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I had my tummy tuck on October 29 2008. After...

I had my tummy tuck on October 29 2008. After having two kids delivered by c-sections and loosing 100lb within last year and a half i decided to go for a tummy tuck.

I had my tummy tuck on October 29 2008.It has been one day after and i feel great. As long as i am taking my pain medications every 6 hours i am fine. Iam walking around the house i prepare light meals for my kids , its not that bad att all.

Tommorow I will see my doctor as well as new me for the first time. I will keep you posted.

Updated: October 31, 2008

I saw my doctor today and my new belly. It looks wonderfull allthoug its a little bit swollen. My back hurts from being bended all the time and the pain is not that bad. The worse part is getting from the bed, once on my feet it is not that bad. The drains are still in, they will be removed next week.


Updated: November 6, 2008

It's been one week after the tt and i feel great. I am a little bit swollen but they say it's normal. The drains are out and i am able to sleep on both sides. I still feel the pain when I caugh otherwise no pain at all. I am not walking straight yet but i am getting there. I can do all the chores around the house except heavy lifting. I will keep you posted.

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Hi, Latvia is very close to my country where I was born and raised Poland. I am doing ok. The drains are out,stidges are off, no pain at all and i am able to sleep on both sides. I am not walking straight yet but i am getting there. I basically do all the chores around the house without any problems. Still swollen about 80% that;s what the doctor said.
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Hi!!! Happy to hear you are doing so well, I'm also feeling great and already going straight with no pain (sometimes I'm forgeting I'm after operation and that I need to be careful...).Are you wearing a special pressing belt? if yes, for how long the doctor recomended you to wear it? and for how long you were told not do heavy lifting? Did the dr. had to sew your musceles or it was just extra skin? (I had a 6 sentimeters distance between the muscels so I have stidges all over my belly musceles as well, it wasn't just extra skin). I'm sure you will feel great in no time! Wish you great weekend, Ariela.
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Hello! I'm happy to read that you feel so good, I'm exactly 3 weeks after my tummy tuck, and I feel great too. I'm doing almost everything, just trying not to lift anything heavy. When the dr. is taking your stidges off? and for how long do you need to go with plasters on the scar? I'm still going every second day to change my plasters, my belly looks ok, though it's too soon to say, what worries me a bit is because of last pregnancy in which I had a huge belly the skin was very thin, and after the TT the skin in one part was so thin that blood was stuck under it and now it pealed off and it looks like live skin, my doctor says to wait one more week and then maybe I will need a small correction. but the rest looks ok, my new belly button looks nice. so I hope it will be all worth it at the end. So continue updating it's really nice to hear about someone else that is passing the same prosses, even though you live on the other side of the world (I live in Latvia...) have a nice day, Ariela
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Glad to hear you're up and about. Please keep us posted on your progress! :)
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