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Baggy and Wrinkly Under Eyes - Dublin, Ireland

Im 44 and for the last couple of years i have...

im 44 and for the last couple of years i have noticed (as has everyone else)that i have bags way under my eyes but not under my eyelids, more sitting on top of my cheek bones, i tend now to smile alot more cause the bags dont look as bad when i do, as a result i have deep crows feet now, i am hoping my botox treatment will eliminate both my wrinkles and bags, am i hoping for to much?

Botox will not work on the bags under your eyes

Hi katie,

Welcome to the Botox community. How long had you been thinking about having this procedure done? I'm excited to know how everything turns out for you. Please keep us updated and when it all goes well we would love to see before and after pictures.

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