Remove Extra Fat...round my Butt More...inside of Thighs..and Back -Dominican Republic, DO

To Be Able To Wear A Bathing Suit Again...I Had A...

To Be Able To Wear A Bathing Suit Again...I Had A Coworker Who Had Dr. YiLi...AndHer Work Was stomach hangs and im not comfterable always wearing a gurdle to hold myself in....if there is anyone out there who would like to pair up in march with me please let me know...i am so afraid
I'm looking into dr yili as well. Waiting on my quote. I'd like to pair up with someone to.
Great Just Let Me Know..My Date Is March 24..But I'mLeaving On The 23..
Oh yes you will be wearing a bikini before you know it!  Excited for you and can't wait to see your results.

Keep filling us in on the details as you go through the process.  And don't forget the before and after pictures.

before I get the surgery

You are going to be ok.  We all fo through the pre surgery jitters.  Try not to think so much, it will make you nuts!

ThIs Will be my first im still gathering information.i will be going to dr. Yili

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