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I am set this saturday to go for eyebrow tattooing...

I am set this saturday to go for eyebrow tattooing. Fyi, i bought the deal with so much excitement over the internet on a special offer. However, im kinda hesitant now due to some bad feedback/reviews that i have read on the internet. Soemtimes I think i need to go for it as i could not be out of the house without pensil but some of my friends saying that my brows are not that bad to get the pain. Please help me decide by looking at my "done & undone" eyebrows.


I have to second Megan, since you're looking for opinions. I think without makeup your eyebrows are a nice shape and shade. Although I've read some good reviews of makeup tattoos, I've also read some horror stories. If I had your brows and overall appearance, I personally would not find the pain, cost and potential of disliking the result worth having it done. On that same note, I had breast implants when I know some women wouldn't have opted for it in my position. It's all about weighing the risks and decided which is most likely to make you feel best.

If you do decide to go for it, make sure you've researched the place you bought the deal from. Personally, I'm a little wary of practices that need to offer group-coupons

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Wow, you look good without make-up! I look like a washed out, alien version of myself when I'm bare faced. ;)

Personally I don't think your brows look bad at all without the penciling. Obviously you are the only one who can weigh the risk/benefit ratio to make the ultimate decision, but were it me, I'd pass.

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