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so I am 28yrs old i have 3 kid...

so I am 28yrs old i have 3 kids and I am ready to get rid of this belly! my first baby was delivered via csection and the other 2 were vaginal delivery. my body has never been the same. my last baby is only 4months but i just cant wait. i feel so insecure. so many nice clothes and new styles that i cant wear. i go to parties and sit in a corner with my baby all night long. im scared, though. im going to dr sesto in santo domingo. my sister had her tummy tuck done back in jan 2013 and she looks awesome! im scared of the pain or that something might go wrong. my husband is completely against it which doesn't help my fears...we shall see. still a long way to go. ive purchased my plane tkt for jan 11, 2015. the dr hasn't emailed me back. lets see..

There's no need to be scared as long as you do your research on the doctor it will be fine. Plus your sister already had work done with him and she's fine so all will be fine with you too.. I had a tummy tuck with yuseff serulle back in march and I will never forget that he said the best recommendation I can give you is to have a positive mind.
Hi, I totally understand where your coming from , I had a lot of loose skin after kids dealt with it for 23 years I was always the one who couldn't wear a bathing suit always embarrassed so finally decided to get full TT and breast lift and aug , my husband was not supportive of it either at first but once he realized I was going through with it and was serious I think he realized how important it was to me he got on board reluctantly at first but ended up being the most supportive besides my sister, Had my TT on July 7 th it all went so fast yes it is painful at times but also worth it I believe for a happier life !! Then had my lift and aug on July 16 th so still healing from both still stuck in bed which is hard but I know I will be happy I chose to do this in the end , Do what you think will make you happy you deserve it !!!!
thanks kerie34! i need some support sometimes. i feel like im constantly busting my behind working full time and caring for my children. i need to take care of me sometimes. i really want this. im soooo scared of the pain but ive also seen so many women recover quickly. hopefully it goes well for me.
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