I'm a chesty 26 year old who has been considering...

I'm a chesty 26 year old who has been considering breast reduction for years. I recently posted on my facebook, "I need a massage" and several people from middle school through high school posted and laughed on my status saying "remember how I use to give you massages in class". This brought tears to my eyes because I have been suffering for years, even as a little girl, with back pain due to large breast. My bras literally, cut into my shoulders, I have dents about a half an inch deep in each shoulder, parts of my back is numb from pain, everything is always just so tight, even working out hurts so badly! I want a reduction and I know that's probably my only permanent option, but I am so scared. I have so many questions...like, is it fair to my husband to do something to my body before I get married...what if I have a child and they get bigger...can I use a breast pump to nurse...will I lose my nipple sensation...what if they are too small...what if the back pain still persists after surgery?? On the bright side, I guess I could look forward to buying bras that fit comfortably, working out, wearing a button down shirt, or even, just being pain free.

Thank you all for your posts...I'm learning so much!
Welcome!   You have come to the right place for support and education.  Nobody will laugh at you here; but will support you through your entire process.

This is a life changing surgery that will change you in so many great ways.  Try not to think so much or it will make you crazy.  Do your research, get the plans in motion and keep moving forward.

I am happy you joined the community.
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