i need help making plans for surgery in dominican republic

Hello. My name is Tiana im 235ft 125lbs and the...

My name is Tiana im 235ft 125lbs and the reason I have opted to have surgery is because I aspire to be an exotic dancer. I have a 5yr old daughter and I have a year to transition from working days to working nights as a dancer. My goal is to homeschool my daughter and be more then financially stable working in a good club in NY. I have worked hard all year and with my tax return I will be arranging surgery in the Dominican Republic for the following

Breast Implants/Lift --> I am a 34 A cup. I did breast feed for a short time and the stretching from pregnancy left me slightly lower then Id like.
Id LOVE to be a small but perky B cup

Tummy Tuck --> i am aware that I am not overwheight but Ive done something horrible in my efforts to cover up my stretchmarks. I have had two tattoos and now its mostly a dark unrecognizable mess that was supossed to be indian bird feathers. Laser removal is very expensive granted the size of my tattoo. Im hoping that the tummy tuck will remove the tattoo because it is belly button down. Along with my Keloid C-section

Brazilian Butt Lift --> Im bottom heavy which I have always appreciated but Id like it shaped and lifted

Hips/Inner theighs. --> ofcourse im aiming to be proportionate and to get rid of the stretchmarks on my inner theighs *total focal point when dancing

I can leave as soon as March of this upcoming year 2014.
Please help me in finding the right Doctor. im turned off by Yily considering Duran.
I dont know yet

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Can can check into Dr Campos, Dr Contreras, Dr Duran, or Dr Amaya.
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Goodluck girl. No matter what doctor you choose, I hope you will be nice. DR baez is a good doctor and nice also.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. I hope you're able to get this done on your preferred timeline. Do you have arrangements for someone to take care of your daughter (and you) while you recover? Please keep us posted!

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Dr. Baez just contacted me. Quoted me 5000 for everything including tummy tuck. I revised for just BBL and small implants. For just BBL its 2800 add breasts it is 4200. I am to use income tax money (about $5000) so realistiacally i should only book for the BBL but im going to make that $ happen for my breasts as well. I gave her the OK and hopefully within these next 2 weeks ill have all my dates set. My mother will care for my daughter. She attends a preschool until 4pm so she will get a "break". Also my co worker will be joining me. She is not getting surgery just going for some sun and to help me. Im happy that my core will not ache from a tummy tuck. Laser may have to be put on hold 1200 may be needed for this trip!
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