prescribed OR take Tylenol.

4. You may want to begin taking a stool softener for constipation.

5. Take antibiotics exactly as prescribed.

6. DRINK FLUIDS.******

7. Swelling and bruising should be expected and is normal. It will subside 4-6 weeks post surgery. (Everyone heals differently).

8. No strenuous activities for at least 2 weeks. Exertion that elevates blood pressure can cause bleeding.

9. Avoid shower and bath until post op appointment. (Yikes!) At post op, we will remove bandages for you and will direct you how and when to shower and bathe.

10. No under wire Bras for 4 weeks. Sports Bras and soft Bras are ok.

11. Avoid all pools, lakes, oceans, hot tubs for next 4 weeks.

12. No pulling,pushing or lifting anything over 25 lbs in first 4 weeks. Getting back to normal activities will take time.

13. You may hear swishing, sloshing, and squeaking in first week or two. This is normal. It is an antibiotic solution that will slowly be absorbed by your body.

14. Avoid all forms of nicotine, etc....

15. Call office with any questions or concerns. If I notice a fever, shakes, chills, severe pain, sudden swelling- call office ASAP.
Oh and check out the brand l space! They have swimsuits that are similar to the one the girl has in your wish pic photo! I love the fringe look, I had one for last summer and I bought two tops and bottoms and mixed and matched the colors and they are great quality!!
You rock!! I'm so obsessed with that style bathing suit. I'll check that out! We will look so hot in our bathing suits! Are you excited or what!?
Yes!! It kind of hasn't completely hit me yet! I feel like when I'm on the flight down there it will start to feel so real! The time really did fly by :)

Checking In

Hi guys!!
Ah! Last night I had a dream that I had my surgery and woke up with breath that stuck out like three feet! Horrible! But I guess comical enough not to get freaked out. But let the dreams and thoughts of my BA are happening frequently at this point. I need a lot of sleep to function so I hope I'm able to get a full nights sleep for the next few days.

I have gotten all of my post - op checklist items and feel 100% prepared for my heal time at home. I just plan to deep clean the house a few times since I am a nest freak. :)

I was talking about my surgery with my mom whom has also undergone multiple surgeries in her life time. She just reminded me of the heaviness I'll feel when I wake up and to know that anesthesia will most likely make me teary and nauseated. I love her. I am blessed to have so much support in my decision.

It's cold and bitter here in Northern Cali. Trying to stay warm and out of the cold and damp air!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Sending big hugs and warm vibes to all of you; in all walks of life! Thanks for reading and keeping in touch! ?

The Hospital Called! Eeeek! :)

Sweetest nurse ever! She called and went through the basic rules: no nail polish, no food after midnight Thursday eve, no smoking, Tylenol ONLY, no herbal teas and pills, etc. Everything I listed above, really.

She said to bring a button down shirt which I forgot about! I'll get one from Target.

She mentioned doing 10 foot flexes and 10 deep breaths every hour after surgery to help keep my blood circulating and yo get the anesthesia out of my system.

Aside from going over times and how the morning will go once I arrive, it was a fairly brief phone call.

I'm excited! I'm nervous! I'm a little scared! But mostly just excited!
Oh my goodness your soooo close I'm so very excited to see your results good luck doll I will be thinking about you durning your surgery hoping the best for you!!!
So close so close scarlettttttt! Ahhhhhh lol Staying calm and collected. Right? RIGHT?! Ah hahaha
Sending well wishes hope everything goes well!!! Thanks for posting your post-op checklist, I compared it to mine and it seems that I was missing a few things.

Question for those who have undergone BA

How hard was it for you to adjust to your new boobies? Were you scared to look at them at first? Was it weird for a while?

Going for my last run with my mini boobies

Putting my heart into it!
Oh my goodness!!! I hope you're getting your rest and not stressing. You will do great. You're so ready for this!
I've been sleeping so well honey. Thankful for that! I feel ready too but just the expected nerves. :-) I'm nervous for when I wake up.
Lotus, I cracked up when I read about your dream! I had a similar one where my boobs kept tipping me over forward, I would fall down, get up and tip over again! It was horrible, but funny!!!! Good luck, we are all excited to see your results!!


I have met some seriously amazing women on this website! Thank you everybody for being such a great support network and really looking out for one and another. Please feel free to message me if you want to link up elsewhere like on FB or anything. But I'll be on here too so no worries!

In other news.... my BA is tomorrow! Holy smokes!
Oh Baby! Good Luck tomorrow ! Relax and enjoy the moment! Happy healing! Big kiss and hug!

Pre-Op Breasticles

Check these babies out! Little and perky breasts. I hope I don't miss these pretties too much.
Good luck!!! So excited! Happy boobie day to you!
Good luck! And I have to agree with lovinglife2! You have awesome little nips!:). And mine are the opposite...big and ugly. I've hated them my whole life. Good luck to you and your new and improved!
Nothing about you is ugly, ya silly! Nips are beautiful no matter what! Thanks for the positive energy... Send me Se more tomorrow. :-)

b r e a t h e

The house is clean.
Sheets are changed.
I shaved and bathed.
The kitchen is full.
Meds are filled.
Laundry is done.
Pillows are ready.
My partner is ready.
I am ready.

Battling butterflies in my tummy! Trying to go grab a bite to eat now. We are driving near the hospital to double check the route for tomorrow morning. :-)

Repeating mantras in my head and just breathing. Stay with me girls.
Good luck!!!!:))))
Good Luck today!!!! I am so excited for you and hope/pray all goes well. Keep in touch!
Agggggg, so excited for you. Today is your day at last. Good luck can't wait to see your photos after. 4 weeks to go for me :-)

Slept Like a Baby

I don't know how, but I got a great nights sleep. We just woke up and are heading to the hospital. Keep sending your warm vibes and thoughtful wishes! You ladies make such a difference. Lots of love to all of you and may everybody find peace & happineds of their own today
I hope you are doing well!! Congrats!
Thank you sandi! I think I'm doing pretty well... hope it stays this way.
Woot woottt! :D you must be so excited and that note to your past boobs made me laugh :D ^_^ So funny!

Hospital Day

I woke up feeling very rested and was thankful that my bf I both had a great nights sleep. Woke up with a positive attitude about the day and hopped into the shower.

I washed my hair super well and exfoliated my skin, did a mask, touch up shaved, etc. I dried my hair and straightened it out since straight hair as opposed to my crazy amazon woman hair is much easier to work with.

In my go bag I had my prescriptions, zip up hoodie, blanket, crackers, my BA paperwork, chapstick and sock slippers. I also brought my medical record just in case.

We got to the hospital both feeling nervous. We checked in and signed my consent forms. Of course, nothing any of us look forward to doing. I was then immediately called back my pre-op nurse. She was an RN and since that is what I'm getting ready to go to school for- I was super inspired! She was a doll and really just so kind. She took my weight, my vitals, went over my forms, addressed my drug allergy, gave me my bracelets, and then got me changed out I got to wear a super sexy medical gown, socks, undies, and a smokin hot hairnet. ;-)

I'm not one to have issues with needles, but I know many people hate this next part. She administered the IV into the top of my hand. She used a numbing agent first but It definitely still stung. The pain went away though and it was totally manageable. I had some "glorified gatorade" in my drip to keep my hydrated.

Then my partner got to come back with me and I was so happy. :-)

The worst part of the morning was how long we had to WAIT. I laid in that bed for about 3.5 hours waiting for surgery. Dr. Williams had been in his other surgery longer than anticipated and I understood that these things happen. It only meant that he was ensuring perfect results for his other client. But the waiting! I was so damn nervous that I had to use the restroom and I had diarrhea. Twice. The good news is that really helped ease discomfort today. I'm glad I got that out of my system beforehand. Try to go poop if you can before your operation!

I had a few bouts of tears. I was very scared and nervous. It was such a new experience and I was totally fearful of what to expect. I was scared about what could go wrong, the pain I would feel, going under, etc. My sweet boy was there to hold my hand all morning.

Soonafter, Dr. Williams came in. We discussed my goal size and he let me know that because I am more petite and do not have a great deal of breast tissue that he will go as large as he can while still looking natural. The risks for bottoming out and other complications become greater when you go larger. I agreed and trusted him without any hesitation. He marked me up with a purple pen which was a bit saddening just because I felt a little overwhelmed by things starting to become real. But he shook my hand and promised he would take great care of me. I smiled and my partner and I both knew everything was going to turn out great.

After a bit more waiting we met the OR Nurse and the Anesthesiologist. They were both so nice and very comforting. When they came in, though, I couldn't hold back the tears. It was just so much waiting and anticipating laying in that hospital bed and I broke down. So with that, I got three injections into my IV to calm to the nerves. I don't know the drug name, but it sure worked. I had a smile back on my face and was so loopy. Then I was rolled out of my room and into the OR! I remember not wanting to let my partners hand go.

In the OR, I was transferred to a different bed that compressed by calf muscles. And I think it was heated? I'm pretty sure that was for continued circulation. I just remember seeing bright lights above me and feeling good and the nurses being gentle with me while scrambling around. I didn't count down. I didn't really do much of anything but drift away into the abyss.

Then, BOOM! I was awake. The first thing I said was that my throat hurt. I was intubated apparently. Then I felt the pressure which felt like I had weights sitting on my chest. It was hard to get a deep breath, but I certainly did NOT have an issue breathing. It was just tight, sore and swollen. I was in tears again from the anesthesia which is totally normal. I don't recall everything else from that point but I did make it back into my chair and was sitting upright.

I was given ice, cold water and a few more IV injections for the pain. I was feeling about a 6/10 and I have a very high pain threshold. I didn't feel nauseous at that point. Just sore. It was so good to see my baby. The moment he walked back I felt so much better.

I slowly got up and was assisted to the wheelchair. Still drugged up and loopy, I was most concerned with the size of my implants! The nurses giggled and said I had 450 cc's on each breast. Moderate Plus profile. Silicone. Under the muscle. Incision was in the fold. I just smiled and thanked all of the beautiful women who helped me. I was so thankful to have been so cared for. These were some of the sweetest, most gentle nurses I have ever seen. I felt loved.

Once I got in the car I felt a bit nauseated but not awfully so. He was driving very cautiously so as not to hit any bumps. Getting out of the car was very painful and walking to our front door was a bit hard. But we did it! We made it home.
Woo hoo so happy to read your update !!! So glad ur home I'm so excited to see your results !!! Your a strong women so happy for you!!!!:)

Night 1

I started by slowly shuffling towards the bedroom; being careful not to bounce. My partner assisted me since I was still unstable. I sat on the bed and scooted back, but he had to help me get my legs up. I couldn't use my arms very easily at all, ESPECIALLY those pectoral muscles. We use those muscles so much more than I ever would have realized.

I was in and out of sleep for a while and then became heavily nauseated. I had him sit me up in bed because I was going to vomit. And I did. A lot. It smelled awful; like just pure chemicals. I then got to the potty and was able to urinate. My urine also smelled horrible.

I was up and down a few times. Every time I stood up and moved around, I had to vomit. I threw up three times. It was just the anesthesia and drugs leaving my body. It was definitely uncomfortable though because all the hunching over my peuk pan was hard on my breasts.

It was just a long night with lots of nausea and vomiting. I finally fell asleep after taking my pain pills. I didn't take any of my medication for spasms though and I've been doing great without it.

I slept fairly well. On and off, of course. My bf slept in the other room and came in every 4 hours to give me pain pills and get me to the toilet. Melted my heart!

In the morning I felt sore, but I knew I would be. Getting up and out of bed was tricky but as long as you move slowly and listen to your body, you'll be just fine. I didn't get sick this morning which is LOVELY because I probably got most of that anesthesia out. My urine still smelled, but it felt so good to go! No poops yet, but I haven't gotten much into my stomach that's stayed down.

I am laying in bed now and have gotten two eggs down. My bf made them with some olive oil and balsamic (my fav). I am not nauseous and I've kept the food down! Now I'm focusing on drinking gatorade and water. Lots of it!

I just took my antibiotic. I know I've mentioned this before but I almost always get yeast infections with the antibiotics. I also took a Fluconazole (Diflucan) Pill incase I do develop a YI. So far I dont feel any symptoms. Pray for me that I don't get an infection because they are so awful! :-( I also took my probiotic pill since I got the green light to resume my normal diet and vitamin regimen.

My breasts aren't in pain, only the pectoral muscles surrounding them. I have t.had spasms or any shooting pains. But I did have some sloshing around during the night. It was bizarre! That is just antibiotic fluid and is normal. I feel like a water balloon. Haha!

I'm really sleepy right now, darlings. I'm going to go move around a bit and use the bathroom and come lay back down. I'll update you very soon and I will post photos! :-) Thank you, all of you, for being so amazing and supportive. Xo

Morning of Day 1

All bandaged up!


Lovely Lady Humps!

Hey baby, I'm reading and crying! So sorry you were sick, but you know what? You put all those drugs out your body. I'm sure you will feel better soon. I'm so excited to see the results, I can't imagine you. OMG! I have butterflies in my stomach, reading your surgery day story , I realized in 2 weeks will be mine!!!! Keep resting, big kiss! ;-)
Hope u have a better night!
:( so sorry you were sick that must have been very rough. You are a tough women, the worst is over I am sure. I'm happy your hanging in there and your bf was so helpful! I bet you are very excited for when the wrappings come off!

Smooth Sail on Day 1

Well, ladies, I made it the first day! I woke up the most sore and couldn't lift myself up or move my arms much at all. When I finally got up and out of bed (after I ate something) I was able to walk around and get the blood flowing again. It felt great, but only in brief intervals. Anything in excess of that made me a little lightheaded and nauseous. I know I didn't keep much of anything in my stomach yesterday but I kept all food down today and I'm starting to regain energy. I had eggs, bananas, smoothie, bread, plain turkey sandwich, goldfish, and other light snacks. No coffee yet. :-)

I rested in our Ikea chair for most of the day with my legs propped up. I was in and out of sleep all day and felt more tired than anything. My pain was minimal! I did take my pain meds; just not my Vicodin (not even at all). I'd say my worst pain now is underneath my breasts when I stand up. There is a lot of pressure there. I'm also a little bit itchy underneath my bandages. I have to keep these babies on until Wednesday! I hope I can make it that long! I am so eager to see what these babies look like now. I feel so busty! I cannot wait to see what size I turn out to be. I hope a D!

I'm in bed now and feel a little gassy but took some Gas - X for that. I haven't gone #2 but probably won't for a few days. I have my peuk bowl next to me in case but I think I'm done with that. It's been several hours now.

Love all ya ladies! You make this transition even more fun with all your comments and support. I have loved getting to know you all. Such beautiful people. I hope everybody is feeling well and happy and peaceful whether you are recovering, thinking about a BA, or days before your big day! Just enjoy this moment cause it's all yours. Xo
Just thinking about you. So glad you are having minimal pain. I am trying to decide whether I want to set up camp in my bed, in the theater room recliners or on the living room sofa. Maybe I'll do all three just to cover it! By the way, is it wrong of me that while choosing a beach condo for Spring Break reservations today, I made sure to choose only the ones with really pretty, lux pools? You know, since I'll be spending more time there than usual in my new swimsuits filled out by my new beautiful boobies? Haha. I have lost my mind. I chose the one that has 4 outdoor pools (one of which is heated, just in case it's a little chilly in the afternoon), and a beautiful indoor pool with 3 hot tubs, so no matter how crowded, I'm sure to find a spot to perch. Hubs LOL at my reasoning, his "you go girl" comment was silly but much appreciated. Anyway....... I can't wait to see your post-bandage pics. I will be out of it probably until mid afternoon Wednesday but I'll be checking in to see how your appointment turns out!
Great update, doll! So glad you're doing well!! Added you on Instagram. :-)
Two more sleeps till Wednesday mate. Hang in there, but how exciting for you... the big reveal. Can't wait to see your results and love chatting to all the ladies. It's such a great site, you would never ever get so much advice from one surgeon. Love it !

Still Waiting on Bandage Removal

Photo Time!

I think I will be a full D Cup!

Loved your note to ur little boobs haha can't wait to see em drop and fluff

Day 2

Easy peasy! Today was full of minimal movement, lots of resting and sleeping and being cozy. My babe woke me up every 4-6 hours and gave me my pain meds and antibiotics throughout the day and has cooked me meals! So sweet. And when he woke me up this morning I took a sponge bath to clean things up if ya know what I mean. It felt really good to get washed up and I felt good as new. My appetite has also been improving today and I've held everything down. :) Literally I watched anime all day and got up to walk around for a few minutes every hour or so. I am able to sit down to use the potty (no #2 yet), and get back up on my own. I can't sit up on my own and need help getting in and out of bed and probably won't for a few more days.

I've been sleeping alone all perked up in bed and my partner has been staying in our guest bed with the puppy (so he doesn't accidentally tap me in his sleep). We have a chihuahua/Papillion mix and he is an ANGEL. We put a gate up outside my door so he can't get in and jump on the bed. The little babe has been sleeping outside my door with me in perfect sight. I love him.

My breasts are sore on the bottom along my incisiom mostly with occasional tingling... like a tickle almost on the right breast. I'm not having any horrible pains but I'm also on my Meds still. Just want to stay on top of those so I don't start getting really uncomfortable.

I am so excited for my post op on Wednesday. I haven't seen my breasts since Friday!!!! I miss them. Just a few more days!

Time for Walking Dead and Homeland!!! Gotta go!!!! Big hugs to all of you beautiful people xo

Congratulations PinkLotus! Oh I can relate to the back pain. My PS prescribed a muscle relaxer which helped me immensely and it didn't bother my stomach either. The constipation can be worse than the surgery. Call your pharmacist for some suggestions so you can get some immediate relief. The pain meds made me grumpy too! Hang in there!

I hope all goes well with Post Op tomorrow!! I know you are ready to see those girls!
Tomorrow you get to see your girls!! I'm so sorry to hear about how sick you've been. That's awful. I can't imagine having to puke with how sore my chest was those first few days. You seem to be right on schedule with your blues... it happens. It's great you got some fresh air. Hopefully that helped. Have a WONDERFUL post-op visit tomorrow!

Day 3

Today was rough. I woke up with a pounding headache and massive nausea. I was able to get out of bed and to the restroom (still no #2), but felt miserable. I tried laying back down in bed to rest more, but the nausea persisted. My bf made me some breakfast, and I know he tried so hard and the kitchen smelled SOOO good, but it was also making me sick. The sight of the food actually made me more nauseous. I tried eating a few bites (they were cute little pancake bites- adorable). I asked him to help me stand up because I knew I was about to vomit. And I did. I threw up twice and then felt a lot better. I figure it was the Hydroxycodone (pain meds) that I had been taking half doses of. From that point, I said I wouldn't be taking any more of those pills. I took Tylenol for the rest of the day and all was well, though my nausea did persist.

I haven't had pain in my breasts so much as I have pain in y BACK. Ladies, if you can, make sure you have a recliner chair for post-ba. I wish I had one. I think that since I am using so many new muscles now since I can't use my arms that it's causing my back pain. Not to mention I have a heavy chest to get used to now. I have been using lots of pillows to stay perked up in bed, and it does help, but it's not the best. I think a recliner chair would be so dreamy. I am dreaming of cracking my back or getting a rough deep tissue massage... omg...

My breasts feel great! I am so ready to get my bandages taken off on Wednesday! They feel so large and pretty and I have peeked a few times, but haven't seen the full picture yet. Just a few days! I am thankful that I have had minimal breast pain, and that Tylenol has been working perfectly well for the pain I do have.

I have noticed a bit of depression/irritability after coming off those pain meds. I had a few moments of moodiness which isn't really like me. It may be cabin fever, but I think those drugs are just super harsh and am glad to be off them.

I went for a short walk today to get moving and drank some smooth move tea. I hope to get my bowel moving soon. I am incredibly bloated and I need to poop!

I had my Dr. call in some meds for the nausea since it was so harsh today. They have been helping a lot, and have minimal to no side effects.

Soooooo ready for Wednesday!
I'm so glad that your nausea is starting to subside! That seems very rough to be sick with the implants in. I hope you and doing well and so excited for you that today you get your bandages off yay!!!
Congratulations and best of luck/excitement that you are thrilled during the big reveal! I have to compliment you on the amazing job you did here. You wrote such a fantastic chronology of your experience yet so thoughtful to add information in ways that go beyond your journey which makes it "our" experience as well. Thank you.
Nice , Great review..... http://www.advancemedicalsystems.com/

Day 4

A sigh of relief today was... well, in regards to surgery. I had a bit of a long day otherwise (on personal level).

I had very limited nausea with the worst of it being in the morning. I did have an increased appetite all day... I had some ice cream and a healthy breakfast! And some cheese and crackers, too, during our movie night. It felt so good to eat since I had been so... not hungry this week.

As for a combination of drinking lots of water, gatorade, smooth move tea, stool softeners, AND a laxative pill, I finally went #2. I had a few visits to the bathroom but I honestly feel so much better. Lighter. Healthier. I need to keep drinking water and flush out these yucky remainders of medicine.

I think it's sort of ironic that through all of the planning I did to manage breast pain; my breasts have been the very least minimal. I've combated the worst nausea, upset tummy, loss of appetite, headaches, and back pain than I could ever imagine. My breasts feel great so far and I'm thankful for it!

My blues have gotten better. It helps to get up and move around, but be warned, I was easily tired today after walking around the mall a bit. Give your body time to heal. Nap when it tells you to. Sleep in when you can. Eat quality ingredients. I think most of my blues come from being so restricted. I love to get out and run or dance or clean and since I cannot do those things right now; I think it's hard not to have an outlet for physical exercise. I can't wait to even go on a long walk soon... for now I just move around when I can and breathe through my battles of being antsy.

Tomorrow is the big reveal! Pictures coming... though I cannot guarantee they will look as good as some, all I am hoping for are healthy breasticles that are on the right track!

Lots of love to you dolls. Xo

Post - op Day 5

Post - op Day 5

Still bloated.
Trying to adjust to better posture with these breasts!

Since photo didn't attach to last post.... grrrr

I give up!

I'll try and post again later.
Congrats you look great!! I laughed about the posture comment because I keep catching myself hunching over all the time trying to get use to the extra weight! Don't worry about the bloat, I'm 2 weeks post and still have some but it's slowly going away. Although thanksgiving isn't going to help with my progress haha hope you feel better and congrats on the gorgeous new additions!!
I see it! Looking great girl!!
Yay!!! That look amazing!!:) so happy for you!! Ugh hate the bloating!!!:(

Halllllpppp :(

I was sitting here writing my Grandma a letter and drawing Christmas Trees and BAM.....

My right breast, by the way, is completely numb. I have literally NO feeling whatsoever... makes me really sad. Trying not to think about this right now as things as still new. Right now I am having prickly, shooting pains in what I think is my nipple. They are not exactly painful, but the surprise is what startles me and makes me hunch over.

My left breast is doing slightly better in that it is sensitive just as usual, and only numb near the incision site; with minimal bruising. I have a slight ripple... or lump... bump.. something on my left breast along the side. You will see it in pictures. I think it is because my skin still needs to stretch out to allow the implant to settle more. I swear, if that "ripple" stays, I will be let down. Please let me know what you ladies think about it.

My PS oddly enough said I don't need a band, I don't need to massage (unless I want to), and I don't need to do anything but take it easy. Next post-op is in 7 days.

I just took Tylenol and my last antibiotic.... please pray that I don't suffer from these odd pains much longer!

I just adore each and every one of you and am sending love and light to all of you today and always. Let's stick together.
Don't worry the shooting pains are normal but they freak me out too! It should be just your nerves healing that what my dr told me. And for the first 7-8 days I had no feeling in my boobs at all, I would put my hands on them and felt nothing but it went away and I still have no feeling in my nipples but that's where my incision is so it will take awhile for me. But just make sure to rest as much as possible and don't over do it. Try to get pampered over the holiday :) I also ice mine sometimes when I get those pains or soreness.!hope that helps! Have a great thanksgiving!!
Bayy beeeee so sorry I haven't been writing a lot ! So busy with my BA coming and working and holidays I do retail so u can only imgiane how crazy things are! I'm so sorry about your pain!!!:( and werid feelings but you look beautiful ! And I bet that (bump ribble lump Ect.) will go away fingers crossed for you I send my love and high hopes for a easy recovery for you!!!!!:) xoxox
ouchhhh! I know those pains. I am still numb underneath both breasts and it actually even goes under my armpit. Weird. I would DEFINITELY massage in gentle circular motions all on the numb areas starting about 1 week post-op!! YOU have to be the one massaging though to create the "loop" back to your brain to help regain sensation. I have gained back about half sensation already.

Loss of Nipple Sensation...


I guess I am getting a little paranoid in this moment about my right breast being so numb. Do you think I am going to regain sensitivity over time? I had my incisions in the fold of my breast; not near nips. Could anybody with similar experience let me know if they have any advice about this? Just needed to vent... KISSES.
I don't have sensitivity on my left nipple and I'm also scared about that.
AHH caitlin.. it is so bad. Took Tylenol and that has suppressed symptoms some. Thaaaaaaaaankgod. So your breasts were completely numb as well? I literally feel NOTHING on my right breast. I assume that all we need here is time... but like... I cannot imagine not having that sensitivity in my nipple? That is such a precious feeling. You understand. We will see though, we will both come out of this stronger, and certainly beautifully curvy! I wanna go get a pedi... who's with me? LOL! Love to ya, hun.
It's okay my dear! I know you are rooting for me! You have a lot on your plate anyway! I am soooooo excited for you, you are going to look beyond fab. Wish I could be there for you and come say hi! I am totes stressing about the bump or whatever it is. I pray it goes away.... what can ya do.... oh well... HUGS! Xo to your pretty self.

Can I ask you guys something?

Today at my post-operation appointment to remove my bandages... my Dr. was not there to see me. I had my appointment with his NP. Does anybody know if this is common practice? I guess we were a bit confused because we paid $7k+ for his expertise and I thought he would want to see this big reveal of his work today... Please advise...
Hey bayyyyy beeee! How are you? How's the bloat? How all is well! How was your thanksgiving!!! I send my best in wishing your healing fast and good!!!! Xoxoxo wish we love close each other so we can hang!!!:(
Your post op boobie pic looks identical to mine! Did you go for teardrop in the end? I also think your pre op boobs were the sane as mine lol. I had 425cc teardrops. First thing I did was feel my boobs, then cried as I wanted BIGGER boobs! I wanted to be a D cup so badly. Mine are still hugely swollen like round implants but they have to drop right. I thought my 2nd BA would be less painful, boy was I wrong. I had a lot of scar tissue surrounding my left implant & he says that's why I'm sore. My follow up app' is not until the 10th Dec & I think I have to wear these blood encrusted steri strips until then? Ew xx
YOU LOOK SO GOOD! I think most people are numb right after surgery :-) I was numb in my right breast and I got it back (my left breast unfortunately is still numb) but since you went through the crease I think it'll only be temporary!

Day 9

Hi friends!

I appologize for my absence these past few days. I've been feeling so much better! Let's see... it's been about 9 days now since I had my breast augmentation. Since about Thursday I have been feeling amazing! I am completely off all medications, having normal bowel movements (I also am weighing 125.8 as of today, so if each 450 cc implant weighs 1 lb. each... that's about right), I still have a bit of tummy bloat but it is subsiding. I am able to get up on my own and lift my body up from bed or the couch with minimal pain. I have resumed chores like folding laundry, wiping up mess, vacuuming, and dusting but am extra careful to go about it slowly. I am dying to run but have a few weeks before I may do that. As far as breast pain I have very little soreness in the morning and sometimes throughout the day time. I have taken one Tylenol as needed when that persists. They are still shaped like torpedos sometimes nd are very round. I need to get you ladies some pics soon! I will upload some soon. I am happy with them overall but have noticed a few uneven spots that I will point out to you all and the doctors later in photographs. I'm trying not to fret too much about shape as it is only 9 days post and they have a lot of settling to do yet. My next post op is next Wednesday.

I hope all of you had a beautiful Thanksgiving and that you created new and wonderful memories with your loves. Did any of you do some Black Friday shopping? Get anything good? We are heading to the movies to see Hunger Games.

I'll check back soon and get in touch with everybody who commented on my page.

Big hugs and mad love + respect to all!
Your boobs are by far the best ones I've seen front view and side view. I'm in love !
I am very eager to do cardio as well! It's killing me! So glad to hear that you are feeling better :)
Glad to hear you're doing good! Hope u enjoyed Hunger Games!

I've missed everybody! Please read this update and let me know what you think...

Hello again, my beautiful friends and to everybody who has been following my story here on Real Self.

I took a few days to hang low and relax over Thanksgiving and was able to enjoy some knitting, great movies, family time, time with the dog, and decorating our Christmas tree. This is such a wonderful time of year... so thankful for everything. I hope all of you had and continue to have a warm holiday; no matter what you believe in or choose to celebrate. I just wish you warmth, love, happiness, contentment, joy, good health...

With my post yesterday, there isn't too much to elaborate on as far as my overall recovery. I will just follow up on everything to make sure I have you all as up to date as possible.

ONE WEEK POST OP (give or take a few days)
- Having normal bowel movements.
- Bloating and gas completely cleared.
- Off all medications; not in any pain nor having nausea.
- Able to get up out of bed on my own, able to gently lift up with my arms, able to sit down easily.
- Able to take a deep breath without any pain at all.
- Chest tightness has greatly subsided.
- Able to clean lightly, reach both arms over head, go about normal activities (GENTLY!)

Breast Specific:
- Breasts are sitting high-up and appear "torpedo" like in their shape.
- Minimal swelling; if any.
- Bruises are turning yellowish-green, which indicates final stages of healing.
- Strips over scars are not causing any trouble and are waterproof which allows for safe showering.
- Breasts feel hard. They do not bounce. They are not squishy.
- Breasts do not hurt to touch. They only are painful for me in the mornings when I have just woken up, but it improves as I move about during the day.
- Nipple on left breast is sore, but I have feeling in it. Areola and breast on left size are still somewhat numb, but that improves each day.
- My right breast and nipples are still 100% numb.
- I am entering the week before my period, so the nipple and breast pain will most likely be heightened.

- Battling the fact that I deeply fear having lost all feeling on right breast. I get very sad about this because I assume it will never come back. I pray that time heals me, but know in my heart that it may not.
- I have a "lumpy" look on the side of my left breast, and I don't know if this will settle down as my breasts D&F, or if this is... a poor breast augmentation.
- Along with that ^^^ I have this totally odd looking and uneven "slant" on the inner side of my other breast that is also causing anxiety. It doesn't look natural. I have been in tears over this because I feel like it could be permanent? My bf and I examined it, and think that maybe because the skin in between each of my breasts is pulling SO TIGHT that it may be causing that slanted look on the inner edge of my breast. \
- Adjusting to having heavy breasts in general. I am happy with them overall, but am feeling a little blue when I look in the mirror and see these rough edges on my breasts. It was my first augmentation, and I guess I was hoping I would have clean, smooth lines like SOOO many of you lovely women on here.
- I am not complaining... I am thankful to have come out of surgery in good health. I realize there are worse things that could have happened. I am allowed to be sad, though.

I sent a question in to the docs here on RealSelf for professional input, and will let you know what they say (about my misshapen breast). I would love to hear about if any of you have experienced something similar or know anybody who has.Don't worry about hurting my feelings by agreeing that something doesn't look right. I already know it doesn't look perfect. I would love any advise, support, encouragement, insight, but mostly just honesty about what may be going on....

Here are my photos....
You look great! Good size for you. I do see the slant and I would be asking questions about it too-try not to stress though. Maybe things just need time to settle. My PS says it will likely take 2-3 months for my final result. I had a PMS day where I didn't like my new breasts and was disappointed in them. Now looking back they still are wish pic worthy but they aren't finished yet either. Hugs!!!
They are a beautiful size and look great. But yes I see the slight slant there at the base. I would be stressing too, just being honest mate. The implants are round, so it must be your skin stretching. That's my honest opinion. Can't wait to hear about what the surgeons say. Good luck. Besides that, you look awesome. Hopefully it's nothing at all. I think we just think that after our surgery we're like wow they're perfect...but in reality I think we need to expect some weird stuff, before the real result, which will be in a few months to years time. Aggggg, good luck but.
Oh babe. That does not look good. I would be calling your PS - when is your next appt? I'm afraid he didn't dissect the pocket over enough. My straight edge on the cleavage part of my right is still there. It's maybe not as obvious as they settle & soften. But it's still there. It's either how I'm made or pocket not dissected over enough, rounded enough. For mine it's not worth a revision, but in the future if I have another surgery id want it corrected if possible. Yours I would not be ok living with. That is way too obvious an angle instead of rounded. Curious to see the responses you get here from RS docs as well as your PS. He'll probably say give it time. I would be massaging!!!


Thank you to everybody who looked at my photos today. I think what I have going on is a pockey issue. From what I have collected from people on Real Self and the Web, my PS didn't dissect my pocket correctly and I will likely need a revision.

Right now I feel mad. I feel let down. I feel angry that I spent so much money on a PS that I trusted, but whom didn't deliver. And maybe it will get better. Maybe my PS will have uplifting words. But right now it seems quite likely that I'll need a revision to smooth out that ugly slant. I'm just so... UGH! All that money?! My breasts were fine before this. I should have saved that money to travel Europe.
Oh no honey, sorry to hear you're sad, try to relax and no stress at all. Stress is not good for the health. I'm sure you will figure it out without stress. I'm sending my pray for you. Big kiss darling
Thank you sweet girl! I am doing totally fine and will get answers very soon. :) XO to you!
Oh no Hun! So sorry your upset and I would be too!! It's not fair that you went through all of this and may need a revision! I would try to relax and see what your ps says. Hopefully he will revise it and cover the anesthesia expense as well as his fees if you do choose to undergo a revision. Hopefully you won't have too. Let's is know what happens with everything. We are all here for you!


Hello Queens of Realself!

I have been taking it easy for a few and just patiently waiting for my appointment. Can't really do much worrying about my breast since I can't change anything! Just riding the relaxation wave until I can get answers. Overall, I like my results and am trying to focus on the good in this situation. Stress and worry really tear you apart and none of us need that. Thank you for being so understanding everybody! And the support, my goodness! I feel so cared about. Thank you all!

I am feeling AWESOME! I am starting to sleep on my side, even! Without pain! Feels amazing. :) Not too much else has changed since my last real update. Breasts still sitting high and tight.

Random question... do any of you work in retail or food industry?

A response from the Docs on RealSelf regarding my "slanted breast"......


You have a significant irregularity in the curvature of the inframammary portion of your implant pocket; much more significant on one side. This will unlikely improve with time. Now is the time to fix, not later. Massage, or other things like bras, bands, tape, etc.will not make this better. Terribly sorry about this, but at least it can be made better.

Best of luck."

- Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

...... REALLY. :(

When I called my PS' office yesterday:

I had emailed them the night prior and requested to be seen sooner because I really needed some answers like... immediately. The next morning I received a call from the office but they didn't leave a voice mail. (I was running errands and didn't see the call until later).

They called back later in the afternoon before close, and I was grocery shopping and didn't see the call. When I got home, I called immediately. She said, "I left you a voicemail telling you to come in anytime today... we were waiting to hear from you." Well you can imagine my deepest frustrations given that I had no voicemail from their office (but yet it worked when my mom called earlier that day). I was shocked. I was told that my original appointment was still open and that the PS would see me then.

I was told that my misshapen breast was nothing to worry about and that things are still early. I felt so... belittled. I have a genuine concern that is gravely worrying me. I really felt like my needs were not only belittled, but just shrugged off! COME ON! DO YOU SEE MY BREASTS. The Docs on the questions forum on RealSelf have even pointed out a very clear mishap that WILL require a revision.

I am frustrated with how I was treated. I would have liked to feel more compassion from the office.

Aside from that slant they look insanely good. I hope they say it will go away. Your in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they were just trying to keep you calm! If not it's ALL fixable. I know it's not what you want to hear thought. Neither do the rgest of us!
I am sorry this is happening to you. I have so enjoyed following your journey on this website. You have provided me with so much helpful information and inspiration. I wish you the best and I hope your PS is able to recognize that he did not do you justice here. Obviously mistakes happen, he is only human. I hope he takes the opportunity to do better by you and revises augmentation to your satisfaction. Good luck tomorrow, all of us will be hoping for the best, you deserve it.
I love your positive vibe and attitude. I understand your concern since you paid lots of money for something to be done properly. I see how frustrating it is to have your feelings dismissed like there is no issue. My suggestion is keep insisting stay relaxed and hope for a great outcome because you deserve it. Let us know how it turns out

Post Op #2 (2 Weeks Post BA)

Hi everybody!

Just had my appointment. So... I first spoke with the NP whom has been tracking my progression. She took photos and told me to do massages if I would like to try and promote the breasts to settle, but that it isn't required and the breasts will settle on their own either way. When I pointed out the slant she didn't seem concerned. She said my breasts were still swollen, riding his and my skin was still tight. We knew this already, so I nodded in agreement but was still worried about the slant.

Dr. Williams stepped in and he didn't seem alarmed either. I asked specifically about the slant and he said that it's "still early yet," and to "give it a few more weeks to allow the breasts and skin to settle and drop more." He acted like the slant was normal. I asked if it was a pocket issue and he said it wasn't. He assured me that when I was on the operating table and sitting upright that I had no asymmetry and everything was smooth.

That was it! It all happened so fast. I booked my next post op for two weeks out exactly and was on my way.

When I called my mom she said many doctors won't bring the idea of revision up this soon anyway they need to wait for the breasts to heal before reoperation. She said it's a possibility that he will wait a while to see if it improves and then will come about the idea of future surgeries. She also said to trust him. That he is the professional and if he said I need time- I do. I trust him but I am skeptical. I worry about that slant and what will come of it. It for now, I'll focus on healing.

Thoughts? Should I have been more assertuve?
Hey babe, how I said; relax everything will be ok, your PS is very good, he won't put his reputation in risk for sure, He knows what his is doing. He said to give a time, give a time. Your mom said to trust him, trust him. They are right! Don't put the cart before the horse. Focus in your healing that's it. Big kiss, love ya!
Hi sweetness, I guess your man is the best man for the job of the massaging! I did mention something along the lines of 'did he not notice during surgery' didn't i :) let's hope massage is the key xxx
Hello beautiful! HAHA, I will have to task him with that ;) You DEF made that point and I even had that same thought when he said it. You're too good! :D

Taking a break to share some inspiration...

Hey! I think you look lovely. I had surgery the same time you did :) are you still experiencing pain? My girls are definitely different in size and one is settling faster than the other. But I still love them :) each day they look better and better.
I just sent to you a private msg.
I love you last post!!!!! Brought tears to my eyes!!! :) your an awesome woman !

Week 2 [14 Days] Post Op Progression Photos

Here they are, ladies. My 14-day post-op photos. As you see, I am starting new trends with my slanted breast. I could say I went in for it to turn out this way... ;)

I wanted to demonstrate the shape of my breast for everybody to see. Pushing the breast in any direction does not change it's shape. The slant remains. I have been told by my PS that this is not permanent. Though still skeptical, I am remaining positive. Time is key as is patience and massive amounts of self love.

I went to a holiday party last night and my girlfriend asked to see my breasts. We went into the bathroom all giggly, and I showed her. I was sort of reserved at first, thinking all she would see is the slant that I have been losing sleep over. BUT NO! She gasped with a huge smile and squealed, " WOW!!!! THOSE LOOK AMAZING! THEY ARE HUGE! WOW!" I sort of stepped back in shock as it was not exactly the response I anticipated. I had to snap out of it! I had to realize that so many other things could have gone wrong and that my breasts were still.... my breasts! They will always be a part of me no matter what happens. I should never let any sort of aesthetic flaw define my confidence. I know that slant is noticeable and it shows, but I need to practice being confident in it... because I refuse to settle for the contrary. I don't want to fall victim to my awkward breast.
Good luck on the NCLEX. I feel blessed to be a RN. Time goes by fast! I've been a rn for 12 years! The advice that I have for u taking the NCLEX is u should be able to immediately eliminate two answers. The other two answers will b similiar. Eliminate the answer that uses absolute words like "always or never". Also don't read into the question but most of all Don't second guess yourself! You'll do fine! Best of luck :)


Your friend is right, they are wow & huge lol. This will get sorted sweetness xx
Peach, you are so lovely. Thank you. I hope YOU are having a better day today!
You're beautiful and empowering!!!!

Was the surgery worth it?

Worth it.

I really love my breasts. I love the fullness, the size, the perkiness. I feel like they are a part of me now and they make me happy. Though imperfect... I am pleased with them. I know they will improve over time and even then they will not be perfect. I just feel more womanly, more curvy and voluptuous. Coming from a girl who used to be an A-cup... having big breasts feels amazing and I already have gained confidence in myself. Man, I feel like a woman!
Love that reaction from your friend!!
I see you bought a coobie bra..have you used it yet and if so do u like it?

My RealSelf friend, SAMPIVA, did an extremely generous thing for me- LOVE TO YA GIRL!

My friend Sampiva, whom many of you may know on RealSelf, reached out to her own doctor regarding my breast with the slant. This is what he said:

"This is not common but I’m sure if you saw a picture of her in 3 or 4 weeks, the noticeability of it will be much less, or gone. Just today I saw a gal I operated on 11 days ago that had some flattening along the outside of one breast right after surgery and by the time she came to her appt today, even she said it is much less noticeable. Dr Williams is a good guy and great surgeon and I am sure he is telling her that it is still early after surgery and most things settle over time.


Eric Mariotti, M.D."

I just think that was the sweetest thing in the world, and it melted my heart. THAT IS WHAT TRUE FRIENDS ARE FOR. Beautiful deed. Thank you again, Sampiva!
Oh boy...your 'love yourself post' and the pic you took of your old bra and the note you gave to them (so cute) is very kind and respectful...have me in tears. You are so young, but obviously a wise 'old soul' ... thank you girlie for your beautiful posts- words and pics...you sound beautiful on the inside, and your 'new boobies' look awesome, lol! Congrats and thanx again! (10 sleeps left for me, wish me luck!) xo
You are amazing. Sampiva is amazing. I have faith it will all sort out. You have Beautiful breasts and your friend's reactive was spot-on. You're gorgeous!! Xoxo
Love sampiva!!!!

Hello my dear friends!

Soooo a few days went by and I just wanted to check in! Things are well. I am in no pain at all- I am surprised how smooth things are going in terms of pain. I thought I was going to be hurting more than this, but no!

I am sleeping so well lately. I do not have to use pillows or extra blankets or anything for support. I can lay completely flat, I can roll onto my left/right sides and sleep for a long while with no breast pains. I can reach above my head completely and can even crack my back now, too. :)

I have been massaging my breasts and I am not sure how much it is helping my situation, but at least I feel like I am doing my part. As far as numbness in my breast, I still have numbness in the lower half of each breast; with the right breast being more numb. The right nipple is still completely numb, but it feels sore to the touch. I get sore nips when I am PMS'ing, so I assume that is the cause. I am due any day now, so that makes sense! I have noticed a slight gain in feeling on both breasts, though, which is just the news I was hoping for. It makes me smile to see and feel positive changes each day.

Every day really does make a difference. Each day gets better and better and just like so many of you have told me- be patient and be kind. You are so right. I remind myself every day just to breathe.

I hope everybody is staying WARM and bundled up tight! We are having some COLLLLLLLLLD weather out in California, and whenever I go outside my breasts ache as my muscles contract from the bitter weather! It actually burns after a while, so I am wearing layers upon layers upon layers. ;)

I AM SOOO EAGER TO EXERCISE! I want to hike and dance and do yoga! I am hoping to do so after a week or so... what do you think?

Lots of love to each of you. May your day be filled with love and happiness! XO
I absolutely love your review... the lists, pics, information, did I mention the lists!! Lol! I'm a list person as well and I keep coming back to your review to work on my own lists. I hope things are improving for you and love your positive attitude through everything. You look great :-)
Thank you so much, FlowerChild! Love that name, by the way. Please keep in touch! :) Namaste!~
Oh and I am so happy to read your numbness is improving!!!!! Keep gently rubbing the numb places to re-energize them so to speak. lol

Finally getting that heart rate up!

Hi beauties,

Finally walking at an incline and breaking a sweat. I feel better already, holy smokes! Especially with my period due... I've got major tension build up that I needed to exhaust. Exercise is so good.
Question? Did you get the textured gummy bear implants??
I'm not thinking you did, but I know you looked into it, and it's also called "memory gel" but your review title doesn't say memory just gel. Anyway reason I asked is because you aren't supposed to massage if you have the textured! I'm sure you know all this already, you are incredibly informed, but I wanted to throw it out there - have a great day! xoxo
No ma'am... just the smooth gel.

Coobie Bra: 5 Stars

Happy Hump day, loves!

I wanted to post a photo or two of my Coobie bra in white lace. This is my favorite post-op bra by FAR. The straps are thin, pretty, and allow for a more delicate and feminine look. The Genie bra, for example, has thick straps that feel matronly and ugly (HOWEVER the Genie bra is VERY cozy and supportive).

The Coobie bra (www.Coobiebra.com) comes in all sorts of different colors and designs. I chose a white lacy one with inserts, and a plain black one with inserts. I have LOVED these bras and have been wearing and washing them since my BA on 22 November. They wash very well (as do Genie bras), and can be tossed into the washer/dryer with your other clothes. You can put the inserts in for added protection or leave them out- whatever your heart desires.

Coobie Bra: 5 stars
Genie Bra (pics to follow): 4 stars

Taking it back to the beginning...

This was taken RIGHT when I had my bandages removed at one week post-operation.

Nearing 3 Weeks Post-Op

And here are my photos at almost three weeks post op (three weeks tomorrow). Time is flying by and they truly feel like a part of me now! Things were hard at first, and I felt really indecisive about my breasts. Time has gone by and they continue to heal each day now, and I am seeing for myself that it truly gets better with each passing day.

I have occasional soreness in my breasts, primarily my right breast, on and off throughout the day, but it is never anything painful. My right nipple is still 100% numb, and the lower half of my breasts of both slightly numb still. Other than this, they are slowly gaining sensitivity (at least on my left side), and are becoming more squishy each day. The slant is still showing on my left side, but I have chosen to ignore it for now.

I am on my period now, so my nips are suuuuper tender and sore to touch. Everything is heightened on my period, so I know things will pass.

Everything is going well, and I am glad to be feeling normal again. I love that my clothes still fit, and all I really need are new bras later on once I can wear under wire. I feel great, and am back on the grind.

I hope everybody is happy and well. We went to see some Christmas lights the other night, and it was so peaceful and soul-warming. This is truly the best time of the year. I hope everybody gets to spend their holiday the way they want to and that it brings you the happiness each of you deserve.

Love to all of you, Soul Birds.

Surprise... my pics didn't post.

Not playing this game today! Will try again later. :)
So happy to hear that your doing good!!! And yes I have to agree, every day gets a little bit easier and easier pain and mobility wise! And its awsome that your loving the coobei bras I have one but I haven't worn it yet, Im still in my surgery bra... I dont know why but i kind of like it lol. I feel like I would be the first person ever to say that but I love the support, esp when I drive and sleep and live!! I'm sure ill graduate soon lol
Oh, girl! You might just be missing out! Though that surgery bra MUST be really comfy if you still have it on. :) Try your Coobie on later and let me know what you think. I just like that the straps are thinner, and a bit more girly. But whatever makes you most comfortable of course. xo!!!!!!!!
I love the look of the thin straps of those coobies but for me they cut in so I have to stick with the wide straps! lol

Have you been naughty or nice?

Week 3 Post- Op Photos

I really like this size on you. How are you liking them and the size?
Hello my friend, your girls looking amazing! Look at you, baaabbbeee! Big kiss
Ohhhhhhh my god, we're all losing it aren't we? I think we've all looked at Sooooo many beautiful boobs, that we are brain washed into expecting perfection and some. Your augmentation looks awesome, if I had them I'd be very very happy. I think when we muck with mother nature's roll of creation, there's bound to be some minor flaws.... having said that, ahhh hope mine are decent enough.... and yes I'd be exactly like you, it's not the same, why why why? But they are beautiful, honestly..... I'm Sooooo nervous and like you, have big expectations. Good luck but, hopefully it'll drop and you will never notice it. Hope I look as half as good as yours mate.

A fabulous question to ask at your consultations with PS:

A great question I would like to point out is regarding revisions! Ask your PS how he would handle a revision surgery if it was needed. Would he or she cover surgery costs? Anesthesia? Ask all the questions you can about this! In talking with my friend LilPeach, we agreed this is an excellent topic to bring up before you make any final decisions. :)
I get emails saying you updated your review. But the last update I see is from Dec 16!! :(
Hello! I just wanted to say how much your story has helped me. I have followed it since I started looking on this site and your tips were do helpful and I hope everything turns out well for you! The before and after pictures are great despite the small issue with the slant. Keep the updates coming!
Gotta love the iPad autocorrect. So* helpful! :)

One Month Post-Op Updates! Hi dolls!

So sorry I have been MIA lately! The holidays have kept me SUPER busy and I haven't had much time to sit down and really update everybody.

Lets see, though... one month post-op... how am I feeling? I FEEL GREAT. I cannot believe how quickly time has been FLYING BY! It seems like yesterday that I was waking up sore and in pain; hardly able to move around alone. Those days are over and I am doing a lot better now!

Some things I would like to point out right now are that my breasts are REALLY softening up at this point. I can squeeze them, massage them, and really treat them like normal breasts now without any pain whatsoever. They are not painful to touch, and I do not have morning breast pain. I understand this is a hit or miss depending on who we are and how our bodies heal, but I really have been lucky in that I do not have pain at this point in my recovery.

When I massage my breasts it actually feels good, as though I am working out tension. I have the slant still in the lower quadrant, but I think it softens each day to be honest. It is not as harsh of a line since the beginning of my journey. When massaging, I am careful to be very gentle and not to tug or put too much pressure down towards my incisions. I listen to my body and I stop if I start to feel pain.

I still have zero feeling/sensation in my right nipple and lower quadrant of my breast. I feel pressure, however, but not the sensation that nipples naturally possess. I hope and PRAY that this is not permanent for me, and I am just trying to remain positive in my thinking that the feeling will come back over time. May the nipple Gods be good to me!!!! :)

My left breast has complete feeling now! Not over the top, not lacking; just right! I am glad for this. I call it my "working boobie" and my man knows the other breast is OIC at the moment. *chuckles to self.*

I took my scars off about a week ago on my own. The steri-strips were super yucky. They were discolored, loose, and sticky. I soaked in a hot shower and peeled them off gently; avoiding using any soaps or shaving creams near that area. I dried the incision sites off completely and used some cotton padding from a CPR kit that I had and covered the incisions using tape to secure the pads down. This helped to keep my Coobie bras from rubbing the areas and causing irritation. I did this for a week or so and now they have healed even more (since exposure to Oxygen), and I can wear a bra normally now without them getting irritated. I don't even think the scars are that bad! They were actually a lot better looking than I had imagined, so that is a blessing. They are short and pretty thin and pink right now. I will be trying some scar treatments soon. Does anybody have recommendations?

I went for a jog the other day, and I cannot say that I recommend it. Though my PS did say it was okay, he said not to overdo it. I see why now. The bouncing that you experience naturally from your gate as you run is actually kind of harsh on the implant pockets. I put in about a mile and a half at a slow gate, and then brought it back down to an uphill walk. I was holding my breasts as I ran (I was the only one in the gym), as I was super paranoid to hurt the pockets. It felt amazing to run, but I think doubling up on sports bras, or just not running at all for a while longer is in my best interest.

I LOVE that I can sleep on my sides, stretch, crack my back, reach over my head, and do all of my normal activities just as I did before.

My most recent post-op was yesterday. He said my breasts were looking GREAT. We did photos again, and he directed me to come back in one month. His PA (who saw me first) had said that I will drop more over the next few weeks, and that I am still riding high. I was really happy to hear that. :)

Here are some pictures of my incision sites.


So, here are my promised one month post-op photos!

If anybody has any questions or anything, please let me know! Not much has changed, really, except the overall look and feel of my breasts improving on a day-to-day basis. I am here to help anybody, though, if there is anything you are wondering about that I might be able to help with!

I hope everybody is having a beautiful holiday season! Hug your loved ones and cherish these memories! Love each of you, and the wonderful beings each of you are.
omg soo glad im going mod + i see so many results that are looking like the look i want to achieve ! :) congrats
So you went with 475cc? silicone/saline? You're looking great! (-; Hugs
Omg!!! You're boobies look beautiful! I can only hope that my results will turn out the same! Xoxox

Registering Mentor Implants

Just went to go verify my Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Silicone Gel Implants on Mentor's website. It was super easy! Just needed my serial number for each implant. The confirmation emails are sent to your email account and you're set to go! Don't forget to get yourself registered!

YAY!! I know you will love your results. I am so happy with the shape and projection of the mod+!
I went with 450 cc; the most my PS could fit into my breast. Thank you Perky! :)
Thank you Selenas!! You absolutely will love your results babe!

Breast Implant Displacement Massages

Hi beautiful loves,

Here is a YouTube video which demonstrates the types of massages that are great for implant displacement. I thought it was really helpful. But remember to ask your PS first. :)

Wow girl, your boobies are beautiful...such nice shape and full size!! Mine are still at the 'ugly duckling' stage (-; Congrats sweetie and best wishes and HUGS!
Thanks, sweetie! They will get better and better and better. Promise.
You are such a doll! I am happy to read that you're healing well and feeling good about your decision. You are an excellent writer. I totally teared up when I read about your pre-op jitters. I have also laughed a lot from the things you say! Absolutely brilliant and loving soul you are. Your man is a lucky one, and so are you as it seems he truly has your best interest in his heart. I just feel totally inspired after reading your blog. Thank you for all the honest and detailed comments about your journey thus far. Fingers crossed you get your sensations back. Blessings for the new year!

Slept on my Stomach last night! And the night before!

I woke up this morning drooling on my pillow, and hugging the bed as I used to do before my BA. I had to pause for a moment and let it register in my brain that I was sleeping on my stomach! And in no pain at all... My breasts were soft and not uncomfortable to lay on and I was sleeping like a baby (clearly)! I caught myself doing this for a few nights, and I am totally okay with it. :)

This week I am approaching 5 weeks post-op. Boy, does it feel like more. It would be so awesome if my right nipple decided to wake up! :p Patience, patience, patience... every day brings more and more improvement. I love my breasts very much and always have, always will.

I hope all of you had a beautiful holiday season! It is sunny and beautiful here in California, and I have to admit- I MISS THE SNOW!

I will post photos tomorrow.

Yay!! For good sleep!!! Great news, dear. Can't wait to see those pics. I'm sure they're looking just perfect. xoxo
Was just thinkin about ya, hun! Glad to have heard from you! It got so busy during the holiday season! Anywho I am going to post some more pictures and hopefully more progression shows. Lots of love!
Looking great and I can't really see the slant anymore!-yay!!! I'm at 6 wks and the progression has been great between wk 5 & 6-hoping yours start to D&F soon.

Five Weeks!

I cannot believe it has been five weeks since I had surgery! Time has FLOWN by. I hope everybody is recovering from the holiday craziness and that Santa treated your spirits.... and wallets nicely. :) May all beings be happy and healthy and free!

I think I've put on a couple pounds with all the Christmas candies and treats over the holiday. Certainly feeling a bit frumpy at the moment, and am looking forward to potentially getting some more run time in and cleaning up my eating habits now that the holiday excitement is coming to a close. I definitely don't love the sluggish feeling when you know you've indulged in perhaps one beer too many! :p Anybody with me?

Soooo I am finding that things have been very steady and my ability to bring anything really exciting or different to the table since my last update is a bit hard since there haven't been any major changes.

PHYSICALLY: I did go for a run the other day. I doubled up on sports bras and had GREAT protection with that. It felt really good to even get a light jog in, and the extra support was definitely necessary. I am finding that twisting, reaching, stretching, and using my pectoral muscles is not painful in any way at this point. Before I would feel that I had a limit as to how far I could push my body, but now I can move my body in any way with ease. Sleeping on my stomach has been a huge improvement, and am spending more time laying flat on my belly than I had since surgery. It feels amazing to be able to toss and roll around in bed and not have any sudden pains that wake me up when I am sound asleep. I have zero "morning pains" and don't even feel a stiffness at all. I have noticed that when I go to touch my breasts they are often times cold to touch. Maybe it is just harder for blood to circulate through my breasts at a rate which will keep them warm? They are almost always much colder than the rest of my body. It's a bit comical to feel like I have ice packs on my chest! HAHA! My breasts feel a bit squishy lately, and my skin is stretching slowly to allow more wiggle room for the implant. I LOVE feeling like they are FINALLY starting to D&F (drop + fluff). They are still firm, don't get me wrong, but they are less and less torpedo-like in their shape and they bounce a bit too at this point in my recovery (YAYYYY!) My right nipple is still numb. I massage my breast and nipple area to try and make that re-connection with the nerves in my breast, and am just taking that day by day. As far as my left breast I have normal sensation there and all is well with the world. :D The slant that I had in the earlier stages of my recovery seems to smooth out more and more each day, and the changes that I see in photos weekly brings me great optimism that things will fully smooth out by the time I anticipate full final results. I was really scared about that at first; thinking I would need a revision so soon. I want all of you to know that if you are experiencing strange edges or bumps along the pocket-line of your implants that most likely it is temporary. Of course, if you feel something strange about your implants' appearance, TAKE IT UP WITH YOUR PS AND PROFESSIONAL REALM, but know that it most likely will improve over time. I have to remind myself so often that two foreign objects were inserted into my breasts and their normal functionality was invaded. Now they are having to adjust to this change and relearn how to work with these large implants in my chest. I have to be patient, but mostly just kind to myself and my body and understand that these changes won't happen overnight.

CLOTHING: I am still wearing my soft Coobie and Genie bras. I probably would be wearing them even if I didn't have to just because they are so darn comfortable. :) My next post-op is the end of January, so maybe I will inquire about under wire bras at that point. Then I will get to go get sized for new bras and see what cup size I truly am. Not going to lie, I am really excited for that part and am hoping to be a full D!

EMOTIONALLY: I feel great. For a few weeks now my implants have really felt a part of me. At no point have I regretted getting implants, as my results now make me feel more womanly and sexy than ever before. I loved my breasts before, but this is just a very empowering and wonderful change and I am so thankful for a positive healing experience. If anything, I am stressing about gaining a few pounds, but only because I worked so hard to lose weight in the first place. I just need to clean up my eating and all will be well.

Alrighty! Time for some pics.
Love to all of you beautiful creatures. You are all such wonderful people and I thank you for following and supporting my journey!

Scar Healing Process at 5 Weeks Post-Op

No scar treatments used at this point.

5 Weeks Post-Op Front View

I agree with @NewYearNewBoobs...I love reading your helpful and inspirational updates. You look so great and you're still only 6 weeks post op. Looking forward to more updates and milestone dates! :)

Hi Beth! Great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by. Everything is going well here... just enjoying the ride. Will post some additional information and photos in a minute. :D
omg everytime i stumble on your update im just so excited! mine is just a few days away and i hope they come out like this! EEEE :D


I haven't been on here in what feels like FOREVER! Just wanted to check in and get some pictures posted for anybody interested. I hope everybody had a lovely New Years celebration! Does anybody have some cool New Years resolutions or fun stories to share? I had delicious wine and finished up the Dexter series with my man- it was perfect. OK, OK, I'll get to those photos. :)

Side Profile at 6 Weeks out

View of both incision sites at 6 weeks out

No scar treatment has been used so far, but I did just order some Kelocote Scar Treatment (http://www.kelocote.com/) from Amazon.com, and am waiting on it to arrive in mail. Will post about my review of that product later on. :)

Week 6 Post-Op

Nothing too new to update....

Still waiting on my right nipple to come back to me! It is still numb! I am growing impatient, but have to repeat the mantra that it will come in time and to practice patience. Well, it is hard to be patient sometimes! Maybe soon they will start to regain sensitivity. :)

Aside from my slant continuing to soften, I haven't had any major changes at all! My breasts still feel hard and firm but have definitely been slowly softening. For example, in the beginning I couldn't even squeeze my breasts because they were so TIGHT and my skin had to stretch out. My breasts looked "torpedo-like" and they were like rocks. Now that some time has gone by (and it feels longer than it truly has been), they are squeezable now and bounce somewhat. I think they are slowly starting to drop as my skin allows for more and more expansion. I am thankful that I haven't had any stretch marks form so far. :)

Still wearing Coobie bras 24/7 because they are so COMFY! As far as under wire bras, I am going to my next Post-Op on the 10th and will ask about starting to wear real bras. I am sure I will be able to wear them now, but I am being lazy as I don't want to graduate from these Coobie bras. The bras have been in the wash at least 10 times now, and are holding up amazingly in case any body was curious about their quality.

As far as exercise goes... I went to yoga the other day and was able to push up off of ground into Downward Dog, Childs Pose, Cobra, and many twisting poses. My breasts did NOT get in the way of any of my poses, and I was able to go through the entire class with zero pain or weird feelings in my chest. I even used pectoral muscles and was okay! Easeeeeeee into it. The only problem was the fact that my cleavage was very evident, and I had to pull my tank top up a few times, but no women care about cleavage in the class as it's nothing to be ashamed of. Ever.

SOOOOOOOOO that is about it this week! I will be out of town soon, but will be sure to update as soon as I can. Thank you everybody for your continued support and all of that love out there. You are all incredible people, and we are so lucky to have this RealSelf family. Big love to all!
love your updates! You are so fun and upbeat and enjoy reading about your journey. You look amazing! ((HUGS))
Thanks Pooky! I'm so glad you stopped by. :-)
It's true, we are always our own worse critic! I know I see/feel things that my husband doesn't notice and that don't really show up it the pics, but I know they're there. (-; It's all good. Happy you love em, and mine are starting to feel a bit softer finally, and the skin isn't screaming as much! (was sooo tight for the past couple weeks.) Hugs

Laying on Implants

I forgot to mention how odd it feels to lay (on hard ground) on your stomach. It's not a bad feeling. It's not painful. It's just different. You can feel the implants and the space between them and the ground. I have bigger implants so it's like having a little balloon between my body and the ground. Hey, it makes doing the superman pose to tone your muscles MUCH easier, haha!
my BA is tomorrow, I just re-read your entire review again to prep myself lol so much info I LOVE ITTTTTTTT thanks
The Superman Pose!!!!! Now I'm thinking I may not even need my Pilates ball for frog leg lifts! Glad you are doing well!!!
I always love your updates! You have such a kind spirit about you! Glad to hear you're doing great! Your boobies look so natural! Be safe and have fun on your trip!!! Xxx

Kelo - cote Advanced Scar Treatment Gel: Day 1

Finally got my Kelo- cote gel in the mail; order fulfilled my Amazon.com ($30). The gel is not liquid-y or runny which I LOVE. It's very thick and has a nice consistency. When applied to the skin it should dry rather quickly (apply thin layer), and it should be applied twice a day for best results. It has no weird odor and is clear. Doesn't rub or flake off nor does it leave marks on clothes. Love it so far!
Thx for sharing babe I'll be sure to use this once my stickiness off my Epi Derm silicone sheet runs out ;)
Definitely try it out, sugar! You will love it- even though you HARDLY have visible scarring. ;p Lucky girl.
BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ON YOUR SURGERY, HUN! You. will. be. AMAZING. Sending lots of smiles and happy moments your way! Remember: JUST B R E A T H E!

Permission Granted: UNDERWIRE BRAS

I get to wear under wire bras, HOLY MOLY! So excited. :D

At my post-op appointment today with Dr. Williams he confirmed that everything was looking great and would continue to heal! I inquired about starting to wear an under wire bra, and he said 6-7 weeks was the typical time frame that he gives permission to do so. I am thrilled that I get to be professionally sized and get to wear pretty girl bras. That will be a fun adventure at the mall later on! I have to say though that I think Victorias Secret has really gone downhill. Their merchandise seems a bit like it's trying too hard... too excessive with the frill and hearts and "kiss me" underwear. I know they do have some good bras that are simple and elegant, so I will check there. Does anybody have recommendations for some boutiques and shops for a good quality bra? I would be interested to hear.

Your slant is soo much better!! Yipee!! I love your size too!!!
Omg you were prepared for everything! Lol these lists you made will definitely help me throught my journey :) thanks a lot love. Heyyy which implant did you chose? Moderate, moderate plus, high or low prof? Subglandular or submuscular? Saline or silicone? I thought i had everything under control but now i'm having second thoughts about size, implant, etc. Help me pleasee xx
That's what I like to hear; anything to help others. :) Let me know if you have my questions that I may be able to hhelp with. I'm here for you!

Secret Girl Code

So I'm at the gym running, right? I look to the treadmill next to me and there is a pretty older blonde woman walking uphill. I notice her gorgeous cleavage and think, "WOW, those are perfect on her and she looks amazing! I have to tell her!" I'm giggling to myself as I write this because how cool would it be if we had a girl code and could signal to other women something like: "Hey, you! You're totally rocking your BA and you look GORGEOUS." I felt somewhat awkward walking up to her and saying, "Your boobies rock!" Haha just kidding. I didn't say anything to her. But honestly, would any of us really be creeped out if another woman was giving us two thumbs up? Nope. Probably not. It's always a great feeling to get compliments. And it feels good to give them, too.
I heard Soma is good for bigger boobies they have stores all over but also you can order online
Great idea, I will check that out, Rgirli! Thanks hun! :)
Thank you, sweetie! You look magnificent as well!

Week 7 Post- Op: TIME IS FLYING!

Hello Ladies,

Here we are- week seven! Almost two months post op. Cannot believe it! :) Things are very well, and very steady for now. No significant changes in appearance or anything and everything from my post last week still is about the same. I was reading about the loss of sensation in the nipple, and I know it is very common. Many doctors say it can take several months up to even a year for feeling to come back. And it is also possible that the feeling will never return. I am hoping every day that it comes back! That is my big thing right now- wanting the feeling to return. Everything else is great and I am getting ready to take two weeks of break to RELAX! I will check in here when I can, but I can't guarantee anything. I hope everybody is happy and healthy and enjoying their journey! Love ya all!

White Lace Coobie Bra (7 Weeks Post-Op)

Here I am wearing my favorite Coobie bra in white lace. It looks distorted because the inserts are somewhat uneven from moving around a lot. Simple fix.


I got an email from Genie Bra (verified website), and they are having a sale... thought I would share. Here is the link: https://www.unitycart.com/geniebra3/cart/GB1714V7.asp.


I have been using Kelo-cote for two days. No visible progress yet, but I do love the product and am feeling optimistic!

Purple Bra from Target ($9.99) Size: 34D

This bra may be slightly too small. I need to have a professional bra fitting. I had this bra from before I got my operation, and I wanted to see if I fill it out... well, no worries there. :p

Remainder of photos for Week 7 Post- Op

Wow wee mate, look Sooooo perfect now. They really really do, nice and round and soft and I love your size it's perfect. Happy little leprechaun now ;-)
Thank ya, babee! How are you enjoying yours?
Making HUGE progress, girl!!! You're looking so boobalicious. I LOVE your secret code idea... I've felt the same way so many times at the gym when I really want to say something to someone, but then I second guess myself and don't want to offend. But really, I'd love to hear it myself! :-)

Bra Fitting at Victoria Secret (US Sizing)

My mama and I went into Victoria Secret for a bra fitting. It was the first time that I had ever been fitted, so I'll talk a bit about that. They didn't have me take my bra off or anything so no bare breast was shown. The young lady measured over my clothes and took measurements at the top of my breasts, over top of my breasts and at the base of them. The girl there had measured me to be between a 34D and a 32DD. I tried on a demi cup 34D bra that was lined only, not padded. It fit well and I had a lot of pretty cleavage but the front of the bra in (area between my breasts) was raised off of my skin and it should have been sitting g flat all the way around. The 32DD fit perfectly. I'm smaller around my ribcage and found that this bra fit well when put on the loosest setting. The cup size was great and it was a very comfortable bra. The underwire in between my cleavage area was still raided though. I figured it was just the style of that cut of bra and it wasn't a big deal. I didn't buy any bras yet and will actually go back to try on a few more 32DD Bras and see if I like them.
Hi my lovely. I bought a Ted Baker bra the other day and mine was slightly raised in that area too but the lady said after a few washes it should be ok. I wanted it so badly that I bought it regardless lol. I am a 34C in one shop but a 32D was too small in the cup at another store. How frustrating for online shopping! We'll get there. Victoria Secret eh, I will have to browse there online store :)
*their (lol)

Bra Fitting at Nordstrom

My fitting here was a bit different. I was measured to be filling out bras between 30/32DDDD (32G) and to me that seemed insane. I'm thinking that since the shape of my breasts are round and unlike a naturally large breast that it threw off accurate results of my fitting. She was bringing me horribly aged bras... like huge tan and plain bras that were in no way attractive or elegant. The straps were 1-2" wide and had up to 4 clasps on the back. Ick! I mean, I would love to have huge boobies like that, and I believe I already do... for my body frame. I don't believe I am a true 32DDDD (or a 32 G in US) cup bra and I absolutely don't think I need to wear bras that look 30 years older than what I should be wearing. I have time to wear older bras as I age throughout my life but for now I want pretty and girly bras. Ladies, let this be a warning that all different bras are sized differently and you will get different results from bra fittings. Everything just depends on where you buy from and who measures you and how the bra is styled. I decided that I'll go back to Victoria Secret where I am between a 32DD and 34 D. I can say that for those of us with implants we are shaped a bit differently and just need to keep that in mind. :-)
LOL! You're hilarious babe! Do you believe I didn't buy any bra yet? Except 1 Bralette I loved it. I'm not wearing bra, I love my look in my t-shirts ;-). You look great girl. xoxo
Love your results! Looking so great! I am definitely ordering a Coobie! Love it!
Thank you, hun! :)

11 Weeks on Friday

Hi loves! Wow, sorry for such a long delay in my blog. Life calls! I'm enjoying my breasts every day and am so happy! I fill out my clothes, bathing suits, bras and tops out so much better and it feels fantastic. Every woman and man deserve to feel happy with who they are inside and out. For me, my BA has been the cherry on top. I'm so glad I did this.

I can tell you the one big thing that's been constantly changing are the feel of my breasts. They are easier to squeeze, massage, and look less spherical and more like natural breast. Though they are still somewhat high, the process of settling will take a few months yet. I can certainly see and feel the progress in that department.

My one big concern is the (still) lack of sensitivity in my right nipple. The numbness starts with my nipple and spreads below my breast to the crease. It isn't so much on the side of my breast, but just below. My nipple feels sore almost, like PMS sore, but I feel nothing when I lightly touch it. That really bothers me and I hope my nerve wasn't severed in surgery. I'm hoping that my nerves are just working to reconnect and that time is all I need. I'm just taking that day by day.

My scars are still pink; even more so when I am cold. I'm using scar treatment but haven't seen any noticeable changes thus far.

That's about it! I'm happy with them, I just miss my functioning nips. :-)

I'll be back to post some 11 week photos in a day or two so that you may see changes for yourself.

Love & light to all of you~? Thank you for reading my blog.
Glad to hear you're doing well and loving your boobies!!
Hooray for HAPPY!! Looking forward to your pics and I appreciate the update. Life is good!! :-)
Hiya Pink! Great to see an update from ya. Would love to see updated pics as you are able. I am so glad that you are happy!!!

Incision Scars at 11 Weeks Post using Kelo-cote serum

Victorias Secret Bras: 32DD // VS Bathing Suit: Small

Photos not posting...