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Going to be a yily goddess Aug 26th 2013 I am...

Going to be a yily goddess Aug 26th 2013 I am going to have a full mommy makeover. I have three boys and had them all in three years back to back.

I am so excited for us all! I am 3 weeks tomorrow post op from getting my
lapband. I weigh 280 and am 5.9. I am already down 10 lba so I know i will have lose skin ect


How much was you quoted? I am waiting on a response...I already got a quote from Robles...so either or will be my choice...I am looking for July or Aug...
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Will you be posting your before and after photos so we can witness your transformation?

Here's a great post from JenBob about her experience.

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