I never thought i would be one to regret a tattoo...

I never thought i would be one to regret a tattoo and yet here I find myself regretting and hating myself for it. To start I have multiple tattoos, the others I love and am happy with.

I have one tattoo on the upper portion of my right arm of a koi, water and a banner reading "cure SMA", also in that tattoo are leaves that were supposed to make the piece look lifelike, as if we were watching this koi swim. Anyways the leaves were placed in a line and it bothered me but I never regretted it. I just knew I wanted to fix/touch up the tattoo and cover up those leaves... Well I plan to meet with an artist that did other work for me, we had such an amazing idea but the day of the tattoo I realize we are doing something different. It was an entirely new piece... So instead of just focusing on the one I had we started the outline of something new... This new outline is 12 by 6 inches made with all black Kuro Sumi ink.

Right away I freaked out and my anxiety took over. I cried over this so many times and finally searched removal options. This tattoo was placed November 7th and two weeks later I had my consultation.

I chose Dr. tattoff because all the searching I did led me to them. The consultation went great. They did an amazing job of calming me and explaining everything to me. I was quoted at 10 treatments. But since the tattoo was so we needed to wait which I agreed to... This again started the anxiety and fear that I have to keep living with it there...

I then received a random but wonderful call from their office saying they were offering an end of the year sale to new patients and my treatments would be $1200 for ALL 10!!! I jumped on that right away and paid it that day... Still waiting since I couldn't get treated...

Today, was my first treatment... They numbed the entire area, explained after care, and the nurse (jennifer) explained the process... The had such a calming voice too it made me feel comfortable... She gave me my goggles and did the test first, and OUCH!!! But totally bearable, I took 2 breaks, and then was bandaged up and has ice packs put on it...

So today marks the start of this long journey ahead but I am ready... March 22nd is my next appointment l...

I decided to start this review because for one I am Hispanic and therefore naturally tan and most blogs were of really light skinned people... So maybe this can give insight to us darker pigmented people... :)

It's now Monday, first day after treatment and the...

It's now Monday, first day after treatment and the days since my arm was swollen pretty bad... It was bruised, and I have tiny blisters...

Today the swelling has nearly subsided, and the blisters are still tiny and not so painful...

I see some break up of lines In certain places which is very exciting!!!!
Ok so the swelling wasn't going down fast enough and since I return to work tomorrow I asked if there was anything I was allowe to take... They said anything that didnt contain aspirin, so I took an ibuprofen 600 and voila! 2 hours later my arm has more function and movement!!! :)
awesome! looks like a lot of yours is deep dark lines like mine. They made you wait a long time! Mine will only be two weeks old when we start, and ive heard anywhere from two weeks to six weeks after. Stinks cuz some of my lines are brand new and some are about five years old and deep.....we will compare eh?
Yea they are deep and dark... :( he was going for traditional style even tho I didn't

The ibuprofen has helped SO much with the...

The ibuprofen has helped SO much with the swelling, my arm has function again...

I'm starting to scab it looks like, I keep my extra moist all the time but still the outlines are getting tough... I'm thinking they are scabs forming from the blisters drying out...

I am drinking aloe, sleep as often a possible, eat my 3 meals as healthy as I can, drink a multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin c daily... My Arm is still bruised, but totally healing... I see the break up of lines on the corners already which is awesome, ill try to get pics of it...

Overall the moments of being uncomfortable and pain sucked but I'm ready to get this over with...

I think I'm on the tail end or healing... I'm so...

I think I'm on the tail end or healing... I'm so greasy with ointment yet it still feels so itchy and like tiny scabs...

Ill update a picture in a couple weeks... It's hard to get a picture or the break up of lines when it's all greasy... Lol!
I'm glad you started your own forum with your own experience. Everyone is different and you can give darker skinned people going through treatment some idea of what to expect. Also, you were given an awesome deal! So something good is coming out of it. I always look towards the silver lining, the glimmer of hope. It keeps me positive. I'm paying $300/session and I'm much smaller than you. But I live in a very remote area and have only the one option. But they take very good care of me. Lidocaine shots, 24 hour on call help if needed and the price will go down as we proceed with numerous treatments. Yes, keep the area moist, use anti-itch cream.hydrocortisone it helped me. Take care and keep us posted. aloha...k
Oh I know, the price hooked me... Originally they said $300 per session, but this other place said $800 because of the size, so when they called and said $1200 for all 10 I was sold... Lol!
Wow, I really feel for you! I can't imagine how much turmoil such a large piece has caused you. :( I'm sorry that you're having to endure all of this. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us photo updated! Take care.

Well at this point looks like the site has healed,...

Well at this point looks like the site has healed, some very tiny places still peel but its smooth again for the most part... The tattoo looks fuzzy, well the dark bold lines I had don't look bold and sharp anymore... Which I assume its a good thing... Next appointment isn't for awhile and I wasn't expecting a miracle, I know it's a long
Process... At this point I need to keep myself and my body healthy to continue to clean up the ink until the next appointment
I am thinking about getting a tattoo removed, but I am considering waiting for the new picosecond laser??
I've heard good things about that, personally I couldn't wait... I needed to start the process of removal ASAP...
oh good so your skin pealed... Mine has been peeling especially on the dense black. I wasnt sure if that was normal or not since i had no blisters or scabs. My ink looks fuzzy too...yay! Keep on truckin!

I haven't forgotten about this review just not...

I haven't forgotten about this review just not much else to say about the first treatment, since the lines were bold, dense, and deep only a few areas have broken up but it's not noticeable enough to capture it
In a picture... Next appointment march 22... So patience is virtue! :)
Thank you for documenting all of this!
Sure thing! :) next treatment is March 22nd..
Do you notice any of your black ink turning brown? Or having a foggy blue color?

Just as I start to panic, I pray that I get...

Just as I start to panic, I pray that I get patience to carry through this... The location of my huge tat is an obvious place that has made me so self consious I have told really no one about it and I have hidden behind long sleeves, I also ordered a tattoo cover for my arm... Lol! My mom, brother, boyfriend all know but not many outsiders close to me... I want to give this process time, and it helps me not to look at it... Although I planned that if I need long sleeves, then I at least need shorts for summer ( I never really wore any)... So that being said I have hired a health and fitness coach... Beginning Monday I will be working out everyday and eating clean! I'm hoping this change in lifestyle will also boost my immune system to fight this ink!! :)
You sound just like me. I have hardly told anyone about my tattoo. I've even avoided my closest friends. Then I think, if they are really my friends, they will love me the same as before. It's embarrassing to have to admit that the ink you just got is now in the removal process. I say get the sleeve cover if it helps you to not dwell on it too much! I don't even look at myself naked anymore. I can't stand it! Good for you on working out! Working out makes you feel so good about yourself, and its great for your body and healing too! I need to get my butt back at my gym. I used to go four times a week. I lost all motivation and quit after my tattoo. I plan on hitting it hard next week again! Keep your head up! :)
aloha Regretful99, I understand the sadness following ink regret. I was in a horrible state for a few weeks after the tattoo was placed. I had horrible thoughts "how could I do this?" "why did I do this?" and thought there was no end is sight. I got professional counseling right away and quickly learned that it was simly a mistake and we make mistakes, all of us do. This mistake is just visible and will take a long time to correct through laser removal. If I cut bangs and hated them, then I would simply grow them out. If I coloured my hair and hated it I would have that corrected. Mistakes are for learning and for correcting. Yes, "get your butt back to the gym" as the positive thoughts with working out will help with your self esteem and your healing. One of the best things for our psyche is exercise. And of course support through forums. And I say look at yourself naked, you are a beautiful person and you shouldn't be ashamed. It's a mistake, that's all it is. It isn't you, it's just a mistake and it will be corrected. Good luck!

It's one of those nights I'm panicking and can't...

It's one of those nights I'm panicking and can't sleep, 2:15 am here and I work at 730am... :( I'm so scared and stressed... I almost feel like the tattoo is slightly scarred and scared that laser will make it worse, but my boyfriend reminds me it's also thick lines so may just appear that way... One thing the tattoo "artist" did was burn the tip of the needle, he said it was to widen it... So hence wide bold lines... I pray i see more fading this next treatment... I saw TINY differences this first one, so I know the ink will respond I just don't know how we'll... :/ praying for patience, peace, courage and health!
aloha barbiedoll90...I hope you're feeling better after your fitful night. I've had those. I see that this week is another laser session for you. Pre-laser jitters? I get those. I think "oh no, what have I done. The laser isn't gonna do anything except rob me of money". But remember what you said above in an earlier posting that it all takes patience. And it does. As for feeling any scars, well my massage therapist told me she thought she felt something but she thought maybe it was very dry skin from the laser session. Some of the ointments have petroleum, so I started rubbing coconut oil into thehealed area and vit E and Moroccan oil. There is also Bio-Oil which is for stretched marks and scars. I've even come to the personal conclusion that a slight scar is better than the offending ink. Go for your next session armed with money and understanding (the laser isn't going to make scars worse, the healing process like not picking at scars is important to prevent scarring but ask your technician questions if you feel the need to) and more importantly remember patience. Thanks for the update and I'll be thinking of you on Friday the 22nd. I go next Wednesday the 27th. oh
My piece is huge so I fear scars but I also think that I rather a scar that fades through time then this ink... I'm sitting waiting for my turn... 11am is all me... Lol! Good luck with your next treatment
I hope it went well Barbiedoll90. I'll check your posting. I understand about the scarring fear, I've been told that they are unlikely but everyone is different. I'm with you on that "I'd also rather have a scar than the ink. Good luck and happy fading (as Blackberry11 says) aloha...k

It's my turn... Hopefully session two gives me...

It's my turn... Hopefully session two gives me more hope!

Session 3 is booked for May 24... This...

Session 3 is booked for May 24...

This treatment the dial went up to 3.0... Hurt more than last time and more immediate bruising this time... I'm laying down with my arm up and I've... It's still throbbing and my appointment was at 11,
Hey :) How ya doing? You are on your way to session 3, it's around the corner. Time goes by fast doesn't it! Before you know it you will be awaiting session 10 and you ink will be a memory! Take care!
aloha blackberry11, Yes session 3 (the first R20 session) is on Wednesday morning. I'm super-psyched!! I'm looking forward to being ink free, even ink faded. I'm brave enough now to post pictures on my review and will be posting for all to see how wonderful the R20 technique is. Thanks for the thinking of me. aloha...k

Hello everyone, well it's been a couple days since...

Hello everyone, well it's been a couple days since treatment 2... My arm is still bruised and still healing... I developed a lot more bruising this time, especially on the inner part of my arm... I also had bigger blisters and that definitely hurt... Especially when one of them popped... I can't believe session 2 beat me up this bad but my nurse said that the first 3 are the worst as far as pain and healing... She said my lines are deep and dense so it's taking longer to break up but it is breaking up, I can definitely see where it's changing and I know this is working but it also makes me realize it works at a very slow pace... I didn't have as much ice on it this time around, and my lines are still a little raised, but I think that is a combinations of the blisters I had and healing still...

This battle against ink is a long one... I asked about my other tattoo, they say that one is easier to remove because its shading... She said 8 treatments for that one, at $1200 for that too... So IF I opt in and can afford that I'll have spent $2400 on removing tattoos that cost about $500 :(... Oh well, that other tattoo is well done so not a priority to me but it is something I will work towards so I can minimize the ink on my body...

This has been very hard on me, but session 3 will be here before I know it... MAY 24 @ 11 am, :) I'm counting down!!!

Bring on the itch!!! Guess I take about a week to...

Bring on the itch!!! Guess I take about a week to heal... Lol!

Still the fading is mainly noticeable to me unless I show someone exactly where it's broken up... Not photo capturable yet...
I use hydrocortisone cream when the itch arrives. It did with my first session in December but not session two in February but I'm prepared this time. Itching and scratching is not good. take care and lotion on...aloha...k
Thanks for the update! It is so cool that we can all do this together!! I have just had one treatment. My next is on April 19th. I have seen a lot of fading, but I too have realized this is a really long process and patience is virtue! Take care and good luck with the healing. Cheers!
aloha Barbiedoll90, Thanks for the update of your session #2. I had session #3 today (the R20 method) and it went well. I'm so excited to see fading. I've also thought about having another tattoo removed but will wait and see how I respond with this one. I hear ya on the cost: a $300 tattoo has so far cost me $1200 to remove and we're just getting started. I'll probably be in for twice that by the time I'm done. Oh what a mistake...but it's just a mistake. My next session is timed around the same as yours at the end of May. Please keep us posted, the fading will begin and be remarkable. Your pictures are great! aloha...k

I'm still itchy and it's healing still I assume,...

I'm still itchy and it's healing still I assume, I'm still using the aquaphor just in case...

The break up of the lines is there... But honestly not enough to where I can capture it in photos... :( makes me almost discouraged but I need to rememeber I was quoted at 10, I have only done 2 treatments so really what
Would I have expected
Hi :) You really start to see changes when you hit 4 and up Good luck, and thanks for the update!
That's what they told me, so I'm not as discouraged although ill admit when I am out somewhere and see others with clean skin I almost envy them... :( I do feel some good has come out of this... I have 3 teens that are in a tattoo craze, at least in their minds ( my brother and two cousins) so I have started talking to them about it... I don't hate tattoos obviously but placement and the type of tattoo is important to consider because otherwise only you face the consequences, my brother has seen the struggle, pain, healing, swelling, and sadness this has caused and I talked to my cousins about it... All 3 agreed they would wait and think about it more, which made me happy... I at least feel like I have helped them Before going through with it

So Dr. Tattoff has offered me a discount deal for...

So Dr. Tattoff has offered me a discount deal for the other tattoo I asked about because I am a returning patient... $650, I'm 99.9% sure I am taking it and soon will start treatments on that... OUCH, but its time to put my big girl panties on and take charge of these mistakes...
I hear ya about the big girl panties.  I'm saving up the $$$ to keep going with the laser removal and to fly over to the clinic that now has the new picosure.  I am so grateful that I'm healthy and don't need much else.  You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful discount for the removal.  Hurray!  I see fabulous fading in your future.  aloha...k
Thank you! I'm saving and praying I can take that deal before its off the table... They are crunching down numbers for the month...
You can see some light areas, it's a bit hard to tell yet...but you will get there. I like your other tattoo by the way...the statue will go fast, it's shading.

Itching so bad these past couple of days... Idk if...

Itching so bad these past couple of days... Idk if my skin is just getting dry or what...

In other news, I'm going to go ahead and say I may have some type of scarring from getting the tattoo done... The lines when looked at from an angle look shiny... :(

That should fade with time right?

Ugh! This whole ordeal is so painful to think about... And it seems like success stories aren't to common on the Internet... Hoping and praying we all reach the finish line soon!
aloha Barbiedoll90,  I understand your frustration.  I use hydrocortisone cream and antihistamines when the itch gets crazy, which it did last night!  As for success stories on the internet:  I've seen some and even here on the forum, it just takes patience and time.  That's the problem with tattoos, it takes a session or two to get them on, and then ten times that at least to get them off.  I'm confident that we will finish and see complete fading, it might take years, but I now I'm worth it to see that and I believe you are too.  Hang in there and apply lotion to silence that itch.  aloha...kit

An email from an unexpected and amazing person...

An email from an unexpected and amazing person also getting a tattoo removed similar to mine but theirs had shading gave me a lot of hope... 6 sessions in and I can totally see a difference, I'm hoping since mine has no shading i could expect excellent results too... That email really made me feel better... Now that it's getting warmer here long sleeves really do suck but I refuse to let any one see it... Sadly the anxiety over this turmoil has caused a 12 lbs increase since January... So I am refocusing my energy in getting healthy and fit and going to try not to think about my arm... The arm cover I bought actually works pretty good of I'm doing half sleeves so that way at least one arm is free... Ill post a picture if i see one with it on...
aloha Barbiedoll90,  The arm band is an amazing idea.  I use them also.  There are lots of cover up bands that are sold to military and uniformed officers.  I've also seen them used as fashion statements.  I think you will find amazing results as you progress along with laser removal.  I know Blackberry11 after six sessions is seeing amazing fading.  Perhaps the sixth session is the magic session with newer ink.  I've had five and see fading and although not as fast as I'd like it, it is encouraging.  Patience.  I am also beginning yoga classes...well actually this morning in two hours.  I think the movement and the chanting will be helpful.  I also had a lymphatic massage yesterday at the massage school (so not too expensive) and that should also help.  I'm slathering vit e oil, coconut oil and taking care of the skin.  I'm at the stage where I am conquering my ink regret, I won't let it get me down.  This is hard some days and I'm in a puddle of tears but being positive that removal will happen is key.  I truly believe your removal will happen, it's gonna take time.  Wear the band cover and be happy, it looks fabulous!  aloha...k

So question ladies, I am obviously not trying to...

So question ladies, I am obviously not trying to get pregnant but am with my boyfriend, we have a 2 year old and yea sex happens... Right now I'm unsure if I could be since we did slip up and not wrap up a few times... How does that work with treatments? They have to stop huh?
Yeah, blackberry11 is right.  I also did a google search and found this article, hope it helps.  http://www.skincareguide.com/article/pregnancy-and-laser-tattoo-removal.html  and it states "the laser removal process breaks up the ink in your tattoo, which is then absorbed into the body. This ink can prove harmful to a developing fetus." This reminds me of the quote: "Life happens when you're making other plans".
Yea for my own piece of mind is stop treatments but as selfish as it sounds is be sad to have to stop treatments, this tattoo caused so much hurt... Yet a new baby is always wonderful... Ill find out in a couple weeks... So if its positive ill cancel the treatment if not, onward I go... I tested today but its too early considering the details... I've just had all the same symptoms like when finding out I was pregnant with my daughter... That's why I'm worried/excited/nervous/a million other things
I would consult with you doctor, but I am pretty sure removal while prenant is not safe. take care!

Ok no I am not pregnant and will def be more...

Ok no I am not pregnant and will def be more careful going forward.:. Selfish as this is my sanity needs removal before expansion if my family... I just don't feel I'm in the right state of mind to have a baby... Anyways, mentally preparing for session 3 coming up this month... I've been taking biotin, vitamin d, fish oil, vitamin c and a muli vitamin everyday... I notice the tattoo is changing and the break up is there but big changes I've come to realize will probably be at the half way mark or more... The heat is coming in my area 95 degrees out today and I'm in a 3/4 sleeve :/ sucks! But at least it's a dress so I get some relief...
Had my first session today. My clinician told me to not expect changes to happen till after 3rd session and so to be patient. I really feel for u having to keep it covered as i do the same with mine. Try to go for a walk every day to clear ur thoughts. It definitely works for me.
Good to her you have a definite answer and good to hear that you know what you can and can't do.  I also take Biosil, nasty tasting but the skin needs help.  I'm also looking into Bio oil.  I'm slathered with coconut butter right now, slippery but necessary.  Good luck with your next session.  aloha...k
Thank u, likewise :)

Session 3!!!!!

Ok so I'm here getting my arm number waiting for my turn to get zapped this morning... I have noticed that it never fails... About a week before treatment I get really anxious about seemingly nothing but I know it's this tattoo... The nurse said not to be discouraged... It will fade... Most patients on their average show significant changes after 4-5 treatments... Sometimes 3rd... So lucky number 3? Lol! Ill update again after I am done... Just wanted to check in and say I'm still here, still struggling, and still zapping.. Lol! I really want to start the other tattoo but no funds yet... :( I just don't want to spend the test of my life zapping away at myself... Ugh!
Thanks for the update, you will do just fine. It may hurt more as they do turn up the laser, but just think of something else, don't look at the laser zapping you. Your mind is powerful, allow your mind to take your thoughts elsewhere. My thoughts are with you, and take very good care of yourself.    


So my nurse today was amazing!!!!! She was so motivational... I feel good despite bruises and swelling... I'm icing... Have my arm elevated, and resting...

So tips on healing? I'm going to buy aloe Vera juice, what else? I read coconut oil somewhere too
Good luck Barbiedoll90 on lucky number 3 session!  Everyone is different, I've had five sessions (one was an R20) and my tattoo looks like an old tattoo, not what I expected with fading.  Some areas are blotchy, others pristine, it's so weird but I'm enjoying the fading.  Slather on the antibiotic ointment afterwards, anti-itch cream maybe and think of an ink free future.  As for future tattoos, I hear ya on that one....I'm experimenting with henna/temporary tattoos now to get a feel for future ones.  I'm not gonna let a mistake ruin my future and the love of embroidering myself.  Good luck and thanks for the update, was wondering how you were doing.  aloha...k

4 session countdown already...

4th session is July 19th... I am excited to move things along... I'm predictin my 6th session and last one for the year in November... To think I got the darn thing placed last November... :( oh well... Hopefully ill have saved enough to start removal on my other arm by then as well... I don't mind people knowing about the other removal since they know about that tattoo... It's this one I am ashamed about... I'm hoping that before next summer I'm either ink free or almost there to not feel so ashamed... :(
I don't think you should feel ashamed, we all make mistakes and we can share with others.  Sometimes we think we're the only ones that make these mistakes and then learn that so many others have made the same mistakes.  Hey we're all human!  I thought I was stupid for letting the trusted artist free hand on me and then learned that another person on this forum had a similar experience.  Trust may have been more in the person/artist than in myself but I'm learning.  I've come to finally realize that this was a mistake, don't get me wrong I still hate the ink but I'm learning to accept that a cover up will be in my future and this time I'll be more critical, ask questions and probably have a friend with me to support me.  Good luck with your treatments.  I am also slowing down and waiting 4 months between  R20 sessions to help the skin recover, I don't want to scar .  aloha...k
Yea I am terrified of scaring and after each treatment my lines raise I fear that they will stay that way... But then they go down, I guess part of healing... Still it plays such a huge role in my emotional being... You are very motivating and I'm trying to accept it, just have moments where I really struggle with it... My boyfriend told me he sees some lines that are turning grey, and others that are completely broken off... That's exciting to hear as its number 3 out of 10... I myself really pray I get as ink free as possible because I don't want a tattoo on this portion of my arm to do a cover up... But only God knows... Thank you!!
Kahelani - thank you for your reply to Barbiedoll. I too have been feeling ashamed of my mistake, which is why i never let anyone see it, except one of my closest friends. I've managed to hide it from everyone else thus far. But you're right - we're human and we make mistakes. I also let an artist free hand on me. He's a well known artist, so I trusted him, but now i know that means nothing. Just because an artist is well known doesn't mean you're going to get a tattoo that you love.


Psyching myself out

Well as I apply ointment I put some pressure to massage my arm a little and in some areas obviously I feel the raise Lines as its still healing but underneath those lines I feel bumps, almost like its a bump deep down... I keep thinking I'm scarring... Then I read on the Internet and lets face it google makes everything seems like death... So while the healing continues I think I need to stop thinking about it... Stress won't help clear the ink away... Oh yes and it itches so bad!!!!


its look better now, fading. me too i had my first treatment yesterday and its very tolerable. it really gives me a positive side. my 2nd session is after 2 weeks between june 14-21 thank you for sharing. i started cheering uo now. :')
Don't worry, it feels weird while it heals, i get little bumps too, and they go away. If you feel something odd, contact your clinic. Happy thoughts :)

Learning to accept the mistake in order to move forward

I'm ovviously not there yet but I would like to be... Under the hash tags "tattooremoval, drtattoff, lasertattooremoval" I have come in contact with others experiences this... It's so painful emotionally for me, I can't stand to let others see it so I live in long sleeves, 100 degree weather makes me truly regret this... I just hate that it's made me feel regret towards every tattoo I have... :( ahh!! I guess once I'm further along in fading maybe I won't be this bad... I'd like to save up to start removal on my other arm... I don't want to be removing tattoos the rest of my life so would rather start soon...
aloha Barbiedoll90,  Healing can often be a horrible experience, so discouraging especially if fading is minimal.  I know this all too well.  I had a R20 session in March with an expected one last week but had to cancel it.  I also had raised skin where the laser beam had blasted the offending ink.  I've tried so many different lotions, potions and cream.  I even reviewed about it.  I was so afraid of scarring.  I 'googled' it and think I found out that it's a result of the lasering but who knows if it's temporary.  So I kept searching and found these silicone skin patches that help with scar reduction (found them on amazon and I can send you the links if you'd like).  I also found a wonderful cream 'curel intensive ceramide cream' creams are thicker than lotions and so it's better.  I also wrap the area with saran wrap after applying the cream and then wait an hour.  The raised areas are then flattened and moist. It's wonderful.  There are solutions out there it just takes some work, research.  Don't let Google scare you, often the worst stories are more readily available then the success stories.  When people are happy they often don't take to the internet to share their stories, but when people are upset they bitch and bitch and bitch all over the "net".  It's just therapeutic to do so.  People always spill the beans about the worst stories then the success.  Yes removal is going to take some time: one reviewer started laser sessions and didn't report anything for a year and half and then his success is amazing.  Yes he's had fifteen sessions but that's how long it took for him.  Yes the picosure is out there but it's in its infancy and the results are not widely known.  And finally everyone is different, it's just taking longer with you (and with myself) in the meantime I've chosen to be happy and stay positive (it takes so much effort to be miserable and is so emotionally draining then it affects every aspect of my existence).  Staying positive takes patience and it takes practice.  I don't let the offending ink ruin my day, I live in the tropics and the offending ink is out there for the world to see but I look past the offending ink.  I hate the SOB don't get me wrong, but I am not going to let it get me down, I can do that to myself very easily (we're often our own worst enemy) but the lasering will work, it will fade the ink, it will take some time.  Stay positive, it'll work and try not to let 'google" scare you.  Good Luck!  Slather on the cream.  aloha...k
Hi K, You mention your dry skin, I know you are a very healthy, and care about what goes into your mouth, and don't consume lots of caffeine or alcohol -  so no advise needed there, however I wonder if maybe increasing your hydration including fruit, along with increasing your omega 3's (nuts & whole grains or a supplemental form) and vitamin A (spinach is loaded) B3, C, and E (sounds like I am reciting the alphabet I know)  would help? I believe that the external reflects what we put into our bodies internally.  Oh I forgot, also try some hemp oil - it's great stuff!!!

Photos... 3rd treatments...

Updated pics about a week and some days after 3rd treatment... It's not huge change but I want to keep this as updated as possible
thank you for sharing your story. it really gives me a positive result. im on my treatment also 1st session, this one is my very 1st tattoo. an initials of my son RL the tattoo was not that bad. but then im not contented because its very simple until i decided to go back to my artist and put somehting on it or add my baby's date of birth in roman numbers and after the session *boom. i felt not happy it looks like untidy. im very dissapointed but i knw its my fault. or my artist didnt warn me that it will look stupid by the way. haha lol. it just happen. and then when i go back home i searched all the way how to removed unwanted tattoo. then i just ended up to this community. :)) dont worry we are all here supporting and cheering you. good luck!
Your artist didn't warn you that it would stupid...Ha  Ha....neither did mine honey, neither did mine!  Adding to an existing tattoo is hard, expectations were not met.  I tried so hard to describe to him what the desired look was but to no avail.  I say it was a gender communication mistake.  I know it's my fault, I was so excited about the possibility of greatness and expected far more from the trusted artist than was delivered.  Reality sucks sometimes!  I'm so glad that there is the technology to rid ourselves of these mistakes, I just wish it was a faster process.  I guess if you really want something it's worth the wait.  Good luck!  aloha...k
yeah. when my idea plays on my mind it look nice and good. but then when it comes to reality. as you've said it sucks "sometimes" hehe but im too unlucky coz its my very 1st tattoo, and my idea is so stupid just to make have my own customize tattoo. after this treatment i will never ever get another ink again. hehe. i will be subscribing to all of your stories and positive results. hehe. good luck to all of us. :)

Off topic


Lol! It's amazing the people you meet in a tattoo removal "community" I've looked through the hash tags "tattooremoval" and it's amazing the wonderful people I have found...

It actually helps to know that we aren't alone in all of this...

My arm has healed for the most part, still shiny so still at some level healing... Although I'm convinced that's the type of scarring I have from placement of the tattoo...

Anyways, I have an interview for a new job today... So exciting and scary... But one things for sure... Tattooed people do have opportunities... I mean mine are easy to hide under long sleeves and dressy coats making me totally look the part... Little do people know I am 3/4 sleeved on one arm and my forearm is tattooed on the other...

Laser gives me hope, but tattoos didnt totally ruin my life... Just sanity... Lol!

Hope you all are ok...
Thanks for that comment, I have recently ordered a book on the history of tattoos, called " Bodies of Subdivision" the author digs deep into the history of tattoos and mainly women. She also highlights that tattoos are now more accepted today, and that the rich/high class also are very much involved in the culture. She spoke of many tattoo shops where the majority of the clients are corporate and upper class people - all they care is they can hide it. My husband's doctor at the hospital had a full sleeve, and when my son recently got his wisdom teeth pulled, nurse had a full sleeve Hawaiian theme tattoo on full display. I was at a coffee shop and saw a police officer in uniform, both arms full sleeves - so I don't know why people look down on people with tattoos, the perception and acceptance has changed. I agree for most jobs, especially an interview, you should cover them up, but I see many people with tattoos in both corporate settings (ie - my place of employment, one guy has his head tattooed, I work for a very reputable company) and blue collard jobs. I am not encouraging - "get tattoos who cares where, you'll get a job" I am simply saying that I agree, tattoo's don't "ruin" your life as so many tattoo haters seem to think. People who hate tattoos, hate them, what can you do, that is their opinion and as I say "if I wanted your opinion I would ask you for it" Again, thanks for bringing this up, it's a great point! And I hope your interview went excellent!
Thank you! And yes I agree, My labor and delivery nurse had both her arms sleeved... She was amazing... Obviously we all know tattoos don't signify you as a bad person, they are your choice of expression... My 2 year old has started to notice our tattoos... The one on my forearm with her foot prints she recognized as feet... Now that she's talking more ive told her they are baby's feet, so she shows it off when we are out telling people "my feet" and she pulls at my arm

Photo update

Photo update about 2.5 weeks after session 3, so I won't be updating pics until right before my 4th treatment unless it magically all starts falling off... Lol!!

Trying to remain positive

3 weeks to session 4!!

So I'm 3 weeks away from session 4 and I'm excited and nervous...

If I've done the math correctly and if we keep it at 8 weeks apart by the end of the year I should've done 6 treatments... I was quoted at 10 but am going to realistically place myself closer to 15+ just in case... I definitely do see changes, I'm thinking since she kept the setting the same from session 2 and session 3 maybe session 4 gets cranked up and bam! Fading... Lol...

I'm trying to remain optimistic, and I can't let it bring me down... I've learned to almost forget about it at times, obviously naked or in tanks (which I only wear at home) I notice it and realize how ugly I feel... It's such an emotional journey... So I truly feel for all of us going through it... Again I don't hate tattoos, I love them and still plan and covering the leaves (that I should've just done instead of doing this other piece) but that's it for me.... I really want to start removal on my forearm but I'm going to wait until I'm further into treatments with this fish before I move on and tackle my body with my to fight off...

How are all of you doing?
Does anyone know if consultations with the doctors should be free? I just saw one that charged 150 bucks for a consultation, which seems a bit exorbitant to me. If i consult with five docs before making my decision, i'll be out 600 bucks!
My bad. I'll be out 750 bucks.
Hi Vybie, The consultation I have tomorrow is free and the one I might go to at the end of the month will also be free. Although it is in a different city so I have to pay for the travel. I am not sure if this is a standard practice. I live in Canada. Good luck on your consultations!

T mines 10 days!!!


Yea crazy right, who gets excited to be zapped??!? Well not really excited for the pain and healing but excited to keep going and keep moving forward... I know now and am convinced I did sustain some scarring from placement, in the heat some areas of the tattoo raise and itch slightly... I don't scratch and if I cool off the lines go back down... Again I think, a scar I can deal with as opposed to black ink up and down my arm... There's always other options to minimize the appearance of any scars if it bothers me that much later... So session 4 is coming up, I was told 10? Realistically like I've sad before I'm preparing for 15+ if necessary, I won't exceed 20 treatments at all! And depending on how my skin looks after the 10 I may not do many more and have to live with what's left... I won't do a cover up because I don't want any ink there, so I've decided I live with what happens... I need to...

Thinking of u all my ink regret friends :)
aloha Barbiedoll90,  I like your positive attitude.  Nothing beats a positive attitude.  Staying focused on the task will definitely help.  I am not expecting much, I've only had five treatments.  I've heard you need at least seven or eight to see something happening.  But staring at it won't help (I'm saying that more to myself than anyone).  I've also been told to have realistic expectations.  Your skin won't be as it was before, but I'd rather have a faint shadow than the ink and it seems you feel that way also.  Stay focused, stay positive, the results will happen.  It sucks sometimes, it's hard to stay positive.  I get my down days but then I keep thinking that I am lucky.  Good thoughts lead to good vibes and lowered stress and all of that will definitely help.  aloha...k
Yea I honestly think a slight shadow would be better then dense bold black ink... Plus I'm hoping with my darker skin tone it will blend in enough to where it's not eye catching... Plus, I used to shave my arms all the time, and still do because of treatments but I've tested out letting it grow, since my arm hair is black I'm thinking depending on what's left maybe let my arm hair grow to help shadow... Lol... Weird I know, but I think of a lot late at night...
Barbiedoll - Wow. A cardigan in the summertime? I can definitely relate. My tat is only on my upper arm, so i can push my sleeves a little above my elbow, but I'm still burning up in the 97 degree heat - and I really miss wearing my cute little summer dresses. Well, one day, we'll all be free to enjoy the summer, once again.

I promised an update

So here goes, minor changes still but I only had dense deep black lines to work with so it's not like all my shading can disappear... I'm working on the hardest part, the outline...

In the light I can see the difference more then in darker light or at night...

Session 4 is Friday and surprisingly I don't feel as anxious as normal about it... It's number 4, bring it on! Before I know it this year will be over... Granted I still feel self consious and I don't wear tank tops anymore unless I'm home... But it's life... I'm only 23, I have years ahead of me and a beautiful little girl that loves me with or without this ink... So I'm going to keep strong and keep going... I'll update Friday after treatment to update what setting I'm at and how bad it hurts... It's all a part of the process tho! I met a girl removing a half sleeve and hers is so light now you can barely see it... It's possible! Keep healthy, be prepared for it to hurt, and take care of your healing skin properly... It too shall pass...

Up close

This is me dealing with summer...

So I'm not ready for my "real life" people to know what I'm going through, and hiding in this summer heat has been tough... Still I manage... This is me today, taking the day on... My baby girl needs me to always stay strong... :)

Sorry forgot the pic

Session 4

Damn this is nerve wrecking!!!! Waiting on my turn for session 4, I'll update later today as usual... But sitting here thinking as I numb my arm that I have realized this tattoo, although it has made me feel terrible has also helped me grow... And meet new amazing people... Also helped me be less judgemental... I never thought of myself as judgemental but now I can see where those flaws were because I feel like the tattoo humbled me.. Keep strong my friends, this too shall pass

Support system

Ok, lets talk about support systems... I don't think it's a topic I've touched, especially since I've been selfish and made it just about me when reality is that my family goes through this as well...

My bf wasn't very supportive at first, because he's not one to regret his tattoos, but he does love me and even tho he didn't agree he paid for my treatments and helps me with our daughter... My little brother is a big pain in my rear but during treatment weekends he's my life savior in getting my ice... Lol! Doesn't sound like much but it really helps... My momma is my rock... She helps with cooking, the baby, my emotions... Not many know about my ordeal, but in grateful for the support and unconditional love I have...

So my ink regret siblings... Who/what helps you get through the process... :)
This is a great post! Indeed a true support system is important while going through this process! From day one, my husband and 2 kids have been my support, and the only people who know about this. When I started to freak out about the tattoo, my husband did all that he could to talk me through it, he did get a bit frustrated at times, but he did what he could and gave me space when I needed it, also took he kids out. I will not forget the day he came home with $2500 in an envelope and handed it to me and said "take this and don't question it, this will pay for your treatments" He never ever made me feel guilty about the money, money is the last of his priority, he believes and teaches myself and the kids that life is about more than money and material things and he reminds me of that each day. He has told me time and time again that he loves me just as I am, no matter what happens. He comes to every appointment (my son comes sometimes too) I thank him often for giving me support and he always replies "anything to help you through this to I can have my wife back"  I am very lucky to have my family, I am very fortunate and I wish everyone going through this to have support as well. 
Bb11 that is amazing!!! My fiancé/bf paid for my treatments as well... He didnt question the money just said here take it... He's also going to help me start removal on the other arm, he just wants me to wait because he feels like one arm is enough for my body to fight right now... Support is a big deal I think... And that's why I wanted to talk about it... Our families to through this too, not just us... Treatment days my mom or brother or bf take the baby for the day, let me sleep, ice and rest without chasing a toddler... That's all things that alter their schedules as well so I do appreciate it ya know? I'm glad you have an amazing support system as well :)

Session 4

Session 5 scheduled for September 13 at 1215...

Nothing to report besides normal bruising and swelling... We kept the setting the same... The nurses want to be more cautious with my skin tone because I'm on the darker end... I think I agree especially since I did sustain scarring from initial placement... Nurse said its only on a few small areas so that will take the longest to fade but it's not severely bad to where it won't come off... So here we go... It never fails day of treatment and day after I eat horribly... But comfort food is needed... Lol
Hey guys - I'm going on consultations now, and I've read that you should only use a dermatologist for tat removal instead of a cosmetologist/aesthetician. What do you guys think? Those of you that have already begun the process (Blackberry11, Barbiedoll, Kahelelani..) are you using a cosmetologist or a dermatologist?
I go to dr tattoff... It's a chain of clinics all owned by dr will kirby and his partners... The treatments are done by nurses and each clinic has a dermatologist assigned to it
Thanks, BBD. I didn't know nurses did tat removal. Unfortunately, there is no Dr. Tattoff in the NY area :(

Yes it's painful

Don't ask me if it hurts... Pain is based on your own perception of pain... I definitely feel pain, doesn't mean you will and doesn't mean you won't...

Healing in my opinion hurts more then the initial procedure...

And there's no scarring now, I pray for none as we keep going but considering I do have some scarring from placement we'll see how it looks faded off...

Feeling lazy today still, :( downing water like no other...

I'm also on a journey to get fit and healthy so I will maintain accountable here too as health is an important factor in removal...

I am 5'6" and 159 lbs... Size 8 pants and size medium tops...

Goal 130lbs... Size 4 pants, size small tops...
Great new focus, health - that's the spirit!  Great post!
Yes! Being unhealthy wont help anything, so it's a win win, I get healthy, and the ink comes off ;)

Itchy healing phase?

I think I've been pretty consistent on how long it takes me to heal...

I did forget the "no steam rules" part of removal and yesterday after the gym I went in... :/

But gym again today...':) hopefully all this blood flow helps push ink away...

Just wanted to check in with you guys...
I think you have a wonderful attitude, that's what is going to help us all get through this.  I've been so focused on one thing, and that is that the ink will go.  I love your attitude, your cover up sleeves and your pictures.  You are just so cute, you are glowing and that gives us all hope.  aloha...k
K- it's amazing to hear you say that since before this all started and I would lurk through these reviews I felt like I had just ruined my life... I was so consumed and depressed I couldn't get out of my own head... Somehow I guess something changed and I feel different... I still hate the ink and still want it gone and still cover it... But I don't worry about it being there like its the worst thing that could possible happen to me...
Thank you for everything tho... You and BB11 were a big part of my change in attitude... We will all get through it...

Already raised

And partially scarred lines, I've been reading that scar tissue can really delay fading... :( my outlines look as black as when I started, I mean yea up close I see break up, but nothing major... Halfway mark to my "quoted 10 treatments" is in September but seeing such little change I know it will be a long road ahead...

I have discouraging moments still! I just act tough ;) lol...

I'm adding some pics so you guys can see what in talking about... It's not crazy scaring... It's almost like imagine being scratched by a cat, you know how that raises? Well like that... It's not visibly noticeable but if you feel or look for it you'll see it...

I'm still prepared to live the slightly raised outline/scars in those places as long as the ink isn't in them... I don't mind having to tell people "it was a tattoo"

1st treatment to 4th treatment

I love that you posted the zucchini bread.. so cute!
Lol, aside from tattoo removal we are all human... ;) I figured someone would chuckle at my zucchini bread... Haha... Happy fading :)

Dry skin?

Ok, so I know it took longer to heal because of the added body temps from workouts and my mistake in the sauna... But I was still putting aquaphor on, last night I forgot to re-lather it on and this morning my skin is really dry... The outline is almost like a thin scab? Just really dry and wrinkled, I put more ointment on so idk? I'm also drinking more water today... Hope it heals up nice... :/

2 weeks

It's been 2 weeks since treatment 4, I definitely see break up and see parts of the line turning grey... It has taken longer to fully heal and I think a lot has to do with me being in the gym and my body temps going up... It's kinda dry in some areas and started to peel a little... I can't wait to have this part of my arm back, but patience is key to this whole process... It's a slow one I know, I'm really eager to start my other tattoo as that one is mainly grey wash I hope it fades a lot faster...

Just keeping things updated... Probably the last photo update until before my 5th treatment in September... Keep your head up friends... This to shall pass... :)

I was able tell someone about the tattoo removal today...

We are getting our windows redone and the guy doing the quote asked me what happened to my arm, since I have the arm cover on... I told him I'm getting a tattoo removed and need to keep it out of the sun, he just smiled and said yea one of my friends is getting one removed... A lot harder then putting on huh, and went about his business...

It made me feel good to be able to say it and not care, and to see that it wasn't a big deal to this man either... Really our tattoos bother us, not really anyone else..: I've gone out without the arm cover, it's refreshing not to care about it there so much that it consumes me... Just wanted to update and let you guys know it gets easier with time.... Hang in there friends :)
Nice to hear!!! Why hide hey :) Good for you!!

Side by side

I love it that you were able to share with someone.  It turns out that it's often no biggie, we all make mistakes.  I was asked by a woman about mine and when I told her what was happening she was amazed "they can do that?!", she really wanted to have hers removed.  I find that covering it up can be a relief, but it can also be a pain, especially when it's hot.  I think your fading is amazing, you can really see it with the side by side photos.  Which is wonderful.  I will admit I've spent the last few nights scouring the internet trying to find success stories and wonder when it'll be my turn.  So seeing your fading is a positive.  My patience is being tested now, and I fear that I may not be up for the challenge...well not at this moment.  I'll be so glad when this is all over with...what on earth will we talk about then?!  :-)
I did the side by side photos so I can look at where I'm headed... I still see the same outline I hated and hate last November when I left the shop... I have hard days especially during healing when I think this isn't even changing anything... Then I pu the photos side by side and it is... I knew I was in for the long haul... And I am committed to that long haul... As I've said before I'm prepared to do treatments as needed because there will be no cover up here... What doesn't fade if there's parts that don't fade I will have to cross at that point... Although I pray it all goes away... Hang in there... I look to you and bb11 a lot :)
Hey Barbiedoll90, we are all in this together.  I always think of all of us when I begin to feel bummed out.  I'm not the only one who made this foolish mistake.  I also hope and think about the day when my skin will be ink free...or at least faded.  I'm wearing my silicone skin patches and thinking of that day.  I'm hanging in there, BD90, and only allowing the few moments of sulking.  aloha...k


So my tattoo is HUGE and takes up most of my arm... It also is hard to photograph well, and from far away the changes is minimal... Bf says that there is change tho even looking far away, he says the tattoo has a grey /old appearance as opposed to the really dense and black lines I started with... I'm adding pics of the entire tattoo is close ups, well as close as I can figure out to capture on my own... Mine also seems to have reddish/brownish under the outline and the parts that are fading off... It does seen to fade away tho... My clinic isn't worried about it and from other blogs I've followed seems to be the normal course of fading..

I may have gotten stronger and more open but yes I understand how devastating it feels to have a portion of your body that makes you feel so ugly... But honestly it's ugly to us, not many others... I've told more and more people (still not my grandparents) but most responses are "we are all young" or "the tattoo doesn't take away from you" or "your still beautiful" and it helps so much to hear someone tell you it's not a big deal because it will fade! Granted there will always be that part of you that still carries the tattoo even when it fades because its a part if your story now... Tattoos are a part of your story and removing them are as well... God only knows why I allowed the damn thing to be placed, but he also gave me the courage to start removal... I've learned to hide under long sleeves and can't wait for winter because let's face it, it gets hot... But I also learned to shop for flattering sexy long sleeve outfits so that I can still feel beautiful... My tattoo extends down my arm about 3 inches why of my wrist... So he's I understand...

Granted I didn't finish this tattoo but I knew I would hate it... Rather then let him color it in and "grow to love it" I decided it needed off...

Sorry I'm rambling just things I've been thinking of during this process...

And sorry to Real Self since I've turned this review into almost like a blog... I just know how hard it is to overcome the feelings of anxiety and hate... And I wanted to let you all know its all a process of learning and growing from this... Happy fading...
Thanks for sharing your feelings, I think it's great! Connecting with others going through this is very helpful. By posting your updates, both about your removal and your emotions, is important as it will prepare others starting their removal journey. I am thrilled for you that you have come such a long way from day one, and just think...fall and winter are on their way!  

Still there

I swear I have dreams in where I have this part of my body back then wake up to look and it's still there...

Bf told me the other day it looks really dull... He had a hard time trying to explain it but he said its overall not as intense and bold, looks dull and shaky almost... Which is a good thing... 4 treatments in idk how much I expected gone and a few people I've talked to said they noticed big changes between 5-6 treatments... So we'll see... I think I'm going to postpone #5 a week because I want to do a mud run the 14th of September and that would be the day after treatment...

Just checking in... Haven't forgotten all of you...

My fish is getting dull, how are you guys fading?
You're so cute! I like that "how are you guys fading?"  I am seeing great results, it seems since I have posted my last set of photos I have more fading on the black, it's breaking down very well. I am on session 8 and for me I believe I am almost at my home stretch! I am not giving up, no way... I believe in this treatment, therefore the treatment WILL work. I also believe in the healing power of the body, another example of how powerful our bodies are at healing is a few weeks ago I tore off a ligament on my foot, was told by my doc no running for 6-8 months, it's 2-3 weeks later and I am running, not fast, but still running. Don't give up on your body, with a healthy diet, and a positive mental outlook you can achieve anything.  It was said by Sylvester Graham (he was an advocate on eating healthy)  “In all these operations the organic instincts act determinately, and, as it were, rationally, with reference to a final cause of good, viz., the removal of the offending cause.” … Continue to take care of your health (both mental and physical) and you will wake up one day with no ink on your arm! Have a wonderful day!! B11
I think your words today and early this week are wonderful.  If you have to write lots and it seems like a blog, it helps others out there.  I maybe speaking for Real Self, but I think their main objection is to be a support for others and I don't think there is a word limit on that. Postponing sounds like a good idea, I did that and the fading continued.  I have my next R20 treatment in one month.  And then another in December.  That'll be 14 passes of the laser beam (I should say that like a character from the "Austin Powers" movies) and then I'll probably take a break.  I hate this ink...just as I know you hate yours...but we need to stay positive, keep patient and post our feelings...and there's no word limit  :-)   aloha...k

Mud run!

I have decided to post pone my 5th treatment a week because I'm going to sign up to do a mud run and the date of the run would be the day after my scheduled treatment 5... I have felt so much better honestly and went out a couple times in tank tops... No one even looks at me... I used to swear people would eyeball and nothing, I felt so free... I still want the thing gone but I'm not desperately ready to off myself... (Which is how I felt at first)

There's light at the end, and like blackberry, I have braved letting the world see me... :)
I'm going through the exact same thing, I recently got a tattoo and instantly regretted it. I'm so scared of the removal process but thanks for sharing your experience, it helps so much.
When I first started my research I came across blackberry11 and she really inspired and helped me push through... It helps to take to people who understand you... Best of luck in your treatments
Nice!!! The run sounds so fun! Very proud of you!!!!

Huge tattoo regret, yea that happens

Yea I understand regret of a huge tattoo, it happens even to the best of us... I'm adding a photo of me just lounging around but this is my "it's hot so the worlds just going to have to deal with my tattoo outline cuz I don't give a *beep*" look... Lol! Things change, now thinking about it I can't say they become easier but my outlook on the situation changed making it easier for me to respond... I swore my life was over after I did this... I swore I couldn't handle breathing because what kinda dumb person does this to themselves, well I'll tell ya... Because WE WANTED TO... Simple... It wasn't what you expected or no longer want it... There's a solution, just understand it takes a long time..: I've met so many people through this journey... Some were done in a year; some in less, some in 2 and even met Someone going on 3 years of removal... Everyone's body is different, the best thing to do is relax, get healthy and stay as healthy as possible, and most importantly love yourself...
Hi there barbie, just a quick question because we both have tattoos on our arms and both going through laser removal ( well I will be soon ) my question was how long do you find it usually takes for you to be able to use your arm again fully without much discomfort post treatment? Just wanted to know because I am a plumber myself and I like to go to the gym so I kinda use my arms a lot lol
Well my arms usually swells a lot, so I find it usually takes 3 days for swelling, and another 3-4 for the bruising pain underneath... The laser treatment causes a lot of heat at least for myself in my arm, I tried working out sooner and it took me longer to heal

5th treatment

Is set for September 28 at 415pm... :) I'm ready... Just trucking along now...
aloha Barbiedoll90, You've got a great attitude.  I think you should follow professional advice as to have aggressive you need to go.  I'm not a big fan of people on this site offering their techniques and opinions.  They can't see your skin, nor how the laser reacts with the ink.  My technician is going slow and steady and I'm just fine with that.  I don't have any scarring, the scar sheets are a great preventative. If it takes longer than other people, well that's just fine.  Everyone is different.  We're here to support and share.  Nothing more, nothing less.  As for the big mistake, well we all make them.  It's just the way life is.  There isn't anyone out there that is perfect.  We may think they are, but they aren't.  I'm going in for another R20 on Wednesday, and I hope I'll continue to see good results.  So far, so good, we're taking nice and slow.  Good luck with yours at the end of the month.  aloha...k 
if the patients are content with the progress then that's mostly what matters. but during my travels across the internet, i feel like i've noticed a lot of people dr. tattoff patients reporting 20-30 treatments... way more than the norm. (i doubt anyone is ever told more than 15 when they first sign up for a package.) and that just seems like an insane number of treatments to me. i might rather have mild scarring than 30 treatments.
All in the reaction of ur body my friend... It is many many treatments that are painful... So we shall see... :)

Healthier Me

Both physically and emotionally... It's such a struggle but I feel like I am getting there little by little... I weigh in today at 151.5... So I'm down 8.5 lbs since I first told you guys I'm going to get healthy... I also feel stronger emotionally... Half way mark is this Saturday, slow and steady... Hopefully my ink doesn't become resistant... Aggressive technicians could work in some cases, I just feel with my skin tone that mine is doing it the best way possible so as to minimize damage...

How are you all doing? :)
aloha BB90,  Congrats on the weight change!  Hurray!  You look awesome in your photos.  I like how you say that your technician is doing what is necessary for you and your skin tone.  I've heard that others are receiving much higher intensity, my guy/technician won't go too high.  HE goes slow through the session and watching the skin react.  I'm doing very well at level 5.5.  I'm post one week of the R20 session, my third session, and the bruising is gone, the few small blisters are gone. I'm following the Welsh guy's suggestion to not load up with lotion.  It makes healing so much better.  And I don't wear a bandage past day three following the session, nor the Bacitracin (as all that itches and drives me crazy).  I think going slow and easy will mean great skin results rather than a scar.  Although I say I wouldn't mind a scar, but we don't want to intentionally do it.  I also purchased some small iridescent purple beaded bracelets and they are a wonderful distraction.  I feel pretty again!  $20 was worth it.  I see that today is your day, so good luck, keep us posted.  I'm off to have rooibos tea and cereal and enjoy the day.  I'll be sending good thoughts your way from around the world.  aloha...k

Slow and steady wins the race! Nice work with all that you have achieved!


Postponed again

Yes yes, I had to reschedule my appointment for today... It was my cousins birthday last night and well too many drinks later I didn't feel like being zapped today...

I'll keep u guys updated in my new appt day when I figure it out...
Do you know what type of laser they are using on you? Picosure... Qswitch... Yag... Etc? Just curious.
Start taking melatonin 5mg each night. Not only will it help you sleep, but it helps the immune system, thus aiding in the healing process. Also, itching is a good thing...means its healing!!! Good luck sweety.

Darker skin

Has different reaction... If you look closely you can see where the surrounding skin is slightly lighter then the rest of my skin that's never been treated... In everything I read and speaking with my clinic it's a reaction that can happen in people with a skin tone like mine... The lines are pretty dark but they were denser on the outer portion of my arm... This reaction is why I chose to trust a slow process... Who knows if it would be worse if they had gotten aggressive before.. My 5th treatment is set for September 19 at 9am... They will dial up then...

I don't drink anything but my daily coffee, water and green tea... I also have eliminated most of the junk food... I am weighing in at 150.9 and now officially getting too small for size 8 bottom, still a little muffin top In a size 6, so I'll continue to work on a physically and emotionally healthier me...

Thank u for the nice comments... I don't ever get offended, at least haven't so far by any... I do understand the concern for going slow and I have read some people comment on many treatments with the actions that dr tattoff staff chose... For now, I will continue trusting...

5th treatment no numbing cream

So we dialed down instead of up... It hurt so bad and I'm so happy I used numbing cream befor and will continue to do so with future treatments...


It's hard to take pics of the other side of my arm which I would love to be able to do since that's the deeper part but this is all I can capture on my own...
hey you... first off your outline is clean and the lines are nice and clean so no need to be ashamed wearing it for the time being! second off,the results for the amount of times you have gone seem to be minimum if any at all. other than the different lighting used in the pictures.. i think you need to switch lasers to the q switch or picosure.. you have a nice tatoo and from what i can see your a beautiful woman,I would keep it you seem like a classy girl with a 3/4 sleeve. that is the sexiest combination ever..y ouhave a lot to be happy about, remember if you have your health you have everything.. these things are meaningless in the big picture. maybe look into another laser, regardles. happy trails
Thank you! I try to keep with the same lighting on pics... It's changed quite a bit but yes still very much there... I'm being treated with a revlite laser... I'll have to look into things... Thanks for your comment, means more then you know
Your tattoo only would of emphasized on your beauty. Did people's opinions have something to do with you wanting it gone?

Sun exposure

I should add that my arm has had no sun exposure since being placed November last year... So yes my arms are lighter now then they were when this first started...

I know my change and progress is minimal, but honestly as of right now I do trust the process and the facility I am in... I appreciate all the comments, but every tattoo is different and everyone's skin reaction is different... I felt how deep this was placed, I knew the challenges is face with my skin tone...
It's definitely coming off.. and you do have darker skin and should be careful with scarring. And sometimes it's difficult with lighting variations to see the progress as precisely through these photos as you see it in person. It will be gone soon enough. Hang in there :)
Thank you! It's certainly a struggle but one I am learning to take with a smile. :)

We certainly appreciate the fact that you keep us up to date on your progress, this is a long treatment and one that should be taken with caution, so you are being very smart about this :)


How are you guys doing?

Hey everyone, just a quick "hi" and check in... I still very much have the tattoo so I'll post an update photo before my next treatment but for now just wanted to say hi and remind all of you struggling with the idea of removal or devastated because your beautiful idea for body art didn't come out how you wanted it to, I've been there and it WILL get better. I PROMISE.

I was so down and depressed, I recently found emails I sent my doctor last year and it really sent chills down my spine reading how unbelievably down I was. In the email I'm clearly freaking out, asking for help... The tattoo was done November 7th last year so I've officially lived a year with the damn thing and 5 laser sessions in I have learned so much. I've learned to love myself and as much as I still pray for the removal to be amazing I've learned I have so much more to live for and wasting time, energy, and my life being depressed took away from my family.

Don't let that be you. Lean on all of us here for support... I've gained so much strength from the network of amazing ink regret siblings and friends I've met...

Good night all... Thinking of u...
hey, im getting a sleeve lightened and also some stuff on my other arm. I know the decision is personal, and I feel you. but I just wanted to say that atleast you have some good ink to wear during the fading process. if I saw that on the street id think that you had good tattoo work. if that's of any consolation..
Thank you! It's definitely good work, although I know in previous posts I have made it sounds like it wasn't. It's just not work I feel suits me, it's really dark and bold and not what I wanted for myself. The artist that did it does amazing work but I think we didn't fully understand each other because I ended up regretting this so much. He's done other work for me, in fact the other one I will be having partially removed (not because I hate it, I actually love it) but the process of this ink regret made me really evaluate how I want to live and who I want to be and arms full of ink don't feel like me anymore. It's really all personal at this point. The part in the other I will be removing is 90% gray wash so it's supposed to be easier to remove and the outline is 70% less dense and less thick than this one so I'm more hopeful for that. Thank you for those words tho. It took a lot of self work for me to realize it's not bad work. Is just not what I wanted. GL with your treatments!
aloha Barbiedoll90, Yes, it's been a year since both you and I received our offending ink. Freak out ensued! I often look back and think what did I do?! As I'm sure you have also. But I've watched you take this year with gusto. You've done a race in the mud, you've worn tattoo sleeves, and you've done an awesome job supporting all of us. I look down on my offending ink and think "out you go". After ten pulses with the laser beam, it is a soft grey...but still there. I'm taking a year off, hoping the ink will continue to fade, I'll gather up the funds and return with gusto. I'm extremely patient, if it takes a few years, well it takes a few years, but the ink is on its way out the door. As is yours. We're not freaking out so much now, because we're stronger, we have support and we are there for others. Good luck! You're amazing! aloha...k

Photo update.

Really not much to report, change is more apparent in real life seems like but maybe you guys can get an idea.

Another thing I am or may not have mentioned the artist used a flame to widen the needle before starting giving me not only deep dense lines but really bold ones. If I look close I can see the lines thinning out so grey and then black line in the middle. Now to call and postpone my treatment because I have a couple bday parties the weekend # 6 is scheduled.

Patience is key. And I'm also being a baby because we are dialing up, they dialed down for me last one because I didn't numb. So up up and away!
Just checked out your latest pics. I see a lot of lines breaking up. Good for you! Hang in there!
It seems more obvious in person then photos, but thank you! It keeps me hopeful. :)
looks like some good fading!

Treatment 6

Very dense tattoo is a stubborn pain in the behind...

But I spend Christmas with my health, daughter, family, and little life, so I'm very grateful for what I have. I'm chugging along with the removal because obviously I still hate the thing... But I don't want to dwell... New year new chances... My next treatment probably won't be until middle march sometime since I want to space them out further, and because I have a lot of birthday parties cominng up... Most importantly my little girls... I won't let this stinkin tattoo ruin anything anymore...

Just checking in, I haven't been zapped yet... I'm sitting numbing and waiting on my turn... :)
I too, have been having laser removal for almost a year! It's crazy how time flies, and how time can start to heal emotions. I still get down about my mistake, but I agree, having a network of friends has made all the difference for me too! I think it's great that you are focusing on the most important things in your life and moving on! I need to learn from you! I still dwell on my ink. Anyway, your fading is coming along! Have a happy new year!
Oh regretful99, I still regret and dwell on the ink, but those times are few and far between now that fading is happening. The ink looks grey rather than black and there are patches of skin showing...I luv that peepshow!! :) I just wear shiny, beautiful bracelets and think about the skin not the ink. I am just staying patient, positive and persistent...life goes on, the world keeps turning, the sun shines, and I don't want to miss any of it. I will not let the ink rule my life. I am worth more than that and so are you...and everyone else here. Good luck and as we say here Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year! aloha...k
I still dwell on the mistake some days, but not long... Mainly because I don't want a cover up so I'm in for the long haul wherever that takes me... I don't want ink in this portion of my body... But moving on is a must, my daughter is 2 she will be 3 soon, I don't want to waste life miserable and miss out on her... It's a process... Happy new year!!! Hope you spend it with those that cherish you for YOU

Check in

Almost 2 weeks since #6, healing like usual... I still use aquaphor off and on and it's still healing I feel... But I'm chugging a long... I really wanted to try Blackberry's challenge but other things came up and I couldn't focus on prepping and trying it out... Thinking of doing it next month since it's my birthday month... I will be 24 guys... It's certainly unreal!!

In other news I am down to 140lbs... :) so things are looking up... The tattoo is there but life certainly does go on... No new photos since well there's really only so many pixxtutes of an outline I can show u guys... Plus it's always dark before it lightens...
Great job on your weightloss :) You can try the Raw Food Challenge anytime, always best to wait till it works best for you so that you have good results. 


Photo update

It's been 2 weeks since #6 and honestly a little discouraging to see how much of it is still there... Nevertheless onward I go... The deeper areas where I have some scarring from placement have yet to really show much change... The lines are breaking up but not like the inner portion of my arm... I do have some hypopigmentation going on and I knew that was a possibility going into this... Course of action I feel is to space out treatments further in between... I also want to ask them to turn the setting higher for next time and then wait longer and see how that goes...

All else is the same... I still put aquaphor on it after showers so it doesn't get too dry... Pretty soon here it will be just lotion...

I keep reminding myself I'm only 23 and have so much ahead of me, God willing of course... So the tattoo won't be running my life, I'll run it and the tattoo will fade in time... My heart tells me it will!
hey, I think you shoul consider changing a doctor and the laser maybe. What type of laser do you use? It is obviously not working well...You can hardly see any change... In Poland there are about 3 laser studios in my city which I don't know much about, that is why I have choosen the laser studio which has a lot of positive opinions and proven effects in tattooremoval! But I have to drive to different city for about 4 hours....but that's the price of the treatment being woth it ;) Check my tattoo removal process ;) Take care!
Thank you for your update, keep up the positive attitude that will help you with your removal as when we stress ourselves out it plays a toll on our immune system. Remember it continues to fade between treatments, I have seen more fading in mine since my last post and I have not had a treatment since October. 

Take good care, you are doing wonderfully! 
good outlook on life. I think really cranking up the power and waiting longer between treatments would really help at this point (plus you seem to have the patients of a saint). its hard to tell from your pictures, in some of them you can really notice the breakup, and the last picture the black looks much duller. my arm is the same way, it looks very faded in some lighting and sun, and in other lighting still very dark. and youre only 2 weeks after treatment, you should be seeing a lot more fading in the next few weeks. I also wonder if it the further along you are, the more fading you can see with waiting.

"Lack of results"

I have really not much to report...
I realize darker skin was a risk to hypopigmentation, so not surprised...

I do feel changes in my tattoo and although change is slow it is change... An outline that was placed this deep may need more time, may never go away, may do a lot of things but as of right now riding it out at this clinic is the only option I have...

I appreciate everyone's concern and comments but I don't have an option right now... Like I said before I will ask for the setting to go higher and wait longer in between to see how that changes things...

Patience is a big part of this entire process and considering I don't want a cover up I will ride this out slowly...

The "lack of results" comments/messages don't really help... I realize others have better results on tattoos, then I look at where they started as opposed to myself and can't compare..

No photo updates.... Just touching base so you all know I haven't forgotten... I will see this review all the way through... Good morning ya'll
Barbiedoll90, I've been thinking about you. You're my favourite poster here. I love the story about your mud run, your zucchini bread cheering you up. I think you're awesome and I think your fading is going great. It takes time, that sucks, but it's just the way it is. I think about you and wonder where you've gotten to and how you're doing. I hope all is well. Yes, patience is really important. I'm going through this removal process to the bitter end also. And if that takes years...well it takes years....I'm okay with that, because I'm worth it...and so are you my cute friend....so are you...aloha...k
And for what it is worth...I've just scrolled through your photos and I see fading. And I think it's amazing. Good luck!
K, you are amazing and I'm so happy to be in this journey with such a strong person! I'm still here... Kinda laid back because to be honest removal isn't my sole or main focus anymore... Still I promise to see this review all the way through. How are you doing?

Postponed treatment

Well nothing much to report besides I postponed treatment scheduled for today just because I needed sleep...
Hey, glad you checked in, when will you be going for your next appointment?
Honestly no idea... It's not a priority now so maybe in another month or so... I've actually contemplated fading the lines enough to cover with something beautiful.... The lines are so dense and I've almost lost hope they can completely go away, and I've kinda grown accustomed to seeing it on my arm... Very strange
Oh really, I don't think that's strange at all, it's part of the process. I remember just wanting my tattoo off no matter what - a cover up was not an option. When the reality set in that it may never go away 100% along with  the subtle skin damage that I see after each treatment, I was very open to the idea and now really am excited to start my cover up. 

I kinda wish now I never lasered the flowers because I may just end up keeping them and rework them into another design. This is why it's so important to be sure before staring the laser treatments, for some people it's just such a shock to see the tattoo, and often the tattoo is really nice it's kinda a shame for a laser to ruin it - especially because it may never be gone, so being open to a cover up is very important. 

Photo update

The lighting is different here as I'm in my living room... This is the tattoo 11 weeks after treatment 6... Treatment 7 was scheduled but I canceled and haven't rescheduled yet... There's no scarring besides the scaring from placement, I've just learned to focus on new goals... I'm think maybe waiting a month and going for treatment 7... I am still here... And so is the tattoo... But it no longer consumes my every thought...
What laser are you getting treated with?

No treatment

Still haven't scheduled it and not sure exactly when... I'm thinking another month... Have some things planned with family coming up so going to enjoy that... Tattoo is very much still here but it is almost a part of me now... I don't Iove it but don't hate that part of my body anymore... How are all of you? I think about u all often... I remember the panic and sheer desperation I felt... Now I'm at peace with the fact that I'm human... :-)
Thank you for checking in, glad to hear you have moved on from this!! 
This is such an awesome and helpful review. Thanks for taking the time and keep us posted with updates.
Hey! :) So good to hear that you are at peace and in mych better place! Having a family gathering is always good and I hope you will enjoy it to the max! :)

June 28th is treatment #7

So I have finally scheduled my next laser appt. I'm excited to keep going, not excited about the pain. But the appt is set. I see a lot of changes in the outline sadly it's hard to grasp thse changes in pictures. But I'll take one after my next appt.
Good luck!!
Hey there you are Barbiedoll90!! I have missed you. I'm sure your changes are wonderful, cameras don't capture it all. Good luck with the next session, keep breathing, it's all worth it. aloha...k


Well everyone... Here's a side by side of the tattoo in it's current state and where I started... It's very dull... The outer part of my arm is darker then the inner part but I knew that would happen... See you all in a month after #7... :-) my tattoo turns 2 in November!!! Let's see how faded it is by it's 2 year birthday... Haha!!
Sometimes fading can be seen with the side by side photographs...but it's definitely there. You rock Barbiedoll90!
I can definetely see the fading, and since its such a big tattoo, i think you will just have to be patient. One day it will be over ;) Also, it sounds like everyone around you is super suportive, and still loves you, even if you got a big tatto on your forehead! (But i wouldnt recommend that tho) :) So all in all, i think you have all the reasons in the world to stay positive :) Good luck!


My arm has had minimal to zero sun exposure since placing the tattoo which is why I look lighter as well... It was for two reason, for me not to tan anymore so as to not have darker skin being treated and because I was so ashamed... Now I've noticed that I can walk around and it doesn't bother me like it did... Here's two pics I snapped while waiting in the Starbucks drive thru today... You can see the loss of pigment in areas of my arm (which again I knew was possible and am not freaked out over)... I have plans still to "girl" up my original piece, and I might have that extend down to my elbow... Still just thoughts and plans... I want to cover those leaves in the top piece... But I will continue with removal on the rest and in the process continue to grow as a person... I hope you all can learn to forgive yourself, and your artist... Life does go on...
Great words of inspiration, forgiving oneself is very important. Going through all of this with you has been incredible, I am so thankful a truly amazing community!!

Yes it has... I remember November of 2012 in sheer desperation I googled removal options and stumbled upon your review... Such an amazing supportive community... I've grown so much thanks to this and all of you... b
hey beautiful, glad your happier! really nice fading, please contact me when you want to finish your tattoo so i can recommend a proper artist ! take care

Postponed #7

Yes that's right it's been postponed, but this time because I have an infection and I needed antibiotics... So 2 weeks out from my last dosage makes treatment day July 19 now... I also added a photo of my whole arm... I've had a hard time trying to show you guys the entire piece so I had my 3 yr old snap these... Not great quality but now you can see what the whole piece looks like... I'm about 90% sure that I will continue to fade this until I can cover the top portion up to my elbow, and then continue treatments on the portion below until it's gone or I'm not allowed to treat it anymore...

But that's still just a thought process... I will be patient and take my time deciding on anything... For now, keeping with the original plan and treating this tattoo...

I truly hope all of you have forgiven yourselves or are trying to... I promise life goes on...
The new photo is amazing, your 3 year old is very talented! :) One thing I've learned through this whole process is that we want control over the situation. But far too often we don't get it. Finish up your RX, and then do the laser sessions. You'll do amazingly, just as you have before. I like your attitude to fade until you can "girl up" the ink. That's my policy: I was looking at my ink tonight and thinking "if it was a little more feminine I'd be happy". Keep us posted, I'm looking forward to seeing your results. aloha...k
Yes!' More feminine, that was my issue with the original piece... I feel it's too dark, if it was feminine and had girly colors id love it! I still have the same plans... I don't want anything past my elbow tho... So moving forward with laser while I redesign and take my time! :)
Hey there! Just wanted you to know that your story is the number one removal story i've been following on here. I'm going through a similar (but slightly smaller) situation. Fresh black ink seems so intimidating to remove... its been a mental struggle to say the least. I plan on posting my progress soon thanks to you! I hope you can resume your removal soon, we all deserve to be comfortable in our bodies again.

Treatment day

I'm here!!

I haven't told many "real life" peeps, but I'm not as ashamed and slowly just letting go...

This is #7, I ate breakfast, drank water, I'm being number and just waiting...

Hope you all are amazing!! On treatment days I usually do NOTHING all day, rest, ice, drink plenty of water. That's it. I take the day for me. My amazingly supportive family entertains my little girl for the day so this can be possible. :) see you guys after the zapping!!
aloha Barbiedoll90, you are just as cute as imagined! Good luck with the treatment and I'm glad that you take the day for yourself. Self care is very important. I'm sure that the treatment will go well, you have been having such great success so far. Enjoy your day! aloha...k
Aww K, thank you! I figured you posted yourself! So I could be brave too! :) the clinic had a new laser so it was a more intense treatment. Swelling and bruising like normal... Hope it pushes things along. :) and in case anyone asks, I was being treated with a revlite. They now have the astanza duality.
Take care, rest, and dream of happy thoughts. aloha...k

New laser

So up until yesterday I was being treated with the Revlite, since I've been gone they have a new laser, the astanza duality. The tech said they were doing a more aggressive treatment and since it's a new laser it's more intense, boy was she right. The initial pain of the treatment was about the same if not less painful. But the healing part sucks! My arm is swollen like usual, outline is raised like usual, and bruised like usual. I've done nothing for 2 days besides sleep, drink water, ice, and keep my arm elevated while I watch tv. My mom took my baby for the night which was a great help. My little got to have fun!

I wil update with pics in a couple weeks. Today there's not much new to report besides all the same healing as always.
Hey! :) you have such a beautiful smile and you are gorgeous! :) hope you are doing great and congrats on treatment #7!
Thank you! Treatment 7 was tough... But I made it!! Treatment 8 October 4


Never fails, healing for me seems to be a couple of weeks. Lines are still raised, kinda itchy, no swelling anymore.

I'll do a photo update right before treatment 8 possibly.

Overall the tattoo is fading, it was really dense and deep to start. There's break up of lines for sure. And some pieces have cleared. Overall tho, the tattoo is obviously still there. The scales and eye on the fish are scared from place of tattoo so those are taking longer to break up, but they are fading.
Hey there, just checking in to see how you healed up.
aloha Barbiedoll90, Another session under your belt...HURRAY!! I also have raised bits, and was thinking it will take longer to fade. I am using my scar sheets and am gearing up for another session. Together girl we can do it!! I am so excited to see that you are moving forward, seeing fading, that's fantastic! Good luck with the healing, you'll do awesomely!! aloha...k
Thank you k! When is your next session?

Taking care of yourself

Please please remember to take care of yourself during this process, it's a LONG painful one...

I've basically healed.. Some rougher patches still but overall it's smoothed out and not itchy...

In the picture I'm enjoying this summer with my little... She is getting big and I refuse to be depressed over a tattoo I'm not happy with... I've told more and more people about it...

One day I'll have to redesign it maybe.:: for now just keep going...

Miss you all!!
Your update put a gigantic smile on my face!!!! I am so very proud of how far you have come in the process. Your daughter is adorable, just like mom. Thank you for this inspriation to all!!
Thank you Eva... It's taken awhile for me to realize there's more to life... And she could care less whether the tattoo is there or not... These arms can hug and comfort her regardless... :)
You got it!!


Piggy banking on last nights posts...
Those eyes! Priceless photo - so glad you shared :)
Love the pictures of you and your daughter! Goes to show that life does go on regardless of how these tattoos have affected our lives. Thanks for sharing your experience and personal photos with us. Yours was one of the first reviews I started following religiously especially since I am also Hispanic and also going to a Dr Tattoff (except in Dallas). It always nice to see the person behind the review. Funny how less visible the tattoo is when you see the whole person. If I/we could only realize how "small" our tattoos really are!
My main reason for sharing who I was and the pictures of myself and my daughter was to show how I've gotten by... Life is much greater than superficial appearance... The tattoo hasn't stopped me from being able to live besides mentally and emotionally so I had to learn to get past it... Plus I felt like I've created a connection with a lot of ink regret siblings and showing myself was a way of healing for me too! I don't want to hide... It's taken me a lot of time, but I feel like if I could help someone by posting my personal life as well and show I'm more than ink I will do that... I hope your removal goes great and congrats on your baby boy! :)

100 days of happiness

Hello my wonderfully amazing ink regret family...

I have a challenge for you all... 100 days of happiness!!!!

I know how terrible these tattoos have made us feel... And although I've done wayyyy better than the girl i was when this started I still struggle... Joy and health go together in my book, so my challenge to all of you is to everyday, for 100 days, at the end of the day reflect on what made you happy...

A cake, a bird, a friend, anything!!! Pick one, and you can share it... #100daysofhappiness

Or just reflect in it for you... I will be doing the challenge as well... I think it will be a great way to make us all stop and look at the greater picture...

As far as the tattoo, yes it's still there... The lines are breaking up and thinning out... I know there's a long road ahead for me... But I will keep at it until it's gone, I don't care, or I decide to redesign my arm...

in summer graduate school we did grateful journals each week. We had to think of 5 things we were grateful for. Happiness and gratitude are definitely addictive, once you start looking at things that make you happy (butterflies) you see more and more things to be happy about.
I love the idea of the 100 Days of Happiness, you are absolutely correct we more often than not concentrate on what makes us miserable instead of be thankful for the good in out lives.
I know ink regret made me focus on everything negative for a long time. I'm hoping asking everyone to reflect on a happiness for the day becomes therapietic for us all
Montclair Dr. Tattoff

After researching and reading I found them to be the most trustworthy and expierenced in their field...

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 17 others found this helpful