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I had multiple injections of Sculptra on different...

I had multiple injections of Sculptra on different occasions in the naso-labial folds. I was pleased with the results until the doc injected it in my forehead to try to raise my eyebrows...big mistake. First I developed a big quarter-sized bump -- the sculptra grew well there -- and then it had to be injected with lipodissolve. I developed one hard nodule under my eye. Then I developed a big indent in the forehead. Then I had to have a filler injected. This nightmare makes me angry that the doc can get away with this disfiguration. Beware products which are not universally used by many docs in this field...I will from now on. Beware also when your doc has had too many procedures on their face....RUN!!!


palaminoangel, You've almost got it! But... It might be helpful for you to understand the nature of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) - AKA sculptra. The immune system has an integral role in fibroblast behavior, (that'd be the lumps/granulomas) in other words its how the the host immune system responds to it. Poly-L-lactic acid differs from the other fillers in that it is dependent on the host immune/reparative response to accomplish filling. Other similar products include silicone and polymethyl-metracrylate (neither is currently FDA approved for soft tissue augmentation). Here is the risk factor: and there is no way even the best injector in the world can control this.... Unfortunately this mechanism of action for augmentation has two potentially negative effects INHERENT TO THE NATURE OF THE RESPONSE : (1) the host immune system can respond less than optimally causing less augmentation then desired; or (2) the host immune system can respond over exuberantly creating granulomas or lumps. I repeat.... INHERENT TO THE NATURE OF THE RESPONSE In the medical literature, there are many reports of delayed foreign body granulomas; in one report with PMMA (Artefill/Artecoll, which is Plexiglas!), up to 12 or 13 years following the injections! The reasons this can occur is that you are injecting something foreign into your body and the human body has a very sophisticated immune response. When it sees something as a foreign invader, it creates a complex reaction to try to get rid of it, and the result is the granuloma which you describe. Your best injectors have no control over this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if your injector is injecting this stuff for cosmetic purposes- he/she is not the best! Its just criminal to take money and cause this kinda of harm. and this is the point the injector will blame you for the problem - Pretty good racket they have going! kooie
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kooie i don't have a granuloma, so idk what you mean... i am very happy so far.
I don't think all docs know about the necessity of frequent massage. Even though myy doctor didn't emphasize it too much, I have been doing it all the time to avoid problems. I think that people raise an excellent point about Sculptra being approved only for HIV patients. If you are not immunologically compromised, your body is going to be a lot more efficient at all of it's processes, including collagen production. I'm not an expert, but perhaps the development of lumps and granulomas has to do with a healthy immune system forming the collagen *too* rapidly? I am glad my doctor refuses to use it under the eyes. He has told me that there are other filler options, but that my best bet is to get more sleep and wait until I am older. By then, maybe better under-eye options will be available. If it goes from the market I will be kind of disappointed, but new alternatives are appearing constantly. For those of you with negative experiences, I'm sorry... but I will not keep my voice down about my own positive experience, either. There are many procedures doctors don't "do". Some won't use a certain type of breast implant, some won't prescribe certain oral therapies. The reasons vary, but it comes down to the fact that those who refuse to use a particular treatment don't think that they can achieve a successful result. Bad results = less business. I have been lucky in that the person treating me has achieved successful results in the past. Wish I knew his technique, maybe he should be a trainer!
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