Cellupulse.... I'm Optimistic - Doylestown, PA

Today was my first treatment. The precedure itself...

Today was my first treatment. The precedure itself went quick, only about 10-15 min. It is somewhat painful, but definitely tolerable.
It's 3 hours later, I'm fine, no pain and my skin feels smooth. My next treatment is in two days. I'm getting 8 treatments on my posterior thighs. I was giving a lotion to use twice a day. I'm very optimistic! I was told I'll start to see results after the 3rd or 4th session....I'll update my post then!

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Please give us an update! Hope you are doing well!
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Hi - Can you update on how your Cellupulse treatments are going? I would like to know what your results and thoughts about it are. Natalie
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