scheduled for surgery 3/16/2013

Hello all, I am scheduled for surgery in two weeks...

Hello all, I am scheduled for surgery in two weeks. I am waiting for my passport to come back. I PRAY that it is back in time for my travel. I have everything EXCEPT the passport. I will definately keep you all posted as to what takes place within the next two weeks with me and my situation. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

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I found my doctor almost 2 years ago. I have been researching over 2 years and now I am ready.

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good luck hun!!! i'm scheduled for the 18th! call the office number 809-331-5050 ext 208
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Luck, Luck, Luck to you! You will be so happy with your new tummy! Please keep us posted, and see you on the flat side!!!!
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Sending luck and happy thoughts your way:)

Looking forward to hearing more from you very soon.

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