Don’t Promise a Miracle if You Can’t Deliver One

I had the Lifestyle Lift in Detroit to fix my...

I had the Lifestyle Lift in Detroit to fix my sagging neck and cheeks. It took a lot of thought to decide to have this done but I was sold on the results I would be getting. Also, I liked my doctor and all of the discussions we had, telling me how I would look, etc.

Now I feel like it was just me being sold a product. The before-and-after pictures they show you are incredible but my results don’t look anything like them. My neck is definitely better but the “turkey neck” look is still there... it is by no means tight. The rest of my face had even fewer changes and I feel like it will go back to the way it was pretty quick.

I didn’t mind the procedure itself and it was almost as effortless as they tell you it will be... I wasn’t going out the next day though, which they say you can do. I’ve had my stitches out now but can still tell where they were and the scars aren’t “invisible” like they’ll tell you.

The pain wasn’t too bad and was controlled by Advil. I think this part was much better than a facelift, which I looked into but everyone’s “after” photos looked like a truck had hit them! I was trying to avoid that truck.

So really I have enjoyed the experience more than getting a traditional facelift but I am not sure about the results yet. I won’t lie... I look better... but I am hardly a “satisfied customer.” They told me I would look much better than I do and for $4,000 I should look better than this.

To Lifestyle Lift: Don’t promise a miracle if you can’t deliver one!

The turkey neck issue might be related to a muscle in your neck right under y0ur chin tht has separated; this requires another prodcedure to go in and stitch the muscle together resulting in the turkey neck going away as i understand it. check it out with your doctor. this may be the issue you are dealing with with y9our neck. it is two long pieces of flesh that are prominite (sp) and run down oth sides of your chin to the bottom of your neck. check it out, addressing this issue may solve your concern. i beliebe the cost is about 1,400. i plan to have it done at the same time as the lift.
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