Hydrafacial with Microdermabrasion - Dubai, AE

For reference skin type and colour: very dry,...

For reference skin type and colour: very dry, flaky, tan.

8th Dec 2012.
Had my first session of facial and felt so great about it. I noticed that my very flaky skin on my left side cheeks was a bit smoother than before. I am thinking to get another session or to complete the 6 sessions of if I'll have budget. I really wanted to finished the sessions to see final result though, so I'm planning to get back on Jan. will keep you posted.

I would love to know more about your hydrafacial. How is it different from a regular facial, and what is the benefit of adding it to the Microderm treatment?

Hi Meg, They do Microdermabrasion first in order to prepare skin for Hydrafacial. After exfoliating, hydrafacial machine suctioned dead skin while releasing serums to skin. No pain at all except when the aesthetician tried to extract some of my blackheads :'(. I didn't go for any other stuff like peeling coz I'm afraid of that.

Sorry to hear the extractions hurt. :( Did she stop when she saw it was uncomfortable for  you?

Also, now that its been a few more days I'd love to hear how your skin is looking.

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I chose Cosmesurge as they are the only clinic that offers hydrafacial using Edge system machine.

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