DOT Disappointment - No Change to my Wrinkles

Hi ladies,It's me again, just reporting in.It is...

Hi ladies,

It's me again, just reporting in.

It is now May and I had my DOT Feb.4th and there is still no improvement. I admit I am sixty, but the doc. did say it would help my wrinkles and it hasn't.

I will report back in August when it has been the full 6 months and I'm due for my second treatment. Unless I see some improvement between now and then, I won't have the second treatment.

I sure wish some ladies would post here that had DOT 5 or 6 mos. ago.

Girlygirlgirly -- Who did your Smartxide treatment in Oklahoma City?
GirlyGirlGirly, I just had the Smartxide treatment done again yesterday. I wanted to take advantage of the long week-end to recover. I loved my results after the first time round and even more so after the second time round. I didn't do the treatment for wrinkles though. I did it to address acne scars that bothered me. There was a marked improvement 3 months later after each treatment. Initially, when you are swollen you think "Wow, I love what this has done for my skin." Then the swelling goes down and you think to yourself "No way, all my scars are back. All this did was clean up my pigment." WRONG! The laser is fractional which means it did not take off a 1/4 inch of your skin and replace it entirely with new stuff like a CO2 laser would have done. Instead small dots were taken out of differing density and depth depending on your doctors settings. Only a very small layer of the surface skin is removed. The healing of these small dots takes time to work its way up to the surface. Although I noticed some intitial improvement it was a few months later that the benefits were really noticeable (trust me I thought it was all hype too). Personally, I had about a 40 to 50% improvement to my acne scars after the first Smartxide treatment. The second dot treatment brought it up to a 70-80% improvement over where I had initially started from. What I noticed the second time around is that my eyes looked worse for about 6 weeks after the treatment. Then (after I quit obsessing about them) they were normal again with fewer wrinkles. I think the skin gets stretched out from the post treatment swelling and it takes awhile for it to bounce back. We all heal at our own rate. I decided to do a third treatment as I want just a bit more improvement on those scars. I also believe my skin has never looked better than after I started these treatments. I see the Smartxide as a maintenance tool now to help me ease into my 40s and 50s with my best face possible. Only you can decide whether the Smartxide has worked for you or not (ask the doctor to show you your before and after picture side by side). Personally, it has changed by life for the better. I only wish it has been around in my 20s. Allison

It's been six months now since I had the D.O.T....

It's been six months now since I had the D.O.T. therapy.  There is absolutely no change.  When my before and after pics are compared the look just the same.

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