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Is it typical to have two small excess fat pockets...

Is it typical to have two small excess fat pockets where my chin implant meets my regular jaw? It looks like all the fat from my jaw line got pushed up when the implant was inserted. The left side actually has an indentation a lot more than the right, but even if I get a filler, there will still be a small amount of fat bump left there.
Is there anything you can recommend I do now to smooth it back into place? Or for fat removal - lasers, lipo etc...?
Thank you for posting photos. It is hard to say at this point exactly what is going on. It would be helpful to see your before photos and know exactly what style of implant was used. This could be due to swelling and might resolve in the coming weeks/ months. Alternatively, the implant could augment that area in front of the pre-jowl sulcus making that "divot" deeper than it was before. Lastly, it is possible that the lateral extension of the chin implant on the left is positioned too high which augments above, but not within, the pre-jowl sulcus accentuating the jowl area. There isn't much to do right now other than let yourself heal and allow the swelling to resolve. As I mentioned this might very well settle. If not, it will be important to ensure that the optimal style of implant was used and that the implant is not positioned too high on the left side. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen Weber, M.D., F.A.C.S. Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

I can understand why you would feel concerned. I saw that you posted a question in the Q&A section, which is great. If the info above is correct its been less than 2 weeks since your surgery, so perhaps it still needs some time to settle??

Here is a Q&A that another RealSelfer posted when they had a somewhat similar experience. I thought the answer might be helpful to you while you are waiting on answers for your Q&A:

Soft Lump of Tissue Formed After Chin Implant Replacement, How can this be Removed?

Thank you for your quick response. I think it might be a different issue though. She said that it "formed" but mine has been there since the first day. By looking at it closely, it is pretty clear the little bit of fat I had around my lower jawline and chin was pushed up to where the implant ends. I look like a have the sagging jowl line that older people get. I'm not sure what to do. It seems like there should be someway to "push" the fat and re-distribute it back into the lower jaw. I just found out liposuction requires incisions which I definitely am not getting on my face. Maybe some kind of skin tightening laser would work? Suggestions??? I can't believe I now have a sagging jowl line at 30!!!

2 weeks and fat around edges of chin implant have almost disappeared

I just wanted to update this in case anyone else panics like I did after surgery. The two fat pockets that were pushed back by my chin implant seem to have flattened out. I won't need neck lip!!
There is still an indentation on the left side, but my doctor said that is from the normal shape of my chin. So I guess I will have to get fillers there for the rest of my life or until they come up with some new treatment. But anyways, I am happy. My smile has also almost returned to normal.
As of now, I feel like I made a good choice. However, I would not recommend to anyone getting plastic surgery in a different country and then going home. It has been horrible not being able to consult with my doctor except through emails. I would have much rather gone to his office and showed him my chin. He probably would have put some of my fears to rest. Oh, and my surgery was double the price of the average!!

3 weeks and looking much better

There are still two small fat bumps located at the places where the implant meet my chin. I am hoping that in another week they will fade back into the rest of my jawline. If not, I will try a "Nerflift" something that my medispa offers with botox injections given at the jawline. I guess it works pretty well for people with sagging jowls. Aside from that, my chin will need some dermafillers where my jaw naturally had an indentation. It was not even noticeable before, but as my chin increased it is now. My bottom lip still does not go all the way down but I am hoping with some more exercise it will allow for my smile to come back completely.
I wish someone had told me about the jawline thing before, but I guess it is not that common. I just wanted to update my review so that if someone in the future is unfortunate enough to have the same thing, they know that it may go away. My doctor is not that great and after hearing my initial worries, he never emailed me back to check in with me. I will probably go somewhere in the US when and if I need to have another surgery. Also, the pain medicines that are given in other countries are not as good as what we have. I even had my doctor call the pharmacy for vicodine and they supposedly didn't have it...

Thank you so much for posting an update. I'm so glad to hear that those bumps started to diminish! Let us know if you try the botox or if the bumps go completely away on there own (hoping for that!!).


Four weeks after surgery

I went to my medispa yesterday. They said that botox would not work to fix the sag in my jowl line caused by this surgery because after examining the area, it is not due to a loss in muscle or nerves not pulling the skin up. She said it probably was the cause of the implant pulling everything forward and just stopping where the implant stopped. The only solution she suggested was fillers to smooth the transition between my jawline and chin. I am going to get a second opinion and then will probably go head and do that.
The implant sounds like it is too wide for your chin and is pushing back the skin that would normally be a part of your jaw line. I would suggest fillers or a smaller implant
do you have any before pictures that you could post as well? I am getting a chin implant this month and I am looking for before and after pictures online. I am starting to get nervous and second guessing this surgery-- are you happy that you went through with it although you are having some complications? thank you.

I'm glad to hear you are getting a second opinion, just to check. You probably know this, but we have communities for most fillers available, so if you are trying to decide which one to get you can always read about other people's experiences and ask them questions.

Here are links to some of the most popular ones:





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