Lipoma Removed From Back Yesterday - Dover, DE

I had a small (ping pong ball size) lipoma in the...

I had a small (ping pong ball size) lipoma in the middle of my back for about six years. It was always bothersome and annoying, but I just recently decided to do something about it. I guess I'd just had enough. Because it was near my spine, my doctor wasn't comfortable trying to remove it in office, so I went to a surgery center. The procedure was quick, I was in and out of the OR in about 30 minutes, stayed in recovery for about an hour (not sure why, seemed like they were just moving slowly, but I didn't mind, I was fine just snoozing in my comfy hospital bed lol). The incision has dissolvable stitches and steri-strips that will fall off on their own, so it's nice that I won't have to have anything removed. Slept a lot yesterday, my back was tender and a little sore, but didn't really need anything for pain (they gave me a RX for percocet, but I won't need it). I'm at work today, just being careful how I move around, and so far, so good. The worst part of the whole experience was the IV, they can never find my veins, so they had to poke me all over, and the nurse who removed my IV ripped open my hand and I bled everywhere! Otherwise, the actual surgery and the post-op pain are pretty bearable!


Thanks for posting your story. I am having the same issue and was worried about the cost since my insurance will not pay for removal.
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Hi Smith - if yours is also on your back and causing pain or discomfort, why won't your insurance pay for it? Update on my recovery: I'll be two weeks post op tomorrow. I was surprised by how long I was in pain and discomfort (never too badly, I never needed any pain medicine, it was just enough to be uncomfortable and make it hard to lay down or lean back on anything, and had to be careful about bending and lifting). The area and the incision are still tender. I finally removed the last of the steri-strips after 12 days (they were curling and ready to come off) and I've still got stitches that haven't dissolved. My follow up appointment with my surgeon is in two days, and I'm curious to find out more about my lipoma, how big and deep it was, etc. I think the fact that my doctor said it was "very deep and sort of stuck" may be why it's taking me a little longer to heal than expected. I'm really looking forward to being able to scrub my back in the shower again, and get a good back massage from my husband!
Thomas Barnett

I only met Dr. Barnett for the consultation and before/after surgery, but he seems like a really nice guy. I was totally comfortable with him.

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