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I got 12 weeks of lipodisolve in my stomach. The...

I got 12 weeks of lipodisolve in my stomach. The shots were the most pain I have ever felt and the pain lasted for days. After each treatment I spent all day on my couch in so much pain. I gained a dress size my stomach is bigger than before but now with lumps. I kept telling the place I went to it was not working they would respond give it time next week you will see results. I never did, now I have a bill for over $3000. I was a fool, I hope I can prevent one person from getting this procedure. I plan to file a charge with the Better Business Bureau and the States Attorney office. The only thing that disolved was my money. Now I am bigger with a lumpy stomach.
Thank you for responding to my email. Well I did go ahead with the 2nd treatment. It wasn't as bad as the 1st but still quite sore and swollen. It's been 3 wks since the last treatment which I received a total of 51 shots in my abdomen area. I really haven't seen any difference but of course they say it takes a few times. I'm about the same size I've been once all the swelling goes down. I do constatntly wear a girdle for at least the 1st week. I have however noticed that my stretch marks are going away maybe that is from the laser they do before and after. I don't know. But i didn't have real bad ones to begin with. I do have a few nodules that I can feel that are bothering me. They feel like little BB's and I still massage them till they hurt. Stll trying to figure out what to do. I think I might just check into using the balance of the money to maybe do the laser skin tightening that they offer. Do you know anything about that?? I just hate that I spent all this money because I feel like I have to be perfect. Really pathetic-should've maybe spent it on "Self Esteem" classes or something. Has this worked on anyone??
You will be better off with the minitummy tuck. The modules will not go away. My stomach is bigger and I am almost six months out of treatment. I exercise five days a week during, after and before this treatment.
Hello, I was wondering if you could let me know a little more about the procedure you had. Did you do the Laser and LipoDissolve at the same time? I have had my 1st about 3wks ago on my lower abdomen and I'm scheduled to have my 2nd on tuesday the 29th of April. I watched the 20/20 episode a couple of weeks ago(after my 1st treatment) and I freaked out. I talked to the same Spa you went to (but different location) today and of course was told of the no refund policy that I signed and that I could use the credit I have left from the other treatments i want to cancel toward something else that they offer. I just want the money back for the "Services Not rendered" yet but I think it might be impossible. I had swelling and pain for the 1st 2wks and wore a store bought tummy garment almost most of the time. I did the massaging also with the Arnica cream and took the Arnica pills.I do have some nodules in my abdomen that are still kinda sore to touch and i'm hoping they go away. I really wish we lived in a society that we didn't have to feel perfect to be accepted. I am 5'3 about 122lbs but from kids I have a little pooch of extra skin that will not go away and I was hoping this would do it instead of a mini tummy tuck or liposuction. if you can help me I would appreciate it. I was told I needed 6 sessions. With losing a close to the same amount of money as you, I'm debating if since I have to pay for it, maybe I should just go ahead and go through with the other 5 treatments? But I don't want to gain any weight or have my stomach look all bumpy. Please let me know what you think. Thanks

July 15, 2008 For those of you considering...

July 15, 2008

For those of you considering lipodissolve, chances are if you are considering you may read the don't get this procedure and pause but you will read the it's worth it comments and that may give you the encouragement to go ahead.

I got the procedure, it was not worth it, I have lumps and bumps, gained more fat weight, had so much pain and am out of $3,900.  While I hope the recommendations to not get this will stick, I don't think it will, the recommendations of it working will win out. Because I think we as woman are so insecure with our looks especially when it comes to weight, we will try just about anything.   Whether you are a woman who is a size 2 or 32, I wish for us all we begin to like and love ourself as is, not meaning, we should not exercise, eat healthy etc.  But we embrace ourself as is. 

I hope at least one person decides not to get this done based on the not worth its. I hope that person uses the money to take a vacation, spa treatment, therapy, charity or whatever, just not for these injections.  That is my hope, yet I realize the worth it comments will give many hope.

All the best.

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