Any Info for Guys Wana Get Hair Transplant?

I don't need to say why I wana do this? but bald...

I don't need to say why I wana do this? but bald doesn't suit me, and I tired every natural, and FDA approved pills. and I may just slowed down my hair lost, but I lost 95% of my hair , (how nice) I miss it, and I want it back, please tell me if you done this, do I need more then line transplant? I don't wana look bald after I jump in a beach or pool, or when the sun beams in my hair I don't want it to be noticeable that I don't have a lot of hair or blading.

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hi, I'm from hair transplant industry. as you said you have lost 95% of your hairs so let me tell you no one can give you the same older look but hope we can certainly can do something better with your left 5% hair's. Do send me your current pics (head- front, back, top, right & left side) then only we can confirm the same. send me mail on
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Look up doctor umar sanusi, he has perfected the hair transplant area. He is also on youtube. I know someone that had hair transplant with him, my friend looks 20 years younger..seriously! Going bald sucks.
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