Don't Believe the Dr's Marketing Hype

Although, the Dr said there would be some pain in...

Although, the Dr said there would be some pain in some areas of my face, and made  a disclaimer about this process approved for use with the neck area,  it was ENORMOUSLY painful under my chin where he spent an long time even though I was writhing in pain...during which time he merely commanded me to stay still!

There was no noticeable difference except for extreme tenderness and swelling under my chin...then it was numb for about two weeks...Although a before and after picture was taken, I tried, unsuccessfully, several times, even going to the office, to get these pictures and was told that the doctor had them on his desk and was ready to mail them.  I knew this to be untrue at the they could have just given me them.  I've called several times to no avail.  This doctor has been written up in the local news and has the clippings framed up on his wall - but this doesn't mean he is a good doctor - just one who knows how to market himself.

It was a waste of $4000 to be sure. Save another $4-6K and get it done right by a doctor who doesn't need the media to pump up his reputation - word of mouth is much more valuable and reliable.


I also had Thermage by the same MD that is giving me Botox that doesn't work. He has frame upon frame in he office of all the magazines and TV shows that have quoted him. Additionally, he was written up as the "Botox King" in a county magazine. I have traveled 45 minutes to see him for both Botox and and Thermage. Both of which had very little results. I have now spent roughly $3000.00 at his office to still have him poo-poo my concerns.
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I am really sorry to hear that the dr told you to "sit still". you're right about word of mouth, I found my dr through word of mouth and she took great care of me. The results showed. It's not the machines fault that the Dr isnt good at using it. Are u sure it wasnt an estetician that was doing it. you gotta ask them who does the procedure, or atleast most of it. if yor in NY try Dr rubani at glow medispa. tell her jeanie sent you!
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