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Dot Therapy Treatment Review

The pocedure got rid of the dark spots on my face...

The pocedure got rid of the dark spots on my face from sun damage and my skin feel tight and youthful. I am unhappy about the acne breakout and it is uncomfortable.

I had DOT therapy 4 days ago and have broken out...

I had DOT therapy 4 days ago and have broken out with painful acne on the treated area. Is this normal and what do I do?

Currently, I am washing with cetaphil every 4 hours then applying hydrocortisone cream and Aquaphor ointment. I am also taking doxycycline 100 mg and Valtrex for 10 days.

Who was your provider in San Antonio? I am wanting to have this done.
I had DOT Laser resurfacing 13 days ago. The first few days my face swelled and was red and itchy. I used gobs of Aquaphor for 4 days, washed with a very mild "intolerant skin" cleanser at night and used a "restorative skin cream" plus Aquaphor overnight. Most of the dead skin had peeled off and swelling gone down by day 5. After the 4th day, I was instructed to use a "lipid recovery cream" instead of Aquaphor, but it stung my face so badly I had to wash it off. I saw my doctor the next day and she gave me a sample of a different cream to use until my face could tolerate the lipid recovery cream. It was fine by the 6th day and I was able to wear make-up again. My face looks good -- baby soft, pale pink skin and no brown spots -- but now I'm dealing with a terrible break out around the mouth and chin area. Assume it's from all that Aquaphor. I am satisfied with the results, although I still have several deep wrinkles on my forehead, upper lip and sides of the mouth. Plan to get botox for forehead wrinkles and retin- A to further reduce wrinkles on upper lip. My procedure cost $900 plus $69 for the after-care cleaner and creams. This seems a lot less expensive than others who have posted here. Not sure I'd pay $5,000 for it.
How are you now? Please let me know what your outcome is.
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The provider made the treatment comfortable and keeped me well informed on the information need to have the procedure.

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