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Has anyone got any infections either by Duran or...

has anyone got any infections either by Duran or Yiliy? I have a procedure i would like to do in the first week in February....and would like more information on both docotors also...my sister had her procedure done with yiliy and said it was fine. But then she also said that Duran gives bigger butt but Yiliy figures or the best
You ask a good question re: infections (and abdominal seroma) that occur with surgeons who are not in the same city as you. The facts are that EVERY surgeon has patients that encounter problems post-surgery. Incision infections, hematoma, seroma, "spiting stitches", dog ear revisions, etc. all happen occasionally to every Dr. The question is what are the patient expectations when a problem does occur and she has already returned home. How does the (non-local) Dr continue to observe the recovery, including possible healing and seroma swelling. And beyond that, how does the surgeon assist the patient resolving post-surgical problems. The dramatically lower cost of non-US cosmetic surgery is very attractive, but there is no room ($$) for "free" revisions, let alone "free" travel back to the surgeon for treatment. But problems have certainly come up for former patients of all surgeons. Having discussions with your surgeon about these (rare) problems well before you schedule your surgery seems important. I wish there was a place on RealSelf for discussing these important topics - without people like me plugging up a patients surgery review.
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