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Hey tt sis. I hope everyone is good. Okay today...

Hey tt sis. I hope everyone is good. Okay today I got some bad news. Finished up doctors appt today and doc told me I cannot have tt until March :( At first I was not going to listen but everything is for a reason. This is such a life changing event for me and I didn't want anything to come in between it but of course it did. It's better to be honest with your doc than to hide anything and then there are big consequences in the end. So now I have to switch my appt to march instead of nov. at least he did say I couldn't have it at all. I thank God for this sight and all the encouragement that it brings. Keep telling your stories and showing your pics it really does help.


Its almost time!!!
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Good Luck mama! I hope all goes well with your sx. I will be in the D.R having surgery with Dr Yily on Nov 5th so see you on the other side!!
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Well, for sure there are no shortcuts in life. I know you are excited about the possibility of a TT; and disappointed about having--- to delay but take it slow, you'll be in the Flat Side soon enough. Best wishes!
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