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Hi everyone I been reading lots of great reviews...

Hi everyone I been reading lots of great reviews and I am so happy that's I came across this site. Anyway I am thinking of doing a tummy tuck, lipo of abdomen , back and arms and BBL
But am so undecided if I want to go ahead with the surgery. I plan to go to the Dominican Rep in 2014 like around May I have seen the great work Yily De Los Santos has made and am blown away. But I have read that she has an attitude problem and that it's a man that actually does the surgeries as well that CILPA (the clinic she works at) was shut down for 10 days. With that being said am nervous to go out there, she send me my quote before she left on maternity leave and also I was looking to stay at Armonia recovery house ladies please advise in what I should do I am a mother of a 2 year old handsome baby boy and am not planning to have any children. Should I go ahead and do a tummy tuck I know I need to loose about 30 pds to see real results so confuse right now need some advice from all those yilly dolls and yily dolls to be, am in New York I have family in DR but will stay the first 10 days out of the 2 weeks I expect to be staying at the recovery house and then head over to my relatives house. Help ladies,!!!!!!


Hey well I will be going to Dom. Rep. But with another Doctor my first option was De lo Santos but personally for me to many bad reviews and comments but I must say she gives great results but at what cause? Do I want to deal with her attitude when she is having a bad day. Or have another person I haven't meet do my surgery when I trusted her and pay her? She give to much to think about and to be honest when its more ten three reviews basically commenting the same about her its scary. But at the end for the day its a personal decision go with what make you comfortable do your research look at other doctors as well is just like shopping look until you have look at all your options.. Good luck and best wishes!
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