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Dot Done Yesterday 5-15

I had DOT done yesterday. I was surprised at how...

I had DOT done yesterday. I was surprised at how painful it was around my eyes. The doc did say she was intensifying the laser around my eyes. I had told her that those wrinkles bothered me. I had shields placed in my eyes.

Immediately afterwards my eyes were swollen. Today I look like a wreck. I sent my sister a picture and she said it was hard to even recognize me. I slept elevated to try to decrease the swelling. If it helped I can only imagine what I would have looked like. I read someone took Benedryl. Will this help swelling? I'm hoping I look somewhat normal by Monday. I have to go back to work.

I also got smart lipo done the same day. That was what I was nervous about. One day later and I can't even feel any pain from it. However, I got very little fat removed. I'm actually pretty small. I didn't tell people about having it done. They wouldn't understand.

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Sorry to read about your reaction to Rx/wash...ouch. But I am glad to know that you are seeing such an improvement in your skin!! I see more and more improvement everyday...for example I had a large crease next to my mouth because I smile very hard & to one side...it is nearly gone!!! And one of my chicken pox scars is much less defined now! Isn't technology wonderful?!! Now if my doctor could only make me a few inches taller.. = )
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Thanks CC I had an allergic reaction to either the Rx for cold sores or the stuff they give you to wash your face. hundreds of red bumps. I'm on prednisone now..but it has made a major difference in just 24 hours. I'm glad the hard part is behind me. I can see a major difference already. It's exciting and encouraging. I had numerous pre-cancerous spots on my face. They are gone now. Although this has been a hassle, much better than having a chunk of my face removed in a few years.
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I also had allergic reaction to what I don't know yet and am on prednisone for 6 days. Have stopped peptides cream & sunblock for now but skin is burning up & still have red blotches everywhere. What did you use to lubricate your skin when you started prednisone? Have only started it yesterday. Could it be face cleaner (has aloe)? Had surgery one week ago. Thanks for reply.
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I only took off 2 days from work...couldn't afford to take more. Some parts of your face will still be a little more red or sensitive than others. I still have to be gentle under my eyes...and along my jawline there is still a bit of red. I'm glad all is going well for you...
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Ok.. Actually it started coming off in sheets. I'm liking the results, but I'm still really red under my eyes. Trying to decide if I will go to work tomorrow or not.
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DO NOT start exfoliating until your doctor gives you the ok...your skin is very sensitive right now and you are still healing...be gentle.
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Ok.. on day two. I still look freakish. There is not way the downtime is 3-5 days like I was told. I'm really hoping all this will be worth it. I look like a linebacker that has black strips under his eyes. My eyes are also still swollen. I read that someone said they should have started exfoliating earlier. Anyone want to comment on that? RIght now I am just washing my face with the Rx stuff they gave me twice a day and then applying the "grease". Any advice out there?
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