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The injections were painful and it got worse in...

the injections were painful and it got worse in the afternoon after my treatment. I was told to expect it might be a little itchy... an understatement to say the least, my thighs felt like they were burning. I kept bags of ice on them as long as I could stand it and then removed only to have it come back in waves.

A couple of weeks later to my horror I developed lumps along the backs/insides of my thighs that were painful to the touch. I consulted my doctor who sent me to a plastic surgeon she diagnosed fat necrosis and put me on antibiotics. I still have nodules or small lumps 3 mos after this 'treatment' and no visible reduction in fat.

I think it's strange that they don't do an allergy test before
I still have nodules/lumps on my outer thighs after after 18 after 18 months. And I only had 3 injections there because of the redness and large lumps.
Were you able to resolve those lumps or found more details on those lumps?
Skin Center, Nassau, Bahamas, Dr. J. Hepburn

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