35 Yrs Old, 2 Month Old Baby + 2 Older Kids - Dubai, AE

I have always had a tiny waist and big bums and...

I have always had a tiny waist and big bums and hips. Finding clothes have always been a problem and I was constantly teased as a child. I used to think that having lipo was the 'easy' way out but I know realize that no diet or exercise will ever change my body shape. Two months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy - and I weighed 208 lb. I know weigh 85 lb and am working hard to get to my pre-pregnancy weight of 75kg - my goal weight is 68 kg.

I will have my surgery on the 2 August. My surgeon will be doing my thighs and back. He won't be able to reduce the size of my bum but I am doing loads of squats and lunges for that. He says that he will be removing 6l of fat and that I will have stay overnight!

Attached are my pics which were taken four weeks post pregnancy.

My big worry is hanging skin - really worried about how skin may look...then again my thighs could not look any worse!
Good luck.
Good luck!
Keep us posted on everything.  Hopefully your skin will bounce back for you after surgery.
Thank you! Surgery is booked for 2 August. Will keep you updated with pics.
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