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I am an Indian, 25 years, scheduled to have my...

I am an Indian, 25 years, scheduled to have my first Ematrix treatment this evening (thursday). The doc promised me that there would not be any side effects and I could go for work from Sunday (have an important meeting on Sunday).

So is it true that it takes only one day for the redness and swelling to go . I am aware of that dot like brown stuff will appear on my face. How long will that take to go? And are those very visible. I have a fair skin tone, not too fair though. aRE THERE ANY side effects from this treatment on indian skin ?? I am highly confused whether to do this treatment or not. Please help !! Thanks a ton

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my mom got it done last week and right after the treatment her whole face was swollen. We were a bit afraid being the first time. The swelling went away by night. However the brown spots remained for 4 to 5 days.. but its all gone now and her skins never looked this good! I am going to go for it as well.

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If you have an important meeting coming up it might not be a bad idea to hold off and do it after the meeting. Is that a possibility?

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